Sunday, August 24, 2008

Round up

Today I get to pack up all our assorted crap strewn from one end of my mom's house to the other and head out of Dodge. Yup, I'm going home. I don't mind the drive at all. I like driving long distance probably because it's the only time, other than cleaning the house, I get to listen to MY music! I do hate the packing up and all that jazz. Ugh. Really I only have to gather the clothes and most of those are washed. A majority of the bathroom items, we leave here. Toys, computers, barn stuff, etc will need gathered. I despise dragging all this crap to the truck then dragging it back out at home and putting it all away...or pulling it all at least inside the garage door to see if it will magically put away by itself! :-D I did better last trip, I unpacked my suitcase as SOON as I got it upstairs and wow did that make me feel better! I need to get out of here at decent time so I can get home before late and hopefully have an inkling of desire to attempt to put that stuff away. Miss B does really well getting her things away, though she does keep her room pretty clean. Tyler does ok, but I still help him. If I take the clothes from his bag and stack them folded he can put it away just like laundry nights, so he's good at that part. The toys and odds-n-ends junk in my truck is usually a problem. No one wants to drag it back out at home, no one HAS to because most of it is not necessity items. I just fuss until they finally get it all drug back to the house. I hate my vehicle being junked up with "stuff" but it has been that way more often than not lately. Oh- just thought mom's saddle and bridle are in the back of my truck too, guess I should get those out and leave here! Ha!

The kidlets are still sound asleep. Dad is still snoring in the other room. I assume that means we are not going to Mass, but I am up and dressed for it! Figures. I know Dad will at least want to go to breakfast somewhere; I'd like to at least take him to breakfast. I hate to leave on his only day off since we've been here and not spend the day with him, but we will be seeing him for his vacation trip...coming up soon!

Ok, make that one kidlet still asleep. Monster Man is on the prowl!
I'm outta here!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gettin' old sucks

I feel like an old worn out mule with a bum knee and a bad hoof. My back aches (Auntie Flo is visiting and she loves to make me re-live back labor as much as she can), my knee that I stretched out a month ago is aching. One heel feels like I'm walking on spikes driving them into my bones. Yes, I have done this to myself. I've been at the barn a lot this week.

Those are mom's horses, Reefer aka Reefie and Goliath. Goliath is the little guy. Being at the barn isn't all play either.

You're right it does look like play. (Reefie doesn't look too thrilled in that pic.) Truth, I'd rather work hard and get filthy at the barn than fold one small load of laundry. :-D At present, grass needs cut or "ripped" and gathered for a few horses that aren't allowed to pasture right now. It's hot out so everyone needs water buckets topped off or cleaned out and refilled quite often, at least daily. The owner cleans stalls on Fridays with a Bobcat so we didn't have to muck any by hand, though I really don't mind that job. A clean, fresh stall always looks much better after you've sweat your ass off and thrown out your back removing a couple hundred pounds of poo. A few trips up the side of the very rocky steep hill/mountain to fetch horses and back the last couple days have taken their toll on my knee (slipped playing ball with kids). Riding a bit yesterday finished it off. Walking Miss B around and around through the thick sand/fine dirt of the arena...
and around some more while she rode just worked the back and knee pain into the numb stage. Numb at least until I got back to the house and had to deal with kids for showers, dinner, wrangle them to bed, and OMG am I sore this morning. If we lived closer and got to the barn every day, every week, I probably wouldn't hurt this bad, but it puts a bit of a crimp in the daily schedule getting to the barn regularly from four hours away. Unless I win the lottery...which would be difficult because I don't play...I won't have a horse of my own to keep nearby and worry about getting to a barn! So I guess I will just settle for pain on an every-few-month basis when I make the trek to mom's.

The part that stinks is pain doesn't disappear the next morning anymore or even the next DAY. It hangs around, sometimes for a week, just aching, reminding me "you're not getting any younger!" Mom said it just gets worse.

Oh joy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Parents, food & barn dust.

I've been MIA so far this week as I've been visiting my parents. As always there is a good bit of chaos and craziness, dad grumbling that I used his wax on my truck (hehe), daily trips to the barn to turn out and clean up horses and even a little riding when we can squeeze it in. Miss B and Monster Man both rode Goliath Tuesday by themselves. He was a little stinker and for a while didn't want to listen to the kids in charge, he wanted to follow Mom and I around like a puppy, but he got over it and they all did pretty well. New people are also at the barn with three horses so we were able to watch them have their turn in the field also, running and playing. Just beautiful! If I wasn't busy pampering and grooming, I could have sat out there and watched the horses run all evening. Getting filthy and sweaty at the barn makes me wish I was closer to here, I do miss working with the horses. I may hate snow, but I love grimy hands, slobbered on shoulders with dust covered boots and a beautiful horse to show for the filth buildup.

