Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Starting over

Well, it's done. Mr. FixIt moved out this past weekend fulfilling the decision we made months ago that 'we' were over.  Have been over for a long time, despite continuing to TRY to trust and love- it just wasn't how it should be or maybe could have been, who knows? Maybe not? Maybe truly was never meant to be as this problem between us has been ongoing for so many years.  Many things I wish I'd done differently over all that time, but I have to look to the future, be thankful for my kids, thank the stubborn family genes and determination for not letting me give up easily and take the whole thing as a learning experience.   So that's that. It will be a few months before it's official, but in my heart it's been done for a loooong time- scary to admit that now. 
  The kids had a rough weekend with all of it even though they have also known about this for over a month.   I think taking the kids to visit family Friday and Saturday helped (while he did some packing/moving). The yearly dance Christmas party helped to take their mind off the situation Sunday afternoon, though both kids sobbed the whole way there.  Breaks your heart to look at them so upset, mostly because they don't really understand. They know their dad and I have had differences, but to them, he's just gone- it doesn't matter why.  Ugh.  Sunday night we watched a movie with some popcorn, piled on the couch together.  Popcorn makes everything better :-D One day they will realize this was best- that mom shouldn't be a zombie from worry & lack of sleep, or feeling like she's lost and being only a small part of the whole person she can be. They deserve better than that- so do I.  Finally learning that...took me long enough!! ;-)

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for Christmas!   Oddly enough, in the middle of a potential stressful situation I've had a couple of great weeks- best I've had in years!  I believe it's only going to get better from here... :-D

Love y'all,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Comedy

I have to say I look forward to Elf Yourself every year- cracks me up!! Even the same dances... the kids and I end up in fits of giggles watching!!

I'm doing one with the dogs & cats next.... hehehe

Monday, December 6, 2010

What a week!

Is it possible to have the worst possible day(s) and the best possible days in the same week?? I do believe I've experienced it!   More details later, but I am feeling human again!  My house is still a long way from how I prefer it, but it's definitely improving from the what had become the  'norm' of the past 10-18 months.  Ack. 

The snow is coming down and temps are frigid, but that isn't even bothering me as much. Kids have played in the snow between lessons, in the early stages of snowball forts,  and the dogs are running around chasing, diving in the little snow we have thus far,  having as much fun as the kids.  One week to our dance studio Christmas party/show and I think I'm finally starting to feel like Christmas!! Woohoo!!

Some of the errands on today's agenda- finish packing 1700+ Box Tops that Mr. F helped me bundle Saturday evening, getting another round of laundry done, work on a few bills, get another pile of the Pit sorted/thrown out, and hopefully get a few things listed on eBay.  First duty is to go cuss at the elliptical for  awhile... oh joy!!

I know Mondays can seriously suck, but hope yours has started a nicely as mine did. :-D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

Thanks Whispering Writer for this idea!

*Yes, I realize it is now Wednesday- I crashed yesterday before I could finish.

It's TUESDAY, which means IT's OK...

That I like the feeling of seeing the light at the end of that dark tunnel. I've had a crappy couple of months...or well years. It's time I had some SUNSHINE!!

That I've barely made a dent getting this house back in order over the last few days. Have to remind myself that the dent is progress and as long as my motivation sticks, it will improve steadily!!

I DETEST Justin Bieber!! I saw a snippet of an interview/show with him this morning- whipping his hair around worse than a girl. Who does he think he is- Elvis?? NOT HARDLY.  He needs scissors and manners PRONTO.

That my baby is growing up, and it makes me sad. He was a very demanding baby, but I miss my sweat-stink chunky monkey legs little guy.

That I've felt awesome over the past two days, even with the mess my life is in!!  And THAT's MORE than OK!! 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty much sums it up


I am done.
Smoking gun.
We've lost it all.
The love is gone.

She has won.
Now it's no fun.
We've lost it all.
The love is gone.

And we had magic,
And this is tragic.
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself.

I feel like our world's been infected.
And somehow you left me neglected.
We found our lives been changed.
Babe, you lost me.

And we tried,
oh how we cried.
We lost ourselves.
The love has died.

And though we tried,
you can't deny.
We're left as shells.
We lost the fight.

And we had magic.
And this is tragic.
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself.

I feel like our world's been infected.
And somehow you left me neglected.
We found our lives been changed.
Babe, you lost me.

Now I know you're sorry, and we were sweet.
But you chose lust when you deceived me.
And you'll regret it, but it's too late.
How can I ever trust you again??

I feel like our world's been infected.
And somehow you left me neglected.

We found our lives been changed
Babe, you lost me.

You Lost Me, Christina Aguilera
Songwriters: Aguilera, Christina Maria; Dixon, Samuel Ronald; Furler, Sia Kate Isobelle;

Read more: http://www.metrolyrics.com/you-lost-me-lyrics-christina-aguilera.html#ixzz16k6mvugZ

Monday, November 29, 2010

Heart hurts, but has hope.

The Wedding Singer has always been one of my favorite movies.  If I get into why, I'll may end up crying again-  no crying today!!   I'm been kicking major butt in a thorough kitchen cleaning today with my tunes up, but I've had this song in the back of my head since Saturday night.  Makes me smile.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

I think Whispering Writer over at Airing My Dirty Laundry...  for this idea.

It's OK Tuesday, which means it's OK that:

I am still in comfy yoga pants and my new favorite over-sized dance hoodie at almost 2 pm.

I have not even THOUGHT about dinner yet...until just now. And I probably won't until 5 or so. Queen of the last second, oh yes I am. 

Mr. FixIt is getting ready to set up his apartment, and his 'new place giddiness self' will be out of my hair. He needs to get his cheating ass out of my space if he's that damn happy about leaving.

My dogs still have freaking fleas. Little bastards. The fleas, not the dogs.

I wrote down the code to fix my cell phone myself if I ever have to factory reset it again...at 11 pm when Veriz@n customer service is NOT open, I can fix the dang thing myself.  IF the same problem surfaces, which I hope does not.

I have not had a jewelry show in months. I can't help it if people do not want to spend money right now.  Even to spend a little to get a lot of free stuff. Frustrating but understandable. I don't have extra to spend either- I can't much complain.

My husband is taking the burden of my debts with him and my credit will suck. Thankful for a chance to start over, but I'm not happy about it. I can live with it, but not one of my shining moments.

I talked to a long-time friend today, and it made me feel soooo much better. 

My house looks like a bomb went off in the Wally World Christmas aisles.  The kids drug out the tubs of decorations, working all evening on the tree and around the house.  I might get the scattered remnants back to the crawlspace before we leave for Thanksgiving. I might not.  

My mom is driving me insane, but thankful to have her.  The loss of a friend's mom this weekend makes me sick because I know how much she has to be hurting, and I can't get to her until Friday. Love ya Mon, my other half, the Garth to my Wayne, troll dolls forever.   Toilet- Peephole-120!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's almost HERE!!

Almost as exciting as Christmas....Black Friday!! I cannot WAIT!! I don't have much to spend this year, but I am going to make the most of it!!  If you are working on your shopping strategy, or even if you plan on skipping the OMG EARLY crazy people crowds and will be shopping from home on Cyber Monday, here are some links and great sites to help you plan and budget your holiday shopping:

THE Black Friday Ads Site, broken down by Store links on the left. They have the Black Friday Target circular you can browse through!!

Penny Pinchin' Mom -list of Black Friday posts by store.
She also has menu planning, meal suggestions, and shopping list blanks you can print.

A Full Cup- AWESOME Coupon Message board with blogs, coupons and links to store's ads and sales, not just Black Friday.

Check out the lower sidebar for more coupon blogs/websites ---->>>

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rite-Aid, Right ON!

Quick post about my Rite-Aid bargains today:

If you shop Rite-Aid, you really should have a Wellness Plus Card and sign up for Video Values (VV) online. You basically watch short commercials (videos) and for each one you complete you can print a coupon for that product which you can STACK with a manufacture's coupon for the same item.  Which is exactly how I got Finish DW detergent which was on sale for 50% off (which is about the Wally World price) then used a $3 manuf. Q +  $1 VV Q.  Dishwasher detergent for a buck- YEAH, I'll take that!!

