Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Letter

I am seriously lame and only sent a few cards, to those who don't have email or FB.  The 'online' category of people, ya'll got an email!  I'll put Christmas cards on my list to do earlier next year.  Don't feel too slighted, I don't have our Shutterfly book done from the Rome Trip in September yet either!  So here you go- a quick sum up our our year.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday!  
Ang & gang!

Merry Christmas 2011

Family & Friends,

What an extremely busy and fulfilling year we've had! After a difficult 2010 for me, early 2011 was full of new hope with an opportunity for Jay and I to get together and build on 20 years of friendship! We have been truly blessed!

Our whirlwind year started off taking Brittany & Tyler on their first plane ride to Chicago in early February. The Windy City sure lived up to its name that week- BBBRRR!! Willis (Sears) Tower was amazing, standing on the glass over Wacker Drive at 100+ floors up!! Tyler of course loved the train.

Early summer, we drove to the middle of severe storms, sideways rain and HAIL! Crazy! We spent the days touring Ripley's attractions, walking through shops, taking ghost walks and had so much fun on slides, rides and sky lifts at Ober Gatlinburg. Can't wait to go back!

June brought the annual dance recitals, bittersweet as it would be the last dance event with our Starmaker family of 5 years. We miss our teachers and friends so much!

We spent the summer moving down to Crooksville from Akron. Whew- that was a chore!! I was afraid Jay would lock the doors and hide if I pulled one more U-Haul in front of the house! Such a good guy helped me load/unload and drive several trips over several weeks on his few days off to get here. I had no luck relocating the furbabies, so they had to come too (anyone want a dog?? or two??) and a place outside was prepared for the dogs. Thanks to Aunt Dorothy for some spare fence!! Jake & Elwood (cats) had no problem taking over the house and showing Jay that he really IS a 'cat person'! Hehehe!!

Early fall took us to Myrtle Beach with Jay's sister's family- 2 cars, 4 adults, 8 LOOOOOONG drive. HA!  We all had a blast in the fun pools, the beach, and I got a daily soak of sun!! We loved the new Pirate Dinner show. We were lucky to visit with a few sorely missed friends down in Goose Creek.

Brittany and Tyler have adjusted to life in a small town...which to them means doing more! Excited to ride their bikes around town, go to the library, or Grandma Harriett's house on their own. Who knew?

In October, Jay took me on an amazing trip to Rome! Too beautiful to describe- both food and art!! You'll have to check out our pictures on Facebook or Flickr! (search for

Hope the Holidays are happy and healthy for you! Take care and keep in touch!

Love and Hugs! Merry Christmas!

The Chaos Gang!

also Lucy, Lyla, Jake & Elwood
Plus all the neighborhood cats who think they live/belong on our porch: Goldie, Momma, Jinx, Sickly, Blackie, Andrew, Tippy & Squirt. (anyone want a cat? Or three??)

-Yes, I am still waiting for Jay to come to his senses and run for the hills screaming!! Ha! Ha!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One year ago, I was in a whole different place, not a good place. A very sad, kicked in the gut place...
All I can say is, "WHAT a difference a year makes! !"   An awesome man who loves me, helped by some fantastically supportive friends and family, two fun-loving kids and I have had a dream-come-true of a year!   Sure there have been a few tough spots to work through (mostly within myself), but overall, those don't even scratch the surface of how freaking happy I am!  Can't even explain how loved I feel...without a doubt! 

I'm sure y'all have something to be thankful for- that's mine.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Hope everyone has a safe and filling holiday!  I for one am super excited about shopping at midnight and catching up with the bestie from school days, can't wait!  Woot woot!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nutella Freaks- peek here!!

Look here:  More ways to crave Nutella!!
Going to try this to surprise the kids later!

Nutella Ice Cream!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The look of genius.

T-Man is writing. On his own. Without being told. He's focused and determined. ..


