Wednesday, August 14, 2013

G@@gle+ anyone??

Signal the grim reaper... I think I may move the blog type posts to G+. Anyone else over there in G+ land?? I hate to lose all THREE of you loyal readers but my frequency on FB and occasional G+ photo posts are killing this page.   Whadda ya think??

Also, any of you with access to First Class Ticket- I could private post to you through G+ instead of  Blogger-  yay? Nay?

Oh and I have a new Google name/address to reflect I don't sell jewelry anymore. While we're on the subject of changing things up you want me to give you that as well??  MUAHAHAHAHA!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April, please don't shower!

March was brutal enough with sickness, frigid temps, death in the family, too much rain, and so on. If you could stay slightly sunny, Miss April, that would be wonderful!  We've had enough gloom for a loooooong while!

Things picking up around here with 4H in gear, school winding down, days getting longer (FINALLY) so I thought I'd just post a funny.  The kids helped me work on coloring eggs last week for Easter as they always do.

We tried a new approach with the shaving cream-

Save yourself the hassle- yeah it's cool to work with and doesn't splash BUT it doesn't color well and takes for-freaking-ever!!  Skip it, I'll deal with vinegar stench next year. now it's Monday, Easter has gone by.  I grab one of the colored eggs for a quick lunch... smack the sucker on the counter to start cracking it to peel and it more does more of a TWHUMP than a crack. WTH??  Before I can smack it again, I peek in and it's raw.  Ok, double WTH??  Someone hand me a skillet, like QUICKly!   I guess I'll just cook an egg instead of eating a boiled one, but that doesn't explain how a colored egg because uncooked.
  Miss B gets a smile on her face and says, 'Well I guess I did get an April Fools on you!  When we were coloring eggs I wanted to do one more so I just grabbed one from the fridge.'   Seriously??        

Thuds. head. against. wall.  
God, I love that girl!

The shell in my hand is pastel purple, but it's very light.  Another negative for the shaving cream coloring approach.   Thank goodness for great quality farm fresh eggs- those shells are tough- or that egg would have probably been a mess all over the whole pile of colored eggs.