Friday, August 8, 2008

Wagon's long gone

Apparently I fell so far off the blogging wagon that I can't even see the tracks! Been one of those weeks I guess. I'll try to catch up:

- Days are getting cooler already- I'm wearing a sweater right now on the swing.

- Drag racing Night Under Fire last weekend was a BLAST! Miss B was able to get John Force's autograph again, this time on the back of her shirt, as well as Ashley Force and Jill (last name escapes me) who drives one of the jet cars- very cool! Pics are on the other computer so I'll post some later!

- Kids are stoked for school stuff to arrive. Poor UPS man won't have a chance when he hits this driveway! :-D

-I'm running out of weeks to go visit the parents in WV. I really want to go, though wish I could without the hassle. Would be nice if I was just a bit closer, even an hour away would be do-able, so we could go visit for the day or even back and forth a few days in a row and not have to pack/drag/unpack/repack...ugh. We've traveled so much and such long distance over the years, I'm about done with that fuss. Also, none of us sleep very well out of our own beds. I need to talk mom into Sleep Number beds for the guest room/beds! Kids are making me crazy to go visit but with school and fall dance about to start, I'm just about out of time.

-Garden is flourishing! Tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen. I may have to dig out a homemade spaghetti sauce recipe because even though I could eat tomatoes every day, I don't think I'll put a dent in these! Also cukes out the wazoo!! I need to drag out the big pot and find my jars, might have to go raid some from Grandma, so I can get some pickles made. Pickles anyone? slices or spears??

-We have shrews. Lovely little critters. We knew they were here as Ben caught and killed 5 or 6 last spring, but we hadn't seen any since late fall last year...when the leaves started moving in quick bursts of short lines here and there and I though I was seeing things. We've also seen them make runs under the snow, and you watch their pipeline tunnel move as they travel. Kind of neat actually but I'd prefer them dead. If they weren't so vicious, evil little beings that bite I wouldn't mind, but they also reproduce several times a year, one article said up to aprx 80 shrews can be sustained per acre of land before they start killing and eating each other. Nice.

-The bookmobile just pulled up the next street over which is my cue to get off my arse! We have books to return, and the kids are going to leave without me! :-D

I'll try to keep up better and post some pics soon!


  1. If I wasn't in an air conditioned office all day I'm sure I'd be looking forward to the cool weather. I'm always cold at work & look forward to the warmth outside. lol

  2. 'Bout damn time you blogged, SLACKER! I'm up at 5:30 these days and working full-time again and I have still managed to post a couple blogs! :-) Just kidding...I like my pickles fried slices, but only the crinkly slices! Don't forget the salsa ranch with them!

    And sorry about the cooler temps. You get tired of them, come on out will be 100 degrees here until about December!


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