Ok, here's the skinny, Total price before coupons $54
** using sale prices mind you, savings would be much greater if I gave the store's regular retail price BUT most pharmacy chain's sale prices are close to mega-store chains prices like Wally World. So I consider the sale price in these cases 'Retail'

What I spent- $14  Yes, Fourteen smackers  for all THIS:

Garnier HerbaShine Hair color x3  (yes, THREE of them. Best retail would be @ $18 for just those)
Garnier Wonder Waves spray
Garnier Sleek & Shine leave-in Conditioner
Purex  laundry det
Finish Dishwasher Detergent Power ball Tabs
Finish DW Det large box powder
Quilted Northern Ultra 12-pk double roll
Cottonelle moist wipes
TheraFlu Cold liquid

Total ended up about $1.30 per item.  Not too shabby!!  
It is a bit of work, but when you get into it. It is so worth it. I treat it like a job, and truly, if I save 50-70% off the stuff I'd normally be buying anyway, it makes it worth my time!!

I'll explain Target goodies another time and give some links to an awesome Target $$ saving blog.
Hint- Had  $30 taken off my total with ONLY coupons today. Woohoo!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaBloPoMo down in flames

There goes another attempt- thud. Dropped like a bad egg...and the stench is wafting through my foggy brain and hit me as my java started to kick in.  Nine days. I made it nine days-ha!  Oh well, there's always next month.

Bawahahahaha! Yeah, right!

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Monday, November 8, 2010


I have felt like a dead dog all day long,  like a have a barrel of weights attached to my legs.  ugh. I knew going to bed at 3:48 this morning I'd be kicking my butt today...but I've been too tired to kick my own ass.   I have a million things to do before Mr. FixIt gets back from Europe mid-week. Ugh. DUH!

So, I am going to bed now. I swear.  Nighty nite all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

When girls get bored

They may do this to an unsuspecting animal that sleeps so soundly she doesn't care that she may wake up with bright pink toenails.

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Got it! 11:59 p.m.!!

*edit at 12:04 a.m.
Ok- dangit- that was last minute effort in attempt to not blow NaBloPoMo in the first frickin' week!
I created a post on my phone earlier in the evening and just realized it had failed to upload. After watching it attempt to upload for the last 8 minutes of the day, I jumped on here in a last ditch effort to get something on this page at 11:59, hit post and it went to midnight.  Well crap. If my phone loads the dang post through Blogaway, it better have the Saturday time on it!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins Wheeeeee!!

 Thanks again to Janet for Friday Fill-Ins this week!

1. Sometimes, _it's good to think of happier times and better days. If nothing else it gives me hope that one day in the future, I'll find those times again.

2. ___Some days I want to just throw my hands up and cry__ about the whole thing.

3. Small _gestures means so much__.

4. __Information from Monster Man's point of view can be__ very enlightening.

5. I keep meaning to _do a million things- I need to narrow my list!!

6.  As far as I've come out of that nasty dark barrel, I'm not quite near the top ...yet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _kicking my feet up and watching some movies___, tomorrow my plans include _hopefully talking to my youngest sister__ and Sunday, I want to _ relax and READ_!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You want to what??

"Mom, I want to clean the basement."

"Mom... MOM??  You ok?"

Yeah. Sure.  I'll be fine once I check my hearing and put an ice pack on my head. Maybe I'll keep dreaming long enough for the basement LOOK clean!   Obviously that statement came from B, not Monster Man, but he's grudgingly down there making a slight effort to help. His effort seemed to improve after I heard B remind him, "This is your stuff too! You need to help! Do you want your stuff to go in the trash? Hmmm?? You'd better get these train tracks picked up!!" 
"FINE!'  he grumbled and growled as I heard wooden Thomas tracks being thrown angrily into the track box.   He must have moved on from tracks to cooking as I heard, "Where did the kitchen set go?"
B asks, 'The one we sold at the yard sale?"
"What yard sale?"
"The yard sale in summer..."
"I do NOT remember that- where is the kitchen set?! I NEED an oven!!"
So Monster Man tromps up the stairs to ask me. I told him yes, we got rid of it this past summer.
"But I still played with that!"
"Dude, it's been gone over 4 months and you JUST now noticed??"
He tromps down the stairs, "FINE. I won't bake anything today...or ever AGAIN!" 
How quickly he forgets that just yesterday under the couch was a perfect Play-Doh cookie oven... :-D

Both of them are still working, an hour later, intermittently arguing and yelling at each other.  I'm not too concerned with light arguing.  I do fuss at them about getting along, but nothing they've done is even in the ballpark to the extreme fighting my sisters and I did.  I have too many battle scars to count.  The items broken around our house growing up was of epic proportion- including each other.  I'm sure there isn't a school friend or boyfriend that doesn't remember one sister in particular hurling a drinking glass/shoe/hairspray can/ book/etc at our heads...or being chased around our house with a knife, broom or tennis racket.  Ironically, not matter how big the fight, one hint that mom was on the way home or a relative was pulling up, we all jumped high-gear into clean-up mode like nothing ever happened...the battle would continue another day.

Anyway, I believe I still hear progress in the basement. I'll take whatever I can get-- I'm not going down there unless I hear a skull smash or see blood splatter coming up the stairs. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YAY Election Day!!

THANK the Lord!!  I've had it with political junk in my mail, phone calls all day long with recorded messages, and mud-slinging commercials all day long....aaaarrrgghhhhh!!!! 

And today it's over!! Over!! Over!! WOOO-frickin'-HOOOO!!  YAY!!

Other than being seriously aggravated with all that fuss, it bothers me the amount of  money and time put into all that advertising. Why not put all that to good use- do SOMEthing with it instead of bombarding our lives with negativity? Wouldn't that make sense. I'd vote for the person who did the most long-lasting good with their campaign funds...

Anywho--Make sure you go vote!  If you don't and aren't happy with the results...don't WHINE and complain about it!!
Ok, that ends my election rant.  

...at least until next election. ;-)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some days

Some days just stink. Yesterday evening was the pretty rank...nasty.  Started off fairly productive- Mr. FixIt put new rotors and brakes on his car- which pretty much ensures I'll fling myself through the windshield next time I drive it.  Then he worked on the mountain of leaves around the yard while I cleaned up the kitchen, and finally washed the downstairs windows...who KNEW sun existed outside!! Holy cow those windows were horrible!! Now hopefully sometime this week I'll wash/swap curtains. I knocked down a few slopes of Mt. WashMore in between chorse. Having been sick the prior week I'd completely neglected laundry...and it showed, ACK!  Mr. FixIt getting ready to head out of town and Monster Man on the hunt for clean underwear had me down to the wire on clean laundry. RED ALERT laundry stage stresses me out, but I was just too sick last week to move, let alone drag myself to the dungeon and lug baskets back up.  Oh, can't forget, I even worked on my coupons yesterday morning, getting all the new ones cut out, nicely stacked according to type, cleaning the old flyers out of my binder with new ones ready to insert.  Cool! Color me a happy camper!

   Since I was caught up a bit on housework and no longer hacking my head off quite so severely, I figured I'd get on the elliptical for a bit. Lord knows I hadn't been on it for a week- sneaking Halloween candy before the sinus/allergies hit didn't do me much good either.  One thing that helps me stick to working out is my tunes!  On my phone I use Pandora radio with stations for Pink, Christina, and misc dance music that keep me moving.  Once in a while I have to 'thumbs down' a slow song, but not often-  the majority of songs are great for pacing a workout.  Except yesterday.  No idea WTH was going on with Pandora but every flippin' song was heart break or lost love or cheating...  Hey Pandora,  sobbing like an idiot doesn't do much for my workout, so spare me the deep emotional mushy stuff!!!  Thirty minutes and 40 kleenex later,  I'm back to hacking up layers of my esophagus, plus my head is pounding. Great.  So I get cleaned up to get ready for dinner. Mr. FixIt tries to make me feel better... for a bit. Then I'm back to sobbing again, recent events and the end of this marriage as I always thought it was supposed to be filling my head.  Told him I didn't know if I want this to be over. As much as I still don't understand how/why regarding the cheating... He puts up a strong face to not seem bothered- no emotion. Hugs me and blames himself out loud, but nothing more. Seemed almost chipper. And I'm a total blob on the floor?? What gives?? Maybe all these years of hanging in there, giving him the benefit of the doubt and second/third/ fourth chances...he REALLY didn't deserve those. Maybe he always has wanted 'out' -who knows?   I guess loving someone so much it physically hurts doesn't mean much if they DON'T love you back in the same way.   Now my head was REALLY throbbing.  Life sucks.  