Ok, truth be told, he received a letter from his pen pal today and was so excited, he had to write back- RIGHT away!!   I'll take it! Whatever gets him to write willingly-  woot!   Now I'll just cross my fingers he keeps it up!    

Monday, November 7, 2011

O dark early

The fall time change usually doesn't bother me.  This year?? I must be getting older or something, this darkness outside by 6 has me wanting to crash by 8 pm....and I'm usually up until 2 am.  Explain that??  Weird.

Cool finding today:    Target and Kohls to open at midnight for Black Friday!! YES!!

FREAKY finding:   Women ingesting encapsulated placenta after birth to help with hormone swings and depression.  The article sounds horrible, but gotta admit the title draws you in.  What do yo think?
Consume placenta??   I get it, but not sure I could/would.

Yes, I am close to midnight and seriously winging it so I don't blow NaBloPoMo.  So sue me. heh.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday view

A rearview shot of my every other Sunday evening scene, picking up the kids...gorgeous colors tonight.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why Google Rocks- Beyond Barrel Roll: 10 Hidden Google Tricks

If you were captured by Google's 'do a barrel' roll this week, get a load of this article:

More games and Easter Eggs thanks to some genius, and I'm assuming hysterical, Google developers.

Go have some fun!!

Beyond Barrel Roll: 10 Hidden Google Tricks

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh no...

Almost got me!! You crazy Friday...snuck up on me and almost ran off with another NaBloPoMo.   HA! I got you!  Yess sir-eee!!  Since I'm racing to beat midnight, here's a snack idea for you:

I really wish I'd taken a better picture of this 5 kg JUG of this glorious stuff.  This stuff was everywhere in Rome. I kept trying to find ways to get this on the plane home. 

One little gelato shop had a WALL of Nutella in these large containers-  
Oh mah gawd...  droool...

Oh look!   To-Go Packs!!   Woohoo!!

Nutella-swirled gelato!! (lower center) Heaven chilled! 

Happy Friday all!!  Have an awesome weekend!  

... swiping the last tiny bit of Nutella out of the jar with my fingers.   

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goofy dog, crazy kid

Of course after yesterday's iPod find, Monster Man is trying to redeem himself.  First thing this morning, came down stairs, DRESSED already, bed made up and headed to the kitchen to fix his breakfast.  Seriously?   Normally that process takes hours- fussing, complaining- ridiculous. Like he doesn't know those are things you do every day. 

We talked a bit about this morning's behavior was how each day should start. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh, he is soooo TOAST

Monster Man is such a fitting name lately.  It's not helping that he's STILL off his meds for ADD because it's taken three months to get him into a new doctor. We had an appointment last week, which they cancelled on us when we arrived for the appointment, so to make a new appointment, we have to wait another week.  (said my cell number didn't work...really??  I gave them TWO, said they only take one and apparently they took that one down incorrectly. Nice.) So stick with them or try someone else new that will take a month to get in?!  I'd take a witch doctor at this point or an exorcist!!   Getting him through school work is like slowly getting your fingernails removed via your eyeballs.  Just torture. I keep thinking, it will get better. He really is trying, most of the time, but keeping him on task is just in.freaking.sane.  Add to it, lying, telling on his sister after pestering the CRAP out of her, acting a fool, not listening PERIOD and now cussing.  A new outlet to ensure I lose my sanity.  We've heard 'sh!t' slip a few times from him but what I just saw/heard on his iPod Touch from recording himself while he was supposed to be doing writing today--    well let's just say..

  Yeah, that. With some variations and additions. Nice. Ok, I'm guilty of saying 'Holy Sh!t' quite often, but I've rarely let the mother of all words fly in front of the kids.  I know he's a boy and kids go through those phases, but AAARRGGHHH!!!    
I do think it's comical that he caught himself on video and then SHOWED me the video, quickly realizing, 'Oh I meant to delete these' and taking it back. Well after viewing the whole recording, I know why! Hmmmm.  He'd previously had the iPod taken away for being glued to it and not listening because of being glued to it- he had to take it to Dad's place for two months- I was done fighting for his attention with an ipod that I didn't think he was old enough to have in the first place!!   Apparently I neglected to reset the school-time lock out doing a system reset a couple weeks ago because he locked himself out of the ipod.... I can only assume trying to hide other videos, swearing, torturing his sister and Lord knows what else.

