Sunday, August 24, 2008

Round up

Today I get to pack up all our assorted crap strewn from one end of my mom's house to the other and head out of Dodge. Yup, I'm going home. I don't mind the drive at all. I like driving long distance probably because it's the only time, other than cleaning the house, I get to listen to MY music! I do hate the packing up and all that jazz. Ugh. Really I only have to gather the clothes and most of those are washed. A majority of the bathroom items, we leave here. Toys, computers, barn stuff, etc will need gathered. I despise dragging all this crap to the truck then dragging it back out at home and putting it all away...or pulling it all at least inside the garage door to see if it will magically put away by itself! :-D I did better last trip, I unpacked my suitcase as SOON as I got it upstairs and wow did that make me feel better! I need to get out of here at decent time so I can get home before late and hopefully have an inkling of desire to attempt to put that stuff away. Miss B does really well getting her things away, though she does keep her room pretty clean. Tyler does ok, but I still help him. If I take the clothes from his bag and stack them folded he can put it away just like laundry nights, so he's good at that part. The toys and odds-n-ends junk in my truck is usually a problem. No one wants to drag it back out at home, no one HAS to because most of it is not necessity items. I just fuss until they finally get it all drug back to the house. I hate my vehicle being junked up with "stuff" but it has been that way more often than not lately. Oh- just thought mom's saddle and bridle are in the back of my truck too, guess I should get those out and leave here! Ha!

The kidlets are still sound asleep. Dad is still snoring in the other room. I assume that means we are not going to Mass, but I am up and dressed for it! Figures. I know Dad will at least want to go to breakfast somewhere; I'd like to at least take him to breakfast. I hate to leave on his only day off since we've been here and not spend the day with him, but we will be seeing him for his vacation trip...coming up soon!

Ok, make that one kidlet still asleep. Monster Man is on the prowl!
I'm outta here!


  1. Be careful on the drive home, Ang!!

  2. Oh the joys of going out of town...with kids. lol Drive safely!


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