I made it through dinner that Mr. FixIt made (yummy ribs were AWESOME) but shortly after...that horrid pain behind the eyes started to settle in and light made me cringe.  Just what I need- a migraine! Oh joy!!  Tried to keep up on a bit of the football games was painful.  Then Dad called- if you know my dad, he's horribly L O U D on the phone, worse than in person.  It was true torture to talk to him for 8 minutes. Mr. F could tell I was in serious pain, he brought me a pain pill and muscle relaxer while I was on the phone.  Then I realized I hadn't taken my depression medicine- oh crap! I don't think I took it Saturday either. No wonder I'm like a pathetic basket case!  Ugh. What a LOVELY evening!

Today has been a slight better- no crying thank goodness, but head still pounding. I went back to bed for a while this morning which helped a bit. After being up a while and taking some medicine it subsided just to the verge of a dull throb. Second nap seemed to be working until some nitwit decided to bang on my door and ring the bell about 4 times.  Ugh.  Dogs barking, bell ringing. Loud & painful. That really helped.  Since I was 'awake' I drank another round of water just in case dehydration had a part in this throbbing head, then cleaned the kitchen and restarted Monster Man on lessons.  Dinner will have to be something quick and easy tonight...or maybe I can talk B into cooking. :-D  I'll figure something out, always do I guess. Just wish I could figure out life as easily as dinner.  I'll probably never really understand the last couple decades, but if someone could give me a clue about the next few, I'd appreciate it!  It HAS to get better!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

What my morning was spent working on.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to have a good time

In case you were wondering, I've provided instructions.

1.   Have hubby leave his car at the office and take company car on out-of-state trip, though not really his choice.

2.   Have said car break down 4-1/2 hours from home.

3. Get up early for a parade. Drop kids off for a parade. Watch parade with fellow dance mom friends.

4.  Take tired kids, who have walked the entire parade, and drive them 4-1/2 hours to meet stranded hubby. (but stop halfway for a Starbucks since you haven't had one for months and you have a splitting headache)

5. Get instant buzz in addition to cool burning sensation in your ears from Starbucks because the obviously NEW girl dumped half the bottle of peppermint flavoring in your grande-size cup.  Totally makes your eyeballs bounce and ears feel 'light and fuzzy' while attempting to ignore the, "How much looooonger??' pleas from the back.

5.  Threaten child with mortal wounding if he gripes ONE more time that 'he's BORED'
5. a. Apologize to Monster child but let him know he will be walking home if he continues to be rude and obnoxious.
5. b. Turn Pandora radio on phone as loud as it will go, singing over child whining with your ears on fire because you are in no man's land radioville, and the scum of the earth thieves took your audio adapter to play tunes through the stereo!!

6.  Pick up uHaul car trailer and load PoS car that sounds like it's going to blow any second.  Monster Man beating on the driveway with a shovel makes less noise.  Have smallest child crawl through cracked open back door of POS car to roll up window that hubby climbed OUT of getting the car on the trailer.

7.  Begin long trip home towing enormous, heavy beast car. Listen warily to the gas being sucked out of your truck like a 6 year-old chugging a Capri Sun.

8.  Listen to Pandora Radio's Maroon5 station while it plays a song about how stupid a man is for cheating/losing his girl,  but don't change it because you really want hubby to feel like a schmuck...plus it's a good song.  Nobody make a move to change the station allowing the tense moment to fully bloom.  

9. Pull over an hour from home in the dark because after the last toll booth you notice the trailer lights are no longer on.
9.a. Pull off the highway using a ramp where the re-entry ramp has been closed and blockaded.
9.b. Spend 45 minutes in the dark in the middle of nowhere replacing trailer connection wires (thanking yourself for having a spare for own trailer) and digging through fuses under hood and in dash to replace three blown ones.
9.d.  Witness Hubby approach meltdown. Thankful kids are asleep at this point. Pat yourself on the back for having spare fuses hubby didn't know existed in the 'tub of tricks.'
9.c. Thank the good Lord for GPS on your phone & hubby decent w/ to get around blockaded re-entry and back to interstate through corn fields and abandoned factory ghost towns.

10. Arrive home and let kids go to bed w/o showers- nearing midnight. They're cranky, who cares.

11. Second Day:  Once again, hubby sends the son in and out of cracked-open rear car door to turn the key on and put the driver window down. Kid climbs out.  Husband climbs in window to start car and attempt to diagnose situation. Hubby back out.  Situation deemed terminal after removing belts and testing pulleys.  Husband BACK in and out window. Child back in to close window and slide out rear door.

12. Though hubby has previously used car haulers and various trailers, at this time, his attention moves to short straps on driver's side wheel coverings of trailer which allow the trailer fenders down for easy access into PoS car....no small child necessary.
a. Take a picture to capture the moment.
b. Rush inside to laugh your ass off and accidentally delete picture.

13. Go with hubby, truck, trailer and kids to  dealership near hubby's work because HIS car is still at work from previous week so you need to go there anyway.  Drop off trailer. Stop at hubby's work to drop him off and because kids want to visit.
13.a. Run into office hussy who has been in said hubby's pants, force a smile and enjoy her face going white when she suddenly realizes you are RIGHT behind hubby walking in the door.  Try not to scratch out her eyes when she baby talks to your kids.
13.b. Re-live previous tense moment of #8 x 100.
13.c.  Talk to her like nothing is wrong.  Hold back urge to hurl, scream obscenities and beat husband with nearest office chair.

14. Drive home in rain and hordes of construction traffic, cussing husband and hussy silently in your head.

15. Give in to the kids and stop for fast food on the way home...after a weekend like that, the oven blowing up would just be icing on the cake, so why risk it?

Now, wasn't THAT Fuuuunn?? 

Monday, October 11, 2010

A sight that makes a grown man cry

Well almost. Definitely has him sick to his stomach.

Imagine- fishing, slippery dock, wobbly chair, listening to the race on the Droid which is IN the chair pocket. Whole shebang goes ass over teakettle into lake.

Droid still in rice bed recovery 18 hours later with visible moisture under the screen.

Prognosis? Not favorable.

Poor guy.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday Five- albeit SUNday!

Thanks Ms. G over at Derfwad Manor for Friday Five!!

1) How did you meet your partner?
Met him in the 6th grade, I was the new kid. He had a friend tell me he loved me, and I called him an idiot. Hmmm...

2) What did you think you were going to be when you were a kid?
A nurse or a teacher. 

3) Which would you least like to encounter on your front porch--possum or raccoon?

4) Who taught you how to drive? What kind of car?
Oh, Lord.  I have blocked most learning-to-drive excursions from memory as Dad was too short-tempered and had ZERO patience; Mom was paranoid, always freaking out.  I learned on a '76 ?? red Ford Granada with dual pipes. Dad pulled a couple wires on it one time and made me figure out why it wouldn't run. Oh the joy.  He did let me drive in his scary, old work pick-up a few times. (I taught my youngest sister to drive in that two years later.)  
In desperation to learn to drive a stick, my boyfriend let me use his Cavalier hatchback...which I totally killed repeatedly at the entrance of town park one summer afternoon. I was beyond flustered and so upset I couldn't think. He had to come rescue me from work, across the park on foot.  I was mortified.   I finally learned to drive it - sadly the throwout bearing was a casualty.

5) Who is the funniest person you know?
Monique- I can thank her for 20 years of spewing food and drink out of my nose!  
In the bloggy world- tie between Danny at Dad Gone Mad and VodkaMom. They both have me in tears of laughter regularly.   