In about 5 hours, he'll learn what soap tastes like.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo....Here we GO!

Don't laugh, I'll probably never make it through even a week, but what the heck?  If nothing else maybe it will get me thinking about blogging again that I might actually get a few posts done before 2011 is in the books. Meh. 

Any brave souls want to join me in Blog Posting Month?  Join the Blogroll on BlogHer by Nov.5th. Good luck! 

Day1 down!  Woot woot! !

Monday, October 31, 2011

I think I can, I THINK I can...

I've intended to blog for days weeks -who am I kidding?- MONTHS now, but every time I sit down with the MacBook in my lap, open to Blogger, I go blank. So much to write about and yet again, nothing spectacular except for the relationship stuff, though I figure no one wants to hear the sappy,  OMG I am so FREAKIN' happy tidbits... ok, well maybe later. 

Another Halloween is here, another cousin has gotten married, a great aunt hit 99 years old and I've been to Italy.  I guess that pretty much rocks, especially the Italy part!  But I go blank on getting it down in words. Maybe I should switch to a photo blog- pictures I can do. Words I seem to struggle with more as time goes on.  Check out my G+ link on my profile, you can catch my Flickr stream from there. You can see what I've been up to- way more interesting in picture form! 

I have learned over the last month that even when you are freakishly happier than allowed by law, depression can still wreck havoc with your brain and functioning. Thinking 'this is amazing,' I feel great and have felt wonderful for so many months, so without-a-doubt loved that I could try weaning off my meds....yes, slowly.  WRONGO!  I was only two weeks in to the stepping-down process and had formed into this constant blubbering pile of nothingness, crying over songs on the radio, feeling stabbed by comments that were in no way meant to be insulting or hurtful in any way, and tired. I was so stinkin' tired- all I wanted to do was sleep and disappear.  It was horrible.  More proof that this disease is some serious chemical malfunction in the brain and in no way 'attitude.'  Wow. Knowing the difference now, I don't know how I dealt with the ex's extraneous ways for so long without medication. Maybe the denial or attempt to believe it wasn't happening was self-preservation by what WAS functioning in my brain. Who knows??   Though my Knight dealt with me like a trooper, kept his sanity somehow ( I swear he's a saint) and I realized even being well loved and cared for, it was not going to 'fix' me. He definitely deserves better than me being a mess. Ok, well a depressed mess...I still am a bit wacky, have ADD fits and the boxes and totes in the front room I have yet to unpack or find place for... I'll get to it eventually. 

Ok, happy tidbits forewarning-  I have never felt so loved, so worth being a part of something, so truly wanted in my life!  I am so blessed and very lucky to be given this chance with my Knight. As much as I knew we'd be good together, I never had a freaking clue it would be this awesome!!  Pinch me, I swear I'm dreaming!!  Better than dreams! 

BTW- the 99-year-old aunt is constantly on my butt about getting married, to do this right. Well, I know this is right. I spent years of a marriage trying to make it right and believe it was right, it doesn't seem fair to consider that THIS falls under the same term. Besides, I can't get divorced and married in the same will that look??  Well according to AuntA, it would be fine!  She cracks me up, I love her so much!! 

Oh hey, forgot to mention, I've lost 15 pounds*!!  Being blissfully happy is apparently good for my arse too!!  Again, who knew?? 

Well, it's 3 am, I have a foot gone numb, a cat sleeping across my wrists on the Mac and my battery is about to give up the ghost. Speaking of ghost, I watched Long Isl@nd Medium tonight- how awesome!   Also watched a couple episodes of Sister Wives. I so love that show, the feeling of family you get from them is just wonderful. Not that I could do what they do, but wow, what an awesome connection those wives have and growing with their kids as a big family, like true sisters.       Oh, sorry got distracted.  I need some sleep.  G'night!! 

