Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring...yeah, woot. woot.

That is the opinion of my sinuses, nose and throat right now as I choke down Zyrt@c and Sud@fed while shoving Vicks up my nose so I can breathe and try not to drown in my own gunk, i.e. my body fighting the coming of Spring.  And we had snow flurries yesterday morning. Nice.

The kids are with their dad for an extended weekend, and thank goodness for that as I've accomplished no more than plow my way through 4000 kleenex, drink enough hot tea and coffee to sink an aircraft carrier and pee 50 gazillion times...and sleep. I've slept more in the last three days than I have in a month. This getting older and sick crap is for the birds!

Things are going well with my Knight in Shining Armor (I keep thinking I need to give him an abbreviation or acronym, but he deserves the whole title...suck it, haters) and I despise feeling like garbage with allergies and sinus crap when I'm honestly on Cloud9 most of the time.  Feeling sick makes me grouchy...if you couldn't tell by the above!  Once in a while a gust of wind from the court dealing with bankruptcy or dissolution will knock me in the gut, but I think that is more of a whole life outlook kick in the gut.  I mean, who plans on those things as your 'goal' in life??  Things were so NOT planned that way, and I hate it. It makes me sick.  On the other hand, I know those things brought me to where I am now- getting stronger, losing lots of emotional baggage, and enjoying a wonderful life with my soul mate and my kiddos.

I haven't blogged much as of late because I've been super freaking busy with school work, visiting out of town, beating my head against the wall with Monster Man and his lessons, taking the kids back and forth to their dad's and getting things pared down around here, staying up way too late, wasting wayyy too much time on FB and being overwhelmed buy this house - I have too much STUFF.  Stuff I've kept around me for years as love and memories of friends and family.  I have started spending more time with the friends and family, as I have always enjoyed doing, (with help of being loved by my Sir Knight) and weeding through to CHUCK the STUFF.

BTW- this summer is sure to be exciting!! I promise to update here more often, even if I have to do it with short posts via my phone!  Stay tuned!!

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