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fellow Coupon Clippers- Take a Gander

Skipping Wordless Wednesday with good reason today.  If you are a fellow Grocery Gamer or just lover of a great bargain...lookie here!!  Great deals in the Northeast when you click here:  Cherry Picker, a blog with all the sale and coupon info gathered for you! Each week!!  Including ACME!! YES!  I'd cancelled my subscription to the Grocery Game a few years ago because they didn't yet have Acme stores so I had to dig through the sale ads, comparing them to GE, CVS and BJs on my own anyway.  I'm always out for a bargain-very rarely do I buy anything unless it's on sale AND I have at least one coupon.  Yes, it can be time consuming, but to see the jaws drop of people behind me in line when I have an overflowing cart that only rang up to $100 bucks after coupons (and I got some fuel perks too)...PRICELESS!!

Got sidetracked...heh. I only know about this site because  B's teacher with OHVA had mentioned in her newsletter about her starting to use coupons more and the Cherry Picker web site. Wow- LOVE IT!!  If you  are new to couponing or Grocery Game, some of the terms or acronyms may be confusing, don't let those overwhelm you. Here is a link courtesy of Hot Coupon World to help you out: Coupon acronyms and terms.

Go check it out!!  Save money!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Picnic

 OHVA Back-to-School picnics took place in various locations all over the state today. We only had to travel to the Falls to meet up with other OHVA families, friends and teachers. Games were set up around the picnic area and students played a 'Get to Know Each Other' scavenger hunt. Teachers divided the kids into groups by grade for activities while parents chatted and swapped stories. After eating lunch, the kids raced off to the playground to burn some energy letting parents and teachers continue conversations and pass advice for the new school year.  Was a great turnout for our location and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The kids played with old friends, made some new friends, swapping Webkinz IDs or email addresses.  Great day!!

Afterwards, I had to run for dog food, cat litter and coffee creamer- MUST have creamer!! Was totally out.  I didn't even have any of my back-up, last resort powder reserve left!  The situation was dire, let me tell you! ;-D  Dog food situation was not quite as bleak...they had a few days left.

Home now- kids are out and about playing with friends and I'm on the swing enjoying the sudden appearance of sunshine! Yay! Bonus!!  Thinking about holding dinner off another 30 minutes if the sun continues, Mr. FixIt hasn't even left the office yet and kids are distracted so I think I can stretch a little more sun time in this day. 
 Scratch that thought- he just pulled in. Crap. Oh well, was a good idea! :-D 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a weekend!

For starting the weekend feeling seriously bummed that I couldn't make the yearly bike trip with Dad to southern Ohio, it ended up being a great couple of days off!  Of course I missed spending time with Dad and his buddy Dave, so I called throughout the weekend to check on them, so I was at least able to talk with him a bit.  Mr. FixIt and I took some nice rides on the bike, mostly enjoyable because I could soak up SUN, ride and THINK uninterrupted. 100 miles on the back of a bike offers plenty opportunity for thinking...my future, the kids, his financial 'things', ways to step up my business, etc.  Funny that as I'm finally getting my mind straight what/need to do with my future, I've had this odd calm that's been missing for wayyyy too many years. Seems the situation with Mr. FixIt is no longer stressing me- I may have found the ladder to climb up from the bottom of that dark, muddy barrel. Caught a glimpse of my old happy self and haven't looked back.  Why did it take me so long?? That muddy barrel is pretty cramped, nasty place...finding a way out shouldn't be that difficult. Apparently I'd missed a rescue rope or two- whoops! 

So onto the weekend... I had a wonderfully lazy Saturday- Monster Man was itching to get another big catfish so Mr. Fixit took him for most of the day. B and I fiddled around the house. Sunday, we made pies and pasta salad to take to a friend's cookout with their family & friends. Awesome food and a fun evening!  Some cornhole games in the yard and washer toss that Steph and I decided we really needed catcher's gear for!! Someone could get knocked out or lose an eye in that game!! :-D  Finished the evening with a roaring campfire, hot dogs and s'mores until late.   Arrived home just before midnight, expecting Lyla to come bounding out of the garage as we'd left her out and Lucy in the house. Figured poor Lucy's eyeballs were floating we'd been gone so long, she'd REALLY need let out!  Opened the garage all the way. No doggies.  Oh crap. Not cool. I jump out of the truck ahead of Mr. FixIt  and run to the garage- both dogs jumping and yipping AT the door from INSIDE the house!! Oh no. Visions of my furniture in shreds flash through my head. The last time Lyla was left inside (a few months ago) she used two dining room chairs as chew toys. This may not be pretty. Open the door, both mutts come bounding out, excited to see us after 9 hours, like we'd been gone a month!  Mr. FixIt and I split up surveying inside- chairs intact, couches appear untouched, nothing bothered on the counters, shoes still look like shoes...wow. Really?? Lyla didn't destroy ANYthing?? No potty messes either??  Lucy has a 10-hr bladder, she could make it, but Lyla, not so much.  Mr. F said our bed looked like they'd be on it, but laundry still in basket, not upturned, nothing out of place. Kids room ok. Hmmm. Then I noticed the back door....WIDE OPEN.  oh nice. Checked to make sure the door wasn't actually knocked out...no. Just open.  Hmmm. Well at least with the huge, noisy beasts I don't have to worry about someone having been in the house. :-D  Still not sure if one of us left the screen door open or of the dogs managed to wedge it a crack and push the rest of the way.  Oh well, at least the house wasn't destroyed! YAY!

Monday we had a blast with the neighbors out at West Branch on their boat and jet skiis.  Was kind of a chilly start, especially on a ski when you've left capris on because the sun is hiding and you're on the verge of a cold anyway. The first major misjudged wave, ski nose dive into the water I was soaked and then REALLY freezing!!  WHEEEE!!! Sun came out later in the afternoon, thankfully, then we had a blast with the kids taking turns on the skis and riding around on the boat making waves for the guys to romp on. Beautiful ending to the long weekend!!

Hope your weekend was exciting!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #192

1. Family - makes me think of Grandma T and how much I miss her_.

2. __I am horrible at decisions, always_ back and forth.

3. I love a _bargain!

4. ___Grilled catfish, salad and new potatoes__ makes a good meal.

5. I've got the _Fever for the Flavor of the Pringles! ___(which is why I don't buy them!!)

6. __Craftastrophe.net___: WTH?!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _having a night off dinner duty__, tomorrow my plans include _making pasta salad and peach pie___ and Sunday, I want to _have a great time/food/fun with friends in their new place_!

Thanks Janet!! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

Thanks to Whispering Writer for Airing her Dirty Laundry...

It's OK Tuesday again...so in keeping with the new Tuesday idea,

It's OK...

That I am seriously craving brownie batter right now.    -- I will not mix any! I will NOT mix any!

That my child was running around outside in her PJs at 10 am playing with the dogs.  At least she had SOME sort of clothing on, unlike her brother aka The Superhero Streaker.

That the Pit is still a scary place as I can only work on it 15 minutes at a time (FLYlady style). That's all it's going to get.   -I watched Hoarders last night. Made me feel MUCH better about that one room!! AACK!! GAG! SCARY!!

My dogs have fleas...yes, even on their knees.

I get seriously pissed off when people fly down my street at 2x the posted speed!! Do I drive like a maniac down theirs??

I told my son to 'shut UP!!'  yesterday.  It was that or take his head off with an Uzi. He lived. I have mentioned that he's a 'learn the hard way' kind of kid, right??

I don't feel bad about my husband taking responsibility for his problems/actions without my help.  I won't make it difficult for him to take care or deal with, but will I make it any easier and/or do the legwork/extra effort/continue it on?? I think not. 

Auntie Flo is gearing up to take me a few rounds (see brownie batter & son above) & I'm going to take a nap to prepare.

That I don't feel bad about working on making some changes in my life.  As the song says, ' Every new beginning is some other beginning's end,' - yeah something like that.

 *** Want to join in the  It's OK Tuesday fun??  Come on, you know you want to.... :-D ***

I've considered joining in Wordless Wednesday also. Let's see if tomorrow I remember to post a pic...
just don't hold your breath!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

1. You do your thing; I do mine and sometimes _ we'll wind up in the same place_.

2. __Days gone by__ is what's been on my mind on and off all day.