*Truthfully I know I lost most of that WALKING all over God's gorgeous creation called Rome, Italy, for 5 days.  Starting to faithfully take my ACE has helped no doubt by keeping me from wanting to snack in the evenings.  See 'Want the Skinny?' link above. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Whoa!! I neglect my blog for a few months and come back to shiny new nifty format change!! Nice! I only hope these changes are somehow related to a merge of Blogger into Google+ (please?? maybe??) That would be SWEET!!  I partially blame Google+ for my absence here...ok well moving, school starting, vacation in sunny Myrtle Be@ch MAY have had SOMEthing to do with it....ah hem.  BUT I have enjoyed the Google+ versatility of totally public to simply private posting- I've used it in the place of Twitter, FB, blogging and even down to personal messages (email in a sense) to individual friends. LOVE IT!!  Finally it's out of invite-only use and into beta so anyone can jump in and join.

A wrap-up of the last few months:
-I'm moved and ecstatically happy with my Knight in Shining Armor...words cannot explain!  
-School is underway. Monster Man is still alive. heh.
- Twentieth HS reunion in the books. 20 years??? Seriously?? Ugh. Lots of fun, but man I feel OLD. 
-Trip to the beach was FREAKING AWESOME- got lots of sun, sand and 1200 pics to go    through.  Sad I am losing my tan already...sniffle. 
-More fun to come!!

I disappear for a few months again, look for me on Google+

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the thick of it

Winding down to the last few weeks before the move with sorting, cleaning, tossing in full force. A little bit of packing in there for good measure, but HOLY COW my house looks like a bomb went off leaving paper, box, grocery bag, clothes and toy shrapnel as far as the eye can see!!   The kids are with their dad for about 10 days- so time to sort through kid things and ditch/sell what I can (and no dear daughter if you read this, I don't mean YOUR stuff so relax baby girl).  I did get several things from Monster Man's room moved over the weekend- bed, some closet things/clothes, a bookshelf, several bins of toys, etc.  That helped, but now I need to tackle the toy box, another bookshelf, weed through books & toys he's outgrown, etc.   I don't really want to think about it!!

Of course in the midst of all this time when I should be kicking ass and loading boxes, my ADD and procrastination get the better of me so what did I spend the morning doing???  Giving the dogs a twice because she rolled in the dirt, REALLY rolled and made mud...hosed off the porch and front of the house, hosed down/cleaned the cushions on the swing then set them out to dry, hosed down the swing shade cover. Did these things really NEED done right now, no. They were dirty but not desperate, but it was nice outside!  :-)   Last night I compared Crocs clearance sales online with what Croc deals I could find on ebay.  Lost about 90 minutes on that adventure.   Last week when I spent a day cleaning up and re-arranging the motorcycles in the garage- it did give me more space, but did it help with sorting/packing/ moving???  

Sir Knight is heading this way to help and of course all I want to do is straighten the house from this wretched state...hmmm, at least there is a reason for the house being in shambles.  Even so, it makes me insane to have the house a wreck.   SO-- I'm going to crank the tunes (sorry neighbors!) for the next 7 hours and get busy!   Things to dig out of the basement, a boy's room to work on, clothes to sort and at bare minimum I need to vac the house and clean the kitchen.  I'll have to hit a shower somewhere eventually...PHEW- I reek already!  I'll be utterly disgusting by the time I get done diving around the basement crawlspace in the 'kitty' domain. I'm going up there armed with a vacuum and a BIG LIGHT. ;-) I don't mind critters, but I don't want them spookin' me!  My cats have boycotted hunting for years... too much effort.

Speaking of getting distracted, I need to get back to shampooing the small couch..I think the foam spot cleaner has soaked long enough.  BTW- I love, love, LOVE my Hoover carpet shampooer- it kicks serious butt cleaning furniture!!

