Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fellow Coupon Clippers- Take a Gander

Skipping Wordless Wednesday with good reason today.  If you are a fellow Grocery Gamer or just lover of a great bargain...lookie here!!  Great deals in the Northeast when you click here:  Cherry Picker, a blog with all the sale and coupon info gathered for you! Each week!!  Including ACME!! YES!  I'd cancelled my subscription to the Grocery Game a few years ago because they didn't yet have Acme stores so I had to dig through the sale ads, comparing them to GE, CVS and BJs on my own anyway.  I'm always out for a bargain-very rarely do I buy anything unless it's on sale AND I have at least one coupon.  Yes, it can be time consuming, but to see the jaws drop of people behind me in line when I have an overflowing cart that only rang up to $100 bucks after coupons (and I got some fuel perks too)...PRICELESS!!

Got sidetracked...heh. I only know about this site because  B's teacher with OHVA had mentioned in her newsletter about her starting to use coupons more and the Cherry Picker web site. Wow- LOVE IT!!  If you  are new to couponing or Grocery Game, some of the terms or acronyms may be confusing, don't let those overwhelm you. Here is a link courtesy of Hot Coupon World to help you out: Coupon acronyms and terms.

Go check it out!!  Save money!!

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