3. Remember when _life was simple and days were taken for granted?__.

4. ___Reading (web/print/anything!),  & saving money w/coupons and sales, and (sadly) searching for truth vs. deception__ are three of my favorite obsessions :-)

5. During the last year __I wasted more time than I care to think about or admit- hitting me in the face now, I realize it. Need to break out of the rut and make some changes- in more ways than one...with more than just me. ___

6. __Yesterday afternoon's conversation___ puts a smile on my face.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __making popcorn for the kids' movie night and reading a few chapters of my book__, tomorrow my plans include _making some calls and doing jewelry work___ and Sunday, I want to _FLING, FLING, FLING stuff from the house and get my CJ in order_!

Thanks Janet!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ho hum

Sitting on the swing with a jacket listening to the squirrels drop acorn clusters like atom bombs and watch oak seed helicopters fly around...even a few brownish leaves falling.  Four years, not counting growing up in Uh-HI-uh,  you'd THINK I'd be use to the coming of fall, but I am SO NOT READY!!  This summer has been a blur with thankfully a few positive splashes over the top.  Of course there are a few reasons I am ECSTATIC for school to start which you can peek at over here.  One negative spot to my summer has been my poor pathetic garden.
This side of the mowed part is my sad, thin plant space.

There are accumulating reasons for its non-productivity, but mainly: put in too late, not enough water- oddly enough that spot is UNDER water more often than than not- and the final straw: the poochies and dead fence collars.

I was so excited my tomato plants were growing like crazy, literally a jungle from only 4 plants and on Saturday I had to tie them up AGAIN. A dying cherry tomato plant my dad had given me had more than recovered and was producing several yummy clusters Monster Man had already picked, leaving multiple little green and bright orange ones. YAY!!  My poor green beans...out of five rows, only four pathetic plants came up. Not sure if that was due to Monster Man being the planter or birds going crazy over my garden space the few days after.

The dead fence collars are the result of Man Eyes which is the technical term for a male person literally NOT seeing what is directly in front of his freaking face.  *That will be discussed further in a a whole 'nother post!  Basically, he unplugged the Invisible Fence that keeps the dogs in our yard.  So over the weekend, the collars beeped the dogs all over the yard in the SAFE zone, wore down the batteries until they were toast. So by Tuesday and I've had to call the dogs YET again from two yards away, I finally figure this out--  I saw the cord dangling...crap!!  He had unplugged the fence (in the house) to plug in his computer.  Well,  just slap me stupid. AAARRGGGHHH.  Dogs now need retrained on fence area...because safe zone was beeping them all weekend. No wonder Lucy is acting like a freak- she's been so well trained to the fence I rarely even have to put a collar on her and she's flipping out and running around like a spazz. As an added bonus, both collars are DEAD.  Now the garden is beyond the 'Safe' area were the dogs normally can't reach.  I stress normally.

Anywho... so now I've figured why dogs are running amok, had to wait a day or so before I could get more batteries - tell kids to help keep an eye on the dogs.  Mr. FixIt the next afternoon yells at Lucy to get out of the garden. Oh man!  He informs me she was picking tomatoes. ???  Dog that freaking picks tomatoes!!  Run down to check my few crazy tomato plants and OMG!!  She had carefully picked every flippin' cherry tomato off the plant. Green. Red. Orange. All GONE.  Three near-ready-to-pick beefsteak tomatoes from one of my wildly growing plants. Gone.
Naked tomato plant. Guilty party is top left peeking around a tree, "Who me?...naaahh."

Then I saw the green beans. SMUSHED. Broken. Flat in the mud...near some very big paw prints.  GREAT!  Apparently while Lucy delicately picked tomatoes for a snack, Lyla tromped through my few beans, one pepper plant, and pulled 6 cucumber plants totally out of their mounds. 
AARRGGHHH!!!    Thankfully, upon scanning the neighbor's garden it appears untouched. Only one edge paw print and plenty of tomatoes, etc, appear undisturbed. THANK GOD!  I retreated to the massacre,  picked my 7 green beans that weren't quite ready but on broken stems, and sternly scolded both dogs.  Cooked those beans with my rice for lunch. Damn pup.

And I'd wondered the day before, when I'd caught Lucy with a tomato, which kid had given it to her.
Damn dog. I hope she has some killer heartburn. For a week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello August!! errr...I mean GOODbye!

**AACCCKK!! Holy crap it canNOT be August already!! Only a few weeks until we are back to school work, lessons and hectic schedules.

On the other hand, what a COMPLETELY insane July we've had!!  Wow- I'm a bit glad the past few weeks are, in fact, PAST!  


**I started this post on August 1st.   Today is the 23rd. Go figure.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #190

Thanks again to Janet...or I'd not have blogged at all in several weeks!

And...here we go!

1. Laughter _is indeed the best medicine, especially when it involves snorting food out your nose! (love ya M!)__.

2. _"When I clicked..."____ are the three words that started off the last email I sent.

3. What I'm most looking forward to today is _enjoying some sun on the last true day of our summer before diving into school/lessons next week___.

4. __Chatting with a very dear, long-time friend __ puts a smile on my face.

5. Where in the world _is my willpower?? motivation??  Apparently they ran off with my good sense of years gone by.___

6. __Surprisingly, a great workout yesterday was___ just what I needed! (Did I seriously just type that??!! )

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __making garlic pasta with sauteed mushrooms and shrimp for dinner___, tomorrow my plans include _visiting family and friends at my home church festival (STAY AWAY RAIN)___ and Sunday, I want to _relax_!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #187

Thanks Janet! I remembered Friday Fill-Ins!!

And...here we go!

1. I'm going _to get on that elliptical today...and tomorrow... I HAVE to__.

2. _Not everyone was meant to be _ adventuresome and daring.

3. Perhaps today you can make it a point _to give your kids a hug!____.

4. __T-man has a_ true adventurer’s spirit.

5. Compassion is _a trait a certain family member lacks_

6. __I have to make myself stick to my guns__ no matter how difficult.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _attempting to get my house back in order from being away__, tomorrow my plans include _spending some time with my visiting nieces while Mr. FixIt takes B & T to the drag race__ and Sunday, I want to _enjoy a day off and finally finish the Janet Evanovich book I started months ago_!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

While trying to figure out what portion of my muddled brain to dish out on this here blog today, I came across this post over at Airing My Dirty Laundry...   and her "It's Ok Tuesday" post. GREAT IDEA!!
She here goes- some random things that I've come to terms as being 'ok' ....either that or I'm just too tired of fighting them anymore.

It's OK...
-that my poor pathetic garden was put in late. Hopefully I'll have some tomatoes and beans before frost. If not it was a whole $4 in seeds. 
- that my house wasn't totally clean when the nieces arrived. I worked at it while they visited and I don't think they even noticed.
-that my kids hate me some days- raising un-bratty kids means NOT being their FRIEND!
-that I don't have a new car.  I don't NEED one, and Mr. FixIt with ZERO dollars needs to quit talking about one!!! 
            (is it ok to have a new Mr. FixIt??)
-that I take my time in the morning with my java and my Macbk on the swing.  We all need some time for ourselves, right?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yumm- Holiday fixins

Mess of catfish eggs fryin' up slow...wish I could describe how fantastic they smell!
Have a safe holiday everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Some days

I need way more patience. Nothing infuriates me more than lying.
Counting to 1000...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June, oh June, where have you gone?

Wow- a month flew by like a lightning flash!  Wasn't it just yesterday I was dancing around so happy school was finished, recitals were coming up and warmer weather was on the horizon??  Has school really been out a month already??  Rehearsals and recitals long gone??  Trip to WV for Father's Day over??  July canNOT be here already.  I need more than 6 weeks before getting back to school work- AAACCKKK!!!    To make up for my total loss of time over the past month and lack of blogging, I've learned a few things:

* When adding 6-inch risers to the bed...make a FLASHING sign on the ceiling and night stand to WARN yourself of the potential to bust your ass when you step out of bed half-asleep to a missing floor.  Six inches doesn't seem like much until your stomach ends up in your throat and your arms smack the dresser trying to catch yourself while your brain has forgotten the bed is a little farther off the floor than it was yesterday...or the day before...or the day before that.
Copy that reminder to the cats who cannonball themselves into the side of the bed in the middle of the night...which shakes the bed, wakes Mr. FixIt, and promptly gets them thrown out.