Have an awesome HUMP day everyone! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's review...

I guess a recap is in order for the first half of 2011 as I've only blogged a handful of times in the past six months. Sad.  I've wanted to...I think about it...never get to it!! BUSY BUSY!! 

So over the last few months:

February-  My girl turned 12.  Can I be sick now?? I mean pre-teen...this ought to be a good time! Thankfully she's a pretty level-headed girl. Now if we can just rein in the crying and sudden mouth she's discovered. Somewhere in the last few months she's shot up about 4 inches...

April- Easter.  Started the holiday with Great Aunt Anne, who was as excited over the kid's baskets as they were. Spent the afternoon with Knight In Shining Armor's sister and family and had a GREAT day!!  There was awesome food, kids all over playing and everyone catching up. Sister set up an egg hunt for the kids; even the older ones had fun!  The day went by too quickly!

Early May:  Dissolution/divorce final. The day was actually pretty tough- the finality of it, courthouse, the papers. The wow this really isn't happening but it is.  I'd fought so hard for years NOT to get to that point. Not regretting it at all- just whew. Wow.    I understand better NOW that God had different plans and apparently He had been trying to clue me in for years, but I just didn't hear it.  Well, guess what God?   I'm LISTENING NOW!!! :-)   Moving on!! So excited and happy, I might spontaneously combust!! If you see me bouncing around, stand clear!! She could blow at any given moment and it won't be purty! Gearing up for a move back to my hometown this summer and not waste a single minute of this life with my guy and the kids!!  Excited to be closer to family and get a little warmer too!!  heheh.  :-)

Memorial Weekend-  Smokey Mountains- woohoo!!  Knight in Shining Armor took us to Gatlinburg for a long weekend, and it was a GORGEOUS one...well, after the tornadoes, golf-ball+ size hail beating the truck and sideways blinding torrential downpours GETTING there...THEN it was gorgeous!  Add to that mix Monster Man complaining and whining most of the trip, then getting giddy over the hail,  "Look at THAT big one!! That one's HUGE!" and cracking up hysterically. You could sense the blood pressure rising in the front seats imagining the dents those HUGE hail chunks were probably leaving.  Thankfully only a few small dents- it sounded & could have been much worse.
After we get to the hotel and the rain/hail slows, I step out by the lobby, "No, I don't need an umbrella, it's just a few steps..." where I proceed to blow out a flip flop, fall down knees, to hip, hands to elbows and the side of my head on the pavement just as the a freaking downpour resumes...SHIT!!  Right in front of the front bumper I go down.  Soaked to the skin, knees busted, palms red and ripped I get up and limp my way over to lobby overhang out of the rain and Knight looks at me with a 'what happened to you?' glance..."How did you get THAT wet??"
"You didn't see that?!"
"See what??"
"That I fell."
Laugh. "No, seriously?!"
"Yes, I just busted my arse in the pouring rain and broke my flip flop!" as I start laughing and shaking because I'm soaked to the bone. Just as I'd stepped out, the kids were asking questions and he turned to answer so none of them saw me fall. Thankfully he put the car in park as said he thought I'd disappeared awful quickly, he might have moved the truck!!  Left knee and right palm sustained the most damage...and I quickly learned that I favor the left knee when crawling into bed, to sit, to lean on a bench- left knee first. Took me about 10 times of screaming in pain to realize it and consciously use my right leg.  Fun times.
  Did you know Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have about 89 Mini Golf places, 370 fudge shops, and about 100 air soft gun & knife places??  No??  Well, they do.   And Monster Man wanted to hit every single mini golf...ugh.  BONUS- all the fudge shops give free samples--WOOHOO!!  Maybe they figure you will pass out doing so much mini golf that you need the sugar to make it the rest of the day!
If you plan traveling there with kids, I highly recommend Ober Gatlinburg all day pass- WORTH it!! Great time!