There are new kittens right now at the barn too. So CUTE! I told Mr. FixIt about them and he said he'd make "room" if I brought a couple home....meaning he'd boot out Jake & Elwood! Bastard. I really don't need kittens anyway, but I'm still keeping my eye out for a Saint Bernard or a Doberman! :-D

Of course, we have to go eat at Back Bay at least once. If you live anywhere near or ever get to Morgantown, West-by-God-Virginia, you HAVE to visit this awesome seafood place. Right now they are having Crab Fest, oh man my mouth is just watering thinking about the delicious crab etouffee...YUMMY! Deviled crab, shrimp and prime rib salad (you cannot imagine), blackened catfish and some times of year alligator tail. OMG. Just awesome. Of course dad eats there often enough that he is probably single-handedly financing the owner's retirement fund. :-D

Ok, I need to get ChaCha-ing so I might have enough money to at least contribute the tip! Back Bay, here we come!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's official!

I'm a ChaCha Guide!

I really think this will be fun, maybe a tad stressful, since you are under a time clock to answer each question, but fun nonetheless. I love looking up stuff, might as well get paid for it. Mon has already called me, "Are you near your computer?" just because of that post. Ha ha. Funny girl. Mr. FixIt keeps buzzing around the house saying, "cha cha-CHA!" Nerd.

Anywho, I need to get my arse in gear so I can get a few hours of work done answering questions of the masses while the kids are occupied with a movie. They are watching "The Mask" with Jim Carrey for the 387th time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hey! You!

Yeah, you!

My dear readers....all three of you!

Peek over here. Then feel free to come back and visit if you like!

Just watch out for the lady at the ticket booth...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes, I'm slack

And my reason for being so is a house that's a wreck, I finally, FINALLY am making progress on the Pit, Aunt Flo is on her way, I've been studying ChaCha procedures information, and the last but not least excuse is...



the wonderful people over there ---->>

They are keeping me too entertained!!
I haven't had time to blog trying to keep up! Hehehe!!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are you near your computer?

This is a regular phone greeting I receive all, I mean ALL, the time. My middle sister calls no less than five times per day and at least one of those times I don't even get a "hello" I hear, "Are you near your computer?" or "Is your computer on?" Yes and yes, of course! Not only my sister but my mom, dad, grandma, other sister (when she actually calls me once in a blue moon), friends, even my brother-in-law and Mr. FixIt call me regularly when in need of a phone numbers, addresses, weather, "Does Lowe's carry _______?" or "What time does Kohl's open in Parkersburg?" My sister calls me with, "I'm in _______ (pick a city) and need a Starbucks-STAT!" :-D This spring she was in Arizona and wanted to try a hot air balloon ride- but she was in a hotel with no phone book and no computer. So she called me to look up possible sites and cost. (Which she ditched BTW because it's really expensive!) Of course I'm usually home, always online on one computer or another, and love to dig for information anyway so I get a kick out of finding their requests quickly. Honestly, finding phone numbers or getting Mapquest directions takes about 2 seconds, kind of a challenge. Serious info-junkie here. I love to look up all kinds of stuff. IMDB cures my movie trivia jones quite often!

Now imagine my interest when a fellow mom on the school yahoo group mentioned she does work for ChaCha, an information search company that people access from their mobile phones by either call or text. So I checked out the company's website and found that when people are out and about and they need information or have a question, they can call/text ChaCha their question from any mobile phone and a ChaCha search guide (real person) looks up what they need and texts that info right back. How freakin' cool!! I can do that! I basically have done this for years, but by voice instead of texting...since texting messages to my family would require they all learn how to use the text function on their phones--ha. So I dug deeper into this company information and found out that you do have to takes skills tests and a typing test to apply to train to be a guide. Then after training and you become a guide (the person who researches and sends answers) then you are paid by the number of answers/searches you complete. Whoa-hold up... this service I've been providing for years to my family is actually a job?? A job that I can work when/if/how much or how little a week I want?? Holy sheet batman!! Sign me UP! As I still await paychecks from work I completed MONTHS ago and transcription work opportunities continue to slither down the toilet with cheap (read- crappy, scary, can we say liability??) offshore companies, a work opportunity supporting my helpful info-junkie habit sounds great!! Yeeeehaaawww!!! I'll still be using my transcription and education skills, but in yet another light. That and I could use some gas money. Truth though- I did volunteer to cut back on work this summer because I was about to lose my mind and knew that schooling both kids soon with that former volume of work day in and day out, carrying over and piling up for weeks on end was just not going to cut it. Bring out the straight jackets and padded walls...that's where I was headed. But this service??? I think is doable because you can work when you want. If I only have an hour or two hours I can devote to work in a morning, that's what I'll do. If I can get back on and work another hour later, I will. The bonus is, when I need to attend to something else- kids, dinner, laundry, loose rabbits, dance class, 12 inches of snow that needs shoveled, etc, I can stop right there without the stress of killing myself to get back to that six-hour pile of work that SHOULD be done in the next two hours. Truth also- I really enjoy my MT work will continue one small, very low volume account that I do through a service. I mean small account of only one or two jobs a week, not a problem.