*Taking a phone in the bathroom is a necessary emergency tool. My sisters and I have a running joke that if we need to go to the bathroom, we call each other (works like a charm- yes, we have tummy issues), also it never fails when one of us goes to the bathroom, one of the others will call.  So keeping a phone handy saves a lot of racing in and out of the powder room.  Phone will also save you when you don't realize you are TOTALLY out of TP until business has already begun, the kids are roaming the neighborhood completely out of earshot and your really don't want to contemplate alternative items for tissue.  This is when you can be thankful your oldest child (and the most likely suspect to have left you stranded w/o TP in the first place) actually has a cell phone- hopefully ON her. If not, calling a neighbor to tell your kids to get their hineys home will suffice.  Lazy child 0, cell phone rescue 1.

* Monster Man's ADHD  reigned in with Focalin makes for one majorly improved boy!!  Amen and Hallelujah!!  I've always been against medication for kids unless a true need exists so you name it- but for alternatives, I've done it/tried it/near lost my mind. After two years of schooling, I made an appointment with the doctor, showed him the forms and behavior surveys I've filled out intermittently over the years (with no change), and let him know my bag of tricks is empty- he and I both need help with this. Doc agreed after seeing the boy for  less than 2 minutes in action..."so I see the reason for your visit today..."  with a big grin.  Thanks doc, glad you got a laugh out of it.
Now that he's not taking it for the summer- makes his constant bouncing off the walls and lack of focus that much more prominent after seeing what he 'CAN' do with a little help.  Aye yi yi!!

*Taking my medication late is NOT fun.  Realizing I've forgotten a dose a DAY later even less so.  Talk about dizzy- YIKES!!  The cold-sweat, world-still-moving-when-you-stop type dizzy.  I'm not one to get nauseous easily thankfully or I'd probably be heaving all over the place. The only time I've been car/motion sick was the first few days of starting Pristiq and when I've missed a dose.  Potentially missing my morning front yard swing time because I'm so dizzy (my head just keeps on swinging after I get up!) should be enough motivation to remind me to take it.  I guess I need to make a reminder sign for that beside my bed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yummy Easy Salsa!

Getting my kids to eat veggies is a serious chore, especially for super picky B. Monster Man does a bit better, but here is one way to get BOTH of them to eat veggies (and sometimes fruit) and ASK for more!!

 Yes, salsa with tomatoes, onions and avocado.  Will my kids touch avocado?? Oh yes they will now and it's so super easy!
The first time I made this I did follow a recipe which I thought was from AllRecipies.com or  Pioneer Woman Cooks, though I can only find her avocado corn salsa, not this one...hmmm.  So since then,  I kind of wing it, which isn't difficult with only a few ingredients. Easy to play with and vary according to your family's tastes.  :-D

The Basics:
1 sliced/chopped avocado
1 large (or 2-3 small) diced tomato
about 1/4 to 1/2 of a chopped or diced medium onion
*(all the above can be diced or chopped, depending on how smooth or chunky you like salsa...or how   tired you are and really don't want to dice anything! :-D)
Dash of garlic powder
Dash of pepper
1 or 2 TB of cilantro flakes or fresh, finely-chopped cilantro (better)
1 TB of lime juice

The easy part is you can improvise:
-use some plum or cherry tomatoes cut in halves or quarters OR
- use small can of already diced tomatoes (fresh does taste better)
-In an "OMG I'm have NO onions" panic, I even used dehydrated onions from the Amish store (set in warm water for a few minutes first)
-Fresh minced garlic instead of powder
-Totally leave out the lime juice or use just a splash balsamic vinegar

Mix well with a spoon. Can be enjoyed right away, though the flavors do enhance if you chill the mix for a couple hours.  Dip with white corn chips or layer on tortillas, use as a side to grilled fish, or Mr. FixIt's fav- dipped using pretzel chips as an "I'm starving and can't wait for dinner!!" snack.

In searching for the original recipe, I came across several others- some with corn, some use chillies or jalapenos and even apples. Yes- APPLES!! Veggies and fruit- BONUS!! That was the new ingredient for us last night.  I added a teaspoon of taco seasoning, the balsamic vinegar and one chopped granny smith apple.  Talk about YUM!! I didn't tell Mr. FixIt what was in it before he tasted it. He kept going after it saying, "Wow- a little heat but something sweet is in there!!"  S-U-C-C-E-S-S! 

Ok, there you go- Take it! Play with it!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Frumpy Day

Been one of those bum around rainy, head pounding, blah-feeling days.  Too bad my mid-day nap attempt to rejuvenate myself was riddled with horrible nightmares.  WTH??  Thankfully Mr. FixIt has weekend duties!  He cleaned the kitchen TWICE today, made yummy pork chops for dinner, even rubbed my neck and brushed my hair trying to get my out of my funk.  Such a good guy, always trying to make me feel better.    I still have days I wonder if all the 'love' is out of guilt, and I want to rip his manly parts off and question past indiscretions including if he could have all that, why in the WORLD would he want me. I don't get it. 

oh, and Auntie Flo...


And that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look UP!

Look up in the sky and what do I see??

A golden bright sunshine glowing down on me!!

YAY!!  That completes the poetry moment- enjoy the little couplet that fell out of my brain. :-D 

And truthfully someone probably has said that or sung it and that's why it spewed out of my fingers so easily, heh.    Was a beautiful day despite the clouds intermittently hiding that shiny sun today, with the kids doing well and having a great time at their dance competition.  Not too much of a drive either, and sharing the ride makes the trip so much more fun!!  --apologies to the white Toyota, witness to whacko funny lady with a hair clip up her nose and the trucker who saw the front end of my truck bouncing to 'Topsy Turvy!' being sung with GUSTO, yeah, that's what we'll call it--   AnyWHO- fun trip, great day, and happy, tired kids!  WHEEEEE!!!  Granted there would've been much more joy if the awards ceremony hadn't taken nearly 12 hours, but that's just the opinion of a mom who sat in the saaaaaame chair alllllllllll day long.    
May looks up to be purty busy: wrapping up school lessons and hours, last weeks of dance classes, dance competitions and getting this house in order by way of an INTENSE spring cleaning.  It may be another month before I blog! ha! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

So, it's technically Saturday now (12:02 am)- sue me.  Easter edition of Friday Fill-Ins from Janet.

1. All you need is _a little less than what you want.
2. __B's sweet gestures and Monster Man's crazy antics_ fill me with laughter.
3. Each generation, as it grows up, _should be more respectful of the previous and more educated in guiding the next.  
4. __Not being assertive_ is something I have a hard time dealing with.
5. A trip to __the beach _ is what I need.
6. ___If you smell smoke, there's usually fire__ and you get back.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _coloring eggs with the kids (did that)_, tomorrow my plans include _dance, make macaroni salad & decorate a bunny cake__ and Sunday, I want to _watch the kids find their Easter baskets early then spend the afternoon with my Dad's family!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's ya fool!

The fool be me- thinking I'm gonna get something slapped down on this little text box...or trying to for the past several weeks!!   Not happenin' obviously. Oh well- here be the highlights.

Puppers Lyla is approaching 60 pounds and almost 5 months old. I still call her 'Chunk'  She sounds like an elephant wearing swim fins flopping her big feet through the house, cracks me up.

Mr. FixIt tore out the scary, horrible bathroom tub and shower walls and replaced them- oh yes!! I was so excited- still am!!  Details and pics later, but I am oh SO head over heels about my new shower!! 