Into June:   Finally, FINALLY finished up school work! PHEW!  Hard to imagine I will have a 7th and 3rd grader come fall. AACCKKK!!
   Dance rehearsals and recital done. Very sad as this will be our last year with our awesome Starmaker family.  We have so enjoyed dancing the last five years; it will be tough to leave such great kids and good friends. I can't think about it...  Monster Man is convinced that we can drive 2-1/2 hours four days a week to continue dancing at this studio...HA! He either needs a job or learn to teleport!!

Hope your last few months have been just as fun and exciting!!  Have an awesome summer!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in Bargain Mode!

Look at my CVS haul for today!
Not as great as could have been, had I done this Sunday before my Purex coupons expired and the Off! Reppellant disappeared or I'd had a wayyy bigger pile!   Anywhoo...I spent under $70 on this AND three items-  Sonicare toothbrush heads @ $26 and 2 hair color, $10 & $12 make up most of that.  The cheapest I've found the Sonicare are Wally Hell for $25...that's IF they are on the shelf and I'd waste more than $2 in gas, not to mention 30 levels of aggravation finding out! 
In this trip I had some B1G1 coupons and free coupons (hair color) to go along with some good B1G1 sales.  So I basically ~paid~ for the items on the left and got everything on the right for F-R-double-E  FREE!   Plus 3 Fuze drinks not pictured & the card was $5 (moves,sings).
So not the best CVS trip I've ever done, but I'm happy!  Less than $70 for over $150 worth...I'll take it!
Yesterday, three bags of items at T@rget for $28 including 2 face washes, 3 cereals, coffee, etc...woohoo!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring...yeah, woot. woot.

That is the opinion of my sinuses, nose and throat right now as I choke down Zyrt@c and Sud@fed while shoving Vicks up my nose so I can breathe and try not to drown in my own gunk, i.e. my body fighting the coming of Spring.  And we had snow flurries yesterday morning. Nice.

The kids are with their dad for an extended weekend, and thank goodness for that as I've accomplished no more than plow my way through 4000 kleenex, drink enough hot tea and coffee to sink an aircraft carrier and pee 50 gazillion times...and sleep. I've slept more in the last three days than I have in a month. This getting older and sick crap is for the birds!

Things are going well with my Knight in Shining Armor (I keep thinking I need to give him an abbreviation or acronym, but he deserves the whole title...suck it, haters) and I despise feeling like garbage with allergies and sinus crap when I'm honestly on Cloud9 most of the time.  Feeling sick makes me grouchy...if you couldn't tell by the above!  Once in a while a gust of wind from the court dealing with bankruptcy or dissolution will knock me in the gut, but I think that is more of a whole life outlook kick in the gut.  I mean, who plans on those things as your 'goal' in life??  Things were so NOT planned that way, and I hate it. It makes me sick.  On the other hand, I know those things brought me to where I am now- getting stronger, losing lots of emotional baggage, and enjoying a wonderful life with my soul mate and my kiddos.

I haven't blogged much as of late because I've been super freaking busy with school work, visiting out of town, beating my head against the wall with Monster Man and his lessons, taking the kids back and forth to their dad's and getting things pared down around here, staying up way too late, wasting wayyy too much time on FB and being overwhelmed buy this house - I have too much STUFF.  Stuff I've kept around me for years as love and memories of friends and family.  I have started spending more time with the friends and family, as I have always enjoyed doing, (with help of being loved by my Sir Knight) and weeding through to CHUCK the STUFF.

BTW- this summer is sure to be exciting!! I promise to update here more often, even if I have to do it with short posts via my phone!  Stay tuned!!

If you don't read VodkaMom, you should!      Link also over here--------->>>>
She's a hysterically funny teacher going through a tough situation, so some somber posts as of late, but browse through. Find out who Frank is, you'll love him!  Go read her awesome writing and make her feel better with some comment love,  k??  Thx.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I only need...

Life would be so much easier if you could measure it by the Tooth Fairy visits. 