So guess what I'm going to do today?? As I sit here on the swing, in the sun, enjoying the weather, I'm going to go back to the ChaCha site, read over all the information again to double-check there aren't any hidden trap doors or red flags then I'll send my application and see what happens. Hopefully they'll email me back with an invitation to take their tests. Research skills and typing tests?? Yeah I think I should be able to handle those ~wink, wink~
Will keep you posted!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wagon's long gone

Apparently I fell so far off the blogging wagon that I can't even see the tracks! Been one of those weeks I guess. I'll try to catch up:

- Days are getting cooler already- I'm wearing a sweater right now on the swing.

- Drag racing Night Under Fire last weekend was a BLAST! Miss B was able to get John Force's autograph again, this time on the back of her shirt, as well as Ashley Force and Jill (last name escapes me) who drives one of the jet cars- very cool! Pics are on the other computer so I'll post some later!

- Kids are stoked for school stuff to arrive. Poor UPS man won't have a chance when he hits this driveway! :-D

-I'm running out of weeks to go visit the parents in WV. I really want to go, though wish I could without the hassle. Would be nice if I was just a bit closer, even an hour away would be do-able, so we could go visit for the day or even back and forth a few days in a row and not have to pack/drag/unpack/repack...ugh. We've traveled so much and such long distance over the years, I'm about done with that fuss. Also, none of us sleep very well out of our own beds. I need to talk mom into Sleep Number beds for the guest room/beds! Kids are making me crazy to go visit but with school and fall dance about to start, I'm just about out of time.

-Garden is flourishing! Tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen. I may have to dig out a homemade spaghetti sauce recipe because even though I could eat tomatoes every day, I don't think I'll put a dent in these! Also cukes out the wazoo!! I need to drag out the big pot and find my jars, might have to go raid some from Grandma, so I can get some pickles made. Pickles anyone? slices or spears??

-We have shrews. Lovely little critters. We knew they were here as Ben caught and killed 5 or 6 last spring, but we hadn't seen any since late fall last year...when the leaves started moving in quick bursts of short lines here and there and I though I was seeing things. We've also seen them make runs under the snow, and you watch their pipeline tunnel move as they travel. Kind of neat actually but I'd prefer them dead. If they weren't so vicious, evil little beings that bite I wouldn't mind, but they also reproduce several times a year, one article said up to aprx 80 shrews can be sustained per acre of land before they start killing and eating each other. Nice.

-The bookmobile just pulled up the next street over which is my cue to get off my arse! We have books to return, and the kids are going to leave without me! :-D

I'll try to keep up better and post some pics soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August already?!

Can't be!! I was just starting to enjoy summer!! Dangit! I'm gonna stomp my foot and pout my lip until it's the fourth of July all over again...

It's not working.

Crud. That sucks. Figures. The only time of year I enjoy and it's near over like THAT.

Oh well. Guess I have to make the best of these last few weeks before school starts, fall dance starts, and the weather gets really chilly. I'm going to miss my mornings in the front yard swing with sunshine glaring down at me.

Guess this means I am down to the wire for cleaning the Pit of Shit. I did finally sort the school shelves from last year -old papers to be tossed, books boxed up to be returned, cleared out shelves for new school stuff that should arrive this/next week. So the school section of the room is looking better, but my desk, files, bills...assorted crap...HA! I have managed to fill one huge trash bag of assorted papers and one huge trash can of shredded stuff. So far I manged to admit-

I keep too much stuff.
I have printed hard copies of receipts, schedules, reminders and other info that I never really need a paper copy of! I do recycle printed pages and use the backs, but I've still probably killed an entire forest.
I need to shred more and file less.
I need to make a scheduled time twice a week to deal with receipts, papers, bills and assorted things (like I use to when I was teaching) and STICK to IT so I don't have to dig myself out of this mess ever, EVER again!