Thursday, August 21, 2008

Parents, food & barn dust.

I've been MIA so far this week as I've been visiting my parents. As always there is a good bit of chaos and craziness, dad grumbling that I used his wax on my truck (hehe), daily trips to the barn to turn out and clean up horses and even a little riding when we can squeeze it in. Miss B and Monster Man both rode Goliath Tuesday by themselves. He was a little stinker and for a while didn't want to listen to the kids in charge, he wanted to follow Mom and I around like a puppy, but he got over it and they all did pretty well. New people are also at the barn with three horses so we were able to watch them have their turn in the field also, running and playing. Just beautiful! If I wasn't busy pampering and grooming, I could have sat out there and watched the horses run all evening. Getting filthy and sweaty at the barn makes me wish I was closer to here, I do miss working with the horses. I may hate snow, but I love grimy hands, slobbered on shoulders with dust covered boots and a beautiful horse to show for the filth buildup.

There are new kittens right now at the barn too. So CUTE! I told Mr. FixIt about them and he said he'd make "room" if I brought a couple home....meaning he'd boot out Jake & Elwood! Bastard. I really don't need kittens anyway, but I'm still keeping my eye out for a Saint Bernard or a Doberman! :-D

Of course, we have to go eat at Back Bay at least once. If you live anywhere near or ever get to Morgantown, West-by-God-Virginia, you HAVE to visit this awesome seafood place. Right now they are having Crab Fest, oh man my mouth is just watering thinking about the delicious crab etouffee...YUMMY! Deviled crab, shrimp and prime rib salad (you cannot imagine), blackened catfish and some times of year alligator tail. OMG. Just awesome. Of course dad eats there often enough that he is probably single-handedly financing the owner's retirement fund. :-D

Ok, I need to get ChaCha-ing so I might have enough money to at least contribute the tip! Back Bay, here we come!

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  1. Clear a spot in the barn for me...back to school is KILLING ME!


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