Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh, he is soooo TOAST

Monster Man is such a fitting name lately.  It's not helping that he's STILL off his meds for ADD because it's taken three months to get him into a new doctor. We had an appointment last week, which they cancelled on us when we arrived for the appointment, so to make a new appointment, we have to wait another week.  (said my cell number didn't work...really??  I gave them TWO, said they only take one and apparently they took that one down incorrectly. Nice.) So stick with them or try someone else new that will take a month to get in?!  I'd take a witch doctor at this point or an exorcist!!   Getting him through school work is like slowly getting your fingernails removed via your eyeballs.  Just torture. I keep thinking, it will get better. He really is trying, most of the time, but keeping him on task is just in.freaking.sane.  Add to it, lying, telling on his sister after pestering the CRAP out of her, acting a fool, not listening PERIOD and now cussing.  A new outlet to ensure I lose my sanity.  We've heard 'sh!t' slip a few times from him but what I just saw/heard on his iPod Touch from recording himself while he was supposed to be doing writing today--    well let's just say..

  Yeah, that. With some variations and additions. Nice. Ok, I'm guilty of saying 'Holy Sh!t' quite often, but I've rarely let the mother of all words fly in front of the kids.  I know he's a boy and kids go through those phases, but AAARRGGHHH!!!    
I do think it's comical that he caught himself on video and then SHOWED me the video, quickly realizing, 'Oh I meant to delete these' and taking it back. Well after viewing the whole recording, I know why! Hmmmm.  He'd previously had the iPod taken away for being glued to it and not listening because of being glued to it- he had to take it to Dad's place for two months- I was done fighting for his attention with an ipod that I didn't think he was old enough to have in the first place!!   Apparently I neglected to reset the school-time lock out doing a system reset a couple weeks ago because he locked himself out of the ipod.... I can only assume trying to hide other videos, swearing, torturing his sister and Lord knows what else.

In about 5 hours, he'll learn what soap tastes like.

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