Monster Man is about to make me loose my mind with his school work- thankful for the holiday weekend and our upcoming trip for spring break. I think I'm as ready for summer as he is! B thankfully is doing well, better in spelling even and still reading up a storm...at least when I can get her off Webkinz! :-D

Finally warm weather is here, even if only for a little bit, but I'll take what I can get!  Mr. FixIt put the swing back in the front yard...it's be-ginning to LOOK -a -lot -like SUM-mer!! Wheeee!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shoveling injury

In helping the kids make sled runs, through hacking and sneezing, I created this lovely wound when i misjudged the shovel in 10 inches of snow, hit the well cap on the patio and pinched my upper thigh between the shovel handle and my body pushing to get the ice under the snow loose...it hurt, but when I got ready for shower last night, I didn't realize how bad. Looks likr someone whopped me with a bowling ball. Purty, eh?

Winter sucks!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dance away now!

That is a late 80's Roxette song title_ remember that one? Thinking happy thoughts for the team this weekend. So proud of B and MM with this team!  Get out there and show KAR what you guys can do!  Dance away with a barrel full of Platinums and trophies gang- dance away!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New 'do part deux.

First off,  loving my HTC Droid Eris! Android apps ROCK! Though last night I was having a one-on-one with the Blogaway app. Very easy to use/post from the phone. You can even attach images. Cool, eh? This is where Blogaway and I had our differences.  Grrr. Lucky I got anything on here!

SO.... the hair is still at my shoulders, but quite a bit short for my normal. I did have it curled in that picture.  I was going to upload a shaggy yet slightly curly, from what hasn't grown out and now been cut off, of my wave-only perm from months ago.  Uploaded that second picture and Blogaway yells at me it has to close. Dang. So I type up a quick description again and try to upload the first picture, AGAIN, when Blogaway yells at me the second time- It has an error, please close. No draft saved-DANG. So third time, I uploaded pic first with quick description and SENT it before it disappeared like a fart in the wind of the previous two attempts!  Technology can be so cool, but frustrating at the same time.

Speaking of part TWO- Here's a shot of Mr. FixIt with the Grizzly Adams/Abe Lincoln effect reduced.
The beard is back to normal.  :-D  He trimmed enough off you can see his face shape now. Woohoo!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


Started the month with a hair cut! Had 5+ inches taken off my mop and thinking I might go back to get it shortened up a bit more. Still a LOT of hair there, so not much different really. Hope this helps with the hair always caught in my coat, and purse strap (when I even carry one), and always pulling it up to put a hat on, since it's so freaking cold. Really had enough with ponytails and clips because it's just EVERYWHERE. I like to really fix it nice, big curls/waves, but lately that's been about once every two or three weeks. So off it goes!  :-D

Mr. FixIt started the day ok, but it ended quite painfully. He was showing B some self-defense, nothing heavy, just basic 'don't get trapped, use your weight and stronger body parts' etc. Then she was talking about being tough and she wouldn't want to mess with him. Monster Man had to chime in that he could 'box him' and be tough.  So Mr. FixIt declares he could whip both of them blindfolded. Hmmm.  B brings on the blindfold. Oh Lord.
Mr. FixIt on his knees in the middle of the living room, taking big wide swings at the kids, knocking them down or taking their feet out from under them- to which I remind him, PLEASE don't break anything! They both have a dance competition this weekend!! JEESH!   So anyway, B trying to get jabs in and Monster Man jumping on his shoulders and head from behind, they gang up on him. Mr. FixIt gets a hold of MM's legs- gets him pinned down so he can't kick anymore. B backs up and squares off facing the blindfolded Mr. FixIt. She takes a giant step back and gears to kick before I choke out a, "NO!" mid-swig of my Pepsi,  she fires a foot full force into his manly parts. Oh. shit.  He groans, falls over. Monster Man wiggles free. Both kids escape to the other room laughing and high-five'in while I'm dripping soda and streaming tears laughing.  Mr. FixIt continues to roll and choke in the fetal position when the dogs decide to tackle him while he's down! So I pull off the jaws and paws heathen combo and try stifle laughter while telling the kids to knock it off. That was not funny! I finally got the kids to settle telling B she wasn't supposed to do that- that kick is only for 'serious-you are in big trouble and need to escape type situations' and still trying not to laugh.  B toned down the celebration realizing what she'd done and ran went crying to the bathroom.
Great. Husband rolling in pain- no chance of any fun time tonight. Daughter sobbing- shuts herself in bathroom and won't come out. My nose is raging fire from the soda's unorthodox exit.   MM- squealing around the house with a hyena laugh taunting the dogs to tackle him. Family time- PRICELESS!!

Mr. FixIt lived. He's still moving around quite gently.
B calmed down and came out of the bathroom finally.  Mr. FixIt made her laugh by saying- "ok, you've seen that kick work. Don't ever do it again unless you fear death."

Needless to say, I don't think Mr. FixIt will be offering to "whoop ass blindfolded" in the near future.  Hehehe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Droid ROCKS!

So I blew it with Nablopomo. My house is a total disaster. The kids are still in PJs and Mt. Washmore is rising to new heights...but my HTC Droid Eris is in my hands and kicking booty!! 


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What to do, what to do...

Finish putting Christmas stuff away?   -no I did not do it last weekend.
Fold another load of laundry?  -folded five today, already over my quota.

Finish Get another pile cleared out of the Pit??  -probably, but I need full daylight in there or I could be lost forever.
Shampoo the LR carpet from a few scattered puppy accidents?? -too late tonight. I'll can't get the spots done w/o just doing the whole dang floor. Must be some OCD thing...or something.
Clean off the buffet and move the kitchen around, like I've wanted to for two months??  -I haven't had near enough to drink.
Go to bed?  -Yes, I need to but I'm going to catch some SNL first. Maybe I'll get one of the above mentioned tasks done tomorrow and report back. 

Don't hold your breath.

On either the above tasks or a post. :-D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Droid, Nexus One, iPhone???

I just came across this and my jaw is on the floor.

Yours probably too as I'm posting twice in the same day.

iPhone to Verizon- Official??

Now I might be in a pickle...

Droid-oh yes, I want one!

Mr. FixIt upgraded his cell phone last month and got the very cool Motorola Droid. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Loving all things Apple and craving an iPhone but despising AT&T's lack of coverage- an iPhone has been a far-fetched dream.  Sigh. Until now- Android OS and functionality of the Droid rivals iPhone- finally!! I really like the Droid, but I'm not crazy about the slide out keyboard or the heft of this gadget. I currently have a Samsung touchscreen phone and love it! So a new touchscreen phone that doesn't run on WinDoze or require At&T-  I'm IN!!  Cool apps of the Android phones are a big seller- games, goofy sounds, music, handy gadgets such as the barcode scanner. Seriously, use the phone's camera to scan any barcode and you will see the price of that item in different stores and where to purchase. Nifty, eh?!  Another one- Keychain. All those store and club cards hanging on your keys?? Scan them and store in the phone- hold up your phone to scan at the store = less junk to hang on your keys!!  Fun apps including sirens, movie sound bites, animals, and Mr. FixIt's favorite- the Fart Noise app. Twenty+ different disgusting fart sounds including a timer so you can play tricks on your children/coworkers/relatives. Monster Man also loves this goofy app- go figure. Another favorite, the gun apps. Chose your weapon, realistic click/cocking/bolt slide sounds and FIRE!  Mr. FixIt does that when one of us is driving him crazy...he just opens fire with his phone. hehe.

Ironically my phone has worked flawlessly for over a year until the past week when Verizon started sending me, 'upgrade early' info. Darn they are tempting me!  Of course we came from Alltel and as long as I have an Alltel phone, Verizon has to keep our billing the same as before. Upgrade to Verizon phone, voila! Get Verizon billing. Really it's not a big change, pricing is figured differently though ends up the same $$. The difference is we will lose 5 of our Friends & Family numbers...unless we up to a larger plan. Well the budget isn't allowing me for a larger plan right now, so 5 people are gonna get called a lot less around here! :-D

Where was I?? Oh, sorry brain wandered off...  so an Android phone is in my future, but not wanting a Moto Droid...I've fallen in love with the HTC Droid Eris. More slim, lighter, has a trackball, and dedicated call/hang up buttons.  The Eris has an older Android version, but still works pretty much the same as the Moto Droid.  Both have 5 mp camera, though Eris doesn't have a flash. Eris is $100 cheaper- $99 at Verizon online and $49 at Best Buy. Cool deal- though Best Buy can't authorize the early upgrade Verizon offers- DARN!  So I'll have to wait until price goes down to get this nifty phone.

