Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where have the years gone?

My baby turned 9 years old today. I don't know how...her first giggles, first tooth, first rides on Grandma's horse, first days of K-5 (on a bus ride no less), first motorcycle ride, she and I having "girlie nights" of nail polish and popcorn while Mr. FixIt traveled for weeks on end, and her first garden all feel as if they happened only a few days ago. Where in the world did that time go? Man, does that make me feel old to think in a few years I'll have a teenager! YIKES! Though she's a true Drama Princess now, so I can only imagine what the teenage years will have in store for us. Ugh. Though she really is a good kid, doesn't fuss to do school work, generally thinks of other people before herself so we're lucky in that respect. She requested dinner out (woohoo! No cooking and no Chuck E Che*se hell!) so we asked for a back room and met grandparents, one of my sisters, cousins, great-grandparents, etc. Most of the kids had stuffy noses, including the birthday girl, from this crazy weather, but they all had a good time and the older than 9 crowd were able to chat and catch up a little bit also. Monster man is already planning his birthday...which isn't until the end of July. :-D

February is just chock full of celebration for our family. Several birthdays for uncles, grandma, and cousins on both sides of the family. Also, tomorrow is our anniversary, so with that, B's Bday, Valentine's day and my birthday, Mr. FixIt usually refers to February as "his poor month" lol. He always knows the date of our anniversary, which was easy to remember after B was born, since the date is the day after, but he has to use a cue for the number of years...B's age+5. Holy cow! 14 years?? And we dated for 2 years before that...where has the time gone??