Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August already?!

Can't be!! I was just starting to enjoy summer!! Dangit! I'm gonna stomp my foot and pout my lip until it's the fourth of July all over again...

It's not working.

Crud. That sucks. Figures. The only time of year I enjoy and it's near over like THAT.

Oh well. Guess I have to make the best of these last few weeks before school starts, fall dance starts, and the weather gets really chilly. I'm going to miss my mornings in the front yard swing with sunshine glaring down at me.

Guess this means I am down to the wire for cleaning the Pit of Shit. I did finally sort the school shelves from last year -old papers to be tossed, books boxed up to be returned, cleared out shelves for new school stuff that should arrive this/next week. So the school section of the room is looking better, but my desk, files, bills...assorted crap...HA! I have managed to fill one huge trash bag of assorted papers and one huge trash can of shredded stuff. So far I manged to admit-

I keep too much stuff.
I have printed hard copies of receipts, schedules, reminders and other info that I never really need a paper copy of! I do recycle printed pages and use the backs, but I've still probably killed an entire forest.
I need to shred more and file less.
I need to make a scheduled time twice a week to deal with receipts, papers, bills and assorted things (like I use to when I was teaching) and STICK to IT so I don't have to dig myself out of this mess ever, EVER again!


  1. Even after admitting all that, Ang...you're still more organized than I am.



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