THEN- Google throws me a curve ball with their Nexus One phone.OOOOHhhh, AAAAAhhhhh.
Only available at the moment with T-Mobile, but coming this spring to Verizon. An Android phone, with guts made by HTC and sold by Google.  Similar to the Eris in looks with upgraded OS, a flash and still has that trackball I love on the Eris. Larger screen to match the Moto Droid.  Much longer battery life. Price yet to be determined for Verizon.  I guess I'll have to wait until my phone totally kicks the bucket... and hope it's not until Spring and cross my fingers Verizon has a killer deal on the Nexus One. If not, I'll be happy with an Eris.  Ohhh- Android phone here I come!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ah, it has begun.

Time sure flies by!  Holidays are gone, we're in 2010, and the first semester of school will finish up this week.  Wasn't it just sunny afternoons on the swing and kids barefoot playing in the sprinkler...yesterday??  Blink and BOOM- six inches of snow and still piling up.  Aaacck. Great for the kids; they've had a blast sledding and playing in the snow most every day. Sucks for me- freezing temps and gloves, hats, snow boots...bah humbug.

With the new year underway, I have to get off my arse!! Literally and figuratively!! Many things around this house need to be dealt with and apparently they don't work on themselves. Darn. School materials are pretty much under control, but home papers, bills, etc, need a revamp. All that was formerly contained and under control at my desk when I was transcribing 10-12 hours a day. Since then, it's migrated into several hot spots around the house. It's NOT efficient. The piles of STUFF drives me insane. I have to get that taken care of. First project of the year. I have fluttered behind FlyLady for several years and one thing I didn't do was the Control Journal, as I was at my desk through the day, every day. Now, with homeschooling, dance most every night, and more visiting family...Flylady wins. I need to make my Control Journal and USE it. 

I also need to get back on track with de-cluttering this house. If you follow FlyLady, you know what a super fling boogie is. I did one today and WOW!! Why did I stop doing those??  What a difference and makes you feel GREAT to have a room more clean by tossing that junk!  I think I need to do that every day for a month!  I also did get several things listed on eBay.  Jewelry business has been a bit slow lately.  I need the income and I love to eBay! Woohoo!  Hopefully I can make a few bucks until I can get some more jewelry shows on the books.

With that, I'm calling it a night.  Mr. FixIt is snoring in the COD beside me...he's been there since he got home from work. Literally crashed. He didn't even eat dinner.  He can stay in the chair because I'm not waking him up! I already have the mattress pad warming up the bed- hehe. Mine! All MINE!! 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Like homemade? Try this.

If you like to save money, here's an easy home recipe to try...for laundry soap.  Yup. I've always been one for bargains and hate to pay big bucks for detergent.  I was always super happy to get Arm& H@mmer or Pur#x depending on whichever one was on sale with a coupon to lower the price even more. About a year ago, I came across a site with information how to make your own laundry detergent for super cheap!!  So why not, I already had two of the three ingredients anyway.  All you need is a bar of Fels-Naptha soap (or Ivory or Castile soap), a box of 20 Mule Team Borax and a box of Arm & H@ammer Washing Soda (not baking soda, WASHING soda).  The Mule Team Borax and the washing soda are located in the laundry aisle at the grocery, usually top shelf.  The Fels-Naptha may be there, though in Giant Eagle you have to look in the hand soap aisle, bottom shelf between lotions and hand soaps.  You can make the detergent either a powder or liquid.  I've made both, and I prefer powder.  Faster and easier to make; easier to measure out. Easier for the kids to use (since you have to remember to stir or shake the liquid before use). Google  will find you a multitude of recipes all over the place. This one is from The Frugal Shopper Site. This page also has links to other homemade items- check it out.

Powdered Laundry Detergent (aprx. 32 loads)
1 Cup grated Fels-Naptha Soap
1/2 Cup Arm & Hammer WASHING Soda
1/2 Cup 20 Mule Team Borax


Grate the bar of soap, nearly one entire bar grated = 1 cup. If you want to work out your forearms and hands, use a hand grater as I have here. If you'd rather do this in 30 seconds instead of 15 minutes and don't care about your forearms...use your food processor. :-D  

You can leave the soap grated as is or you can further reduce it down to powder. It does mix better as a powder, but I've made it both ways. Takes about three whirrrs in the Magic Bullet to make a powder out of the grated shavings,  or if you already have your food processor out, change the blade and give it a whirl in there.  You can see the difference below.

Put the grated/powdered soap into a container, add the washing soda and borax. Mix thoroughly.  *Great science lesson about measuring and mixtures here. :-D If you make the liquid version (see link), more lessons about solutions-solute, solvent, suspension, etc.  FUN stuff!! 

I use a plastic coffee container with a snap lid (pic above). Works well. Easy for even the kids to pick up and scoop out of. Oh and that's the best part...note the measuring utensil in the container: a tablespoon. Only ONE Tablespoon per load. This is low sudsing and great for front loaders. If I had a top load washer, I'd probably use 2 TB.  A double batch of this recipe will about half fill a large coffee container and gives you aprx 64 loads of detergent. 

The cost breakdown: 
1 Bar Fels-Naptha - $1.50 to $1.75

1 Box Arm & Hammer Washing soda- about $4 bucks depending on where you get it. (aprx 7 cups)

1 Box 20 Mule Team Borax - $5 to $7 depending on where you buy it. (aprx 9 cups)

You can get at least 14 batches out of washing soda and 18 batches of borax per box. When you do the math it equals to just slightly over $2 per batch (32 loads). Cheaper if you find any of the above on sale or have coupons.  Not to bad, eh?  It cleans clothes really well -trust me I have THOROUGHLY tested it out! Two, get down in the mud and grass kids, who also like to help hunt (blood and guts), and work on bikes with daddy (grease). All comes clean with this stuff. 

You will also find hints of using white vinegar as a laundry softener and I have used that. Yes, it does work, and no, it doesn't make your clothes smell like a salad! :-D  I do like nice scents to my clothes but have yet to go get the essential oils to make my own (by adding them to vinegar)...so until I get motivated in that department I'll keep my bargain store-bought with coupon softener. Though it is good to know if you run out of softener, you can use vinegar in a pinch! 

There you go. Cheap laundry detergent that can be made in less than 5 minutes and WORKS!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Giving it a shot.

Ok,  new year, new goals, starting over with a clean slate...blah, blah, etc.  So not that I have a snowball's chance in hell of completing even a week of NaBloPoMo, I'm on the blogroll for January.  Stay tuned to watch me spiral down to a silent-forgot-to-blog death in the YOU SUCK blogging category.  I would hate to disappoint my hundreds four followers by actually finishing a month of blogging!  Hehh. Giving it a shot for the heck of it.

Speaking of shots- OMG - Mr. FixIt received a recipe from a co-worker over the holidays. It is a long-time used family recipe. If you like B@iley's...you are sooooo going to love this.  HOMEmade Irish Cre@m. A shot of this stuff is not enough. You need a glass :-D

Easy peasy. You probably have most of this stuff at home already.  Here goes.

1 cup whiskey (cheap is fine, we used Evan Williams)
3 beaten eggs
1/4 teaspoon coconut extract
2 teaspoons Hershey’s chocolate
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping (not whipped, straight from the carton)
1 14oz can Eagle Sweetened Cond. Milk

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix on high.  Refrigerate and it will thicken. Keep refrigerated, should keep for about a month or so.

Like it will last that long?? What kind of non-drinkers suggest that??  Mr. FixIt cranked out a batch of this last night for New Year's Eve and it's more than half gone already.  Wheeeeeeee!!!!!

Honestly, I think you could put a touch more chocolate in it and touch of mint extract and have an equivalent B@iley's Irish Mint, but whatever you try,  in honor of the family that has passed it down for years...don't screw it up. :-D   You wouldn't want to waste even cheap whiskey anyway, hehe.

Alrighty NaBloPoMo....Day 1 down.  Only 30 more to go!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!