While in a store last week, T-man voiced that he, 'Only needed $24' for a Lego set he wanted.  Then he informed us, 'So I only need to lose 23 more teeth!!'  B quickly retorted with, 'But you only have 22 teeth in your head...' 

Oy vey.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog...I have a blog??

Oh yeah, whoops...I guess I do!  A seriously neglected one.  Knock! Knock! Is this thing on?? Does it still work??

Been an extremely busy few months, some highlights:

The pile of dissolution paperwork to end my former marriage is done and been filed...waiting...waiting. 

Been trying to sort through and de-clutter this house. I SOOO need to jump back on the FlyLady wagon.  This house definitely shows my last several years of being 'lost.' 

The kids have been spending the weekends with their dad/Mr. F, having a blast in the snow (more than here) but I think they are getting tired of the packing and the trips. We'll see how long that lasts.

Surprisingly I've been keeping up with my workouts either on the elliptical, tap, walking the dogs or exhuasting myself with Just Dance2 on the Wii. The kids love it, but WHEW- what a work out!  I do feel better... now if I could lose more than 5 pounds in 3 months, I'd be ecstatic!!

Monster Man's front teeth he lost before Halloween are FINALLY coming in.  Yes, we're a slow bunch.

Two snowstorms in one week- over a foot of snow- need I say more??  Blech.

The critters are all still kicking- Momma Rabbit included. Puppy is 110 pounds; she towers over Lucy...and the kids. Big dopey puppy, we just love her! 

B's progressing toward teen years not only with her recent 12th birthday but also accompanying little random tiffs of attitude. Yay. Joy.

Dance is going well- everyone excited working on really fun recital routines, me included. This year is going to rock!! 

Monster Man continues to try my patience. He's become extremely negative lately.  The words lame, dumb, stupid and hate are furthermore BANNED!  Also constantly asking for things, wanting to go buy things/a toy every time we go out...which he does NOT get and never has so WHY now??  Is this an almost 8-yr-old phase thing?? A boy thing?  A this kid needs all possessions taken away to live a 'boring life' for a while thing??  I'm about to wits' end.

School- well, I believe I've slacked enough to barely get Pathetic Parent of the Year award for this year, but we're getting it done nonetheless. Ugh.  Trying to step it up a couple notches to finish the year out with a BANG!

My Knight in Shining Armor has been exactly that- all-around amazing, wonderful with the kids, talks to me and WITH me (let me stress how AWESOME that is!!!), makes my heart do flip flops and is completely spoiling me with attention.  If I'm dreaming, don't wake me!!  I am definitely NOT use to anyone fussing over me, but I'm liking it!!  Wow. Just wow.  The clam-up, shut-down, can't get my thoughts/feelings/opinions out problem I've had for the past two decades apparently doesn't exist in this relationship. Perhaps being with the right person does the trick!  I'm comfortable enough to let about anything in my head fly whether I think he'll agree or not...I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out a way to get me to shut up! ;-)  I've known him nearly as long as I've known the soon-to-be ex, but there's always been the whole other level of connection and understanding, even years ago working together....and it never CLICKED in my head why or that it meant anything. To me an amazing friend, a big brother I never had-  I chalked the connection & understanding up to that. I never thought he'd even THINK of the possibility of 'us' and he'd never mentioned it out of respect for the relationship I was in.  If he even hinted I was totally blind/naive to catch it. And heck no, I'd never mentioned he was the absolute perfect guy, an awesome catch for some girl who really deserved him - why? because he might think I was crazy for thinking of him that way!!  So keeping in touch as friends over the years was the best I could do, and that's what we'd done.  Now 16, 17 or so years later, all those little things from the past start to click into place and make sense...whoa, seriously?!  We are just deliriously happy!!  Even if it did take years to get together, everything happens for a reason so I don't see those years as time wasted at all- I have to believe that God wanted us to live through other situations first, see if we still had that connection, maybe to be sure?? who knows??  I wouldn't have my B and Monster Man; he wouldn't have done the traveling he wanted to.  That time certainly not 'lost' by any means, just time to get to where we are now.    Have I mentioned the man has patience beyond Job??  Without a doubt!   He's more than earned his halo. I know he has a guardian angel up there- I sure hope she's pleased with all this. I'm definitely very thankful for him!   I'm just hoping he doesn't come to his senses and start running for the hills!! ;-)
--yes, the Knight in Shining Armor gets a humongous paragraph- he's certainly worth it!

That catches you up for the most part!  Back to craziness!! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's OK Tuesday!

And by God it's OK that:

I post when I'm happy and the kids have had a great day and are happy as well.  Not that the last two decades haven't had good times mixed in,  but I've dealt with enough crap and struggled in a hell hole of depression and horrid self-confidence that I am entitled to declaring 'I have had an absolutely fantabulous day and feel like a queen!!' once in a while.  If you don't like it, don't read it!! And don't kill my happy buzz by spreading that I'm slamming someone who would CERTAINLY deserve it...even though I'm not and I wouldn't!  I could go on about being in my shoes and all that jazz, but I won't.

My son is outside playing in the snow with his full-body, footie PJs under his snow clothes. I don't care. He's bundled. He's warm. He's out of my hair and burning energy!!

That I stick up for myself and what I KNOW to be true, even if that pisses off a someone related.

That I give the soon-to-be ex the option to stop at the house and do his laundry on days I will be gone and he has the kids.  No, I absolutely WILL NOT DO his laundry, but he can do it himself here and save the $$ and fuss of laundromat- why not??  These would be times I'm not home anyway, the kids can do things they want with friends here also.  Crazy offer maybe, but who cares?  Helps him and benefits kids which helps me!

I painted my nails blue with yellow stripes for the dance studio spirit week!!  WHEEEEEE!!!

There are upcoming plans to do something fun with the kids, and I can't wait!!  (SSSHHHH- secret, kids don't know of anything planned- will be total surprise!  ...yes, their dad knows and is ok with it )


Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Life!

So much has happened in the past month that I don't think I can get it all down!!  I have attempted to post but wasn't sure how/what to write.   One thing is certain, I DO need to get my previous post off the top of the list. THAT chapter is over and done with- my life is on the mend and emotions have done a total 180!! The kids can tell, my friends can mom has even noticed and said, 'It's about time!!' 

Come to find out, even when you think life is just going to have to suck and you know you need to start over, the fairy tale does exist.  Apparently I had a Knight in Shining Armor waiting to rescue me-  I knew he was there. I knew he would always be there- I just didn't realize that's what he was!   Funny part- after finding out about my wonderful Knight, my mother said again, 'It's ABOUT TIME he jumped in here!!'   Huh?? What??  Ok, my mom knew this,  and I've been clueless??  Hmmmm...ok!!  I'm still kind of in shock, on both counts, but I'm liking this feeling I've never experienced before. Unreal- that high school, giggly kind of over-the-moon, just WOW!    Occasionally we hear people talk about soul mates- the one person who is out there for YOU, just you- and often think there's no way- those people are crazy!   Spending near two decades with the same person- even if you love them- you convince yourself that time will help work towards that deeper status/connection, but if it's not can't make a soul mate no matter how hard you try.  I near lost myself trying.
But now??  Well, I must be one of those crazy fools because I know now my Knight is and always has been my soul mate...I just never realized it. I never had any idea he was the Knight for me...or was always there waiting.  I had no doubt he'd rescue someone, he's that kind of person...but me?? Never thought I was even on the same map :-D   Maybe the crazy part is I hadn't realized it sooner!! 

So 2011 has started off on a very bright note for me!! It's only going to get better- I know it!! I hope the same happiness for you!! 

-I'm sure after reading about my gripes and frustrations as of late, y'all are relieved to see something positive for a change!! Thanks for hanging in there with me. 
Love you guys!!