Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's OK Tuesday!

And by God it's OK that:

I post when I'm happy and the kids have had a great day and are happy as well.  Not that the last two decades haven't had good times mixed in,  but I've dealt with enough crap and struggled in a hell hole of depression and horrid self-confidence that I am entitled to declaring 'I have had an absolutely fantabulous day and feel like a queen!!' once in a while.  If you don't like it, don't read it!! And don't kill my happy buzz by spreading that I'm slamming someone who would CERTAINLY deserve it...even though I'm not and I wouldn't!  I could go on about being in my shoes and all that jazz, but I won't.

My son is outside playing in the snow with his full-body, footie PJs under his snow clothes. I don't care. He's bundled. He's warm. He's out of my hair and burning energy!!

That I stick up for myself and what I KNOW to be true, even if that pisses off a someone related.

That I give the soon-to-be ex the option to stop at the house and do his laundry on days I will be gone and he has the kids.  No, I absolutely WILL NOT DO his laundry, but he can do it himself here and save the $$ and fuss of laundromat- why not??  These would be times I'm not home anyway, the kids can do things they want with friends here also.  Crazy offer maybe, but who cares?  Helps him and benefits kids which helps me!

I painted my nails blue with yellow stripes for the dance studio spirit week!!  WHEEEEEE!!!

There are upcoming plans to do something fun with the kids, and I can't wait!!  (SSSHHHH- secret, kids don't know of anything planned- will be total surprise!  ...yes, their dad knows and is ok with it )


Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Life!

So much has happened in the past month that I don't think I can get it all down!!  I have attempted to post but wasn't sure how/what to write.   One thing is certain, I DO need to get my previous post off the top of the list. THAT chapter is over and done with- my life is on the mend and emotions have done a total 180!! The kids can tell, my friends can tell...my mom has even noticed and said, 'It's about time!!' 

Come to find out, even when you think life is just going to have to suck and you know you need to start over, the fairy tale does exist.  Apparently I had a Knight in Shining Armor waiting to rescue me-  I knew he was there. I knew he would always be there- I just didn't realize that's what he was!   Funny part- after finding out about my wonderful Knight, my mother said again, 'It's ABOUT TIME he jumped in here!!'   Huh?? What??  Ok, my mom knew this,  and I've been clueless??  Hmmmm...ok!!  I'm still kind of in shock, on both counts, but I'm liking this feeling I've never experienced before. Unreal- that high school, giggly kind of over-the-moon stuff...wow, just WOW!    Occasionally we hear people talk about soul mates- the one person who is out there for YOU, just you- and often think there's no way- those people are crazy!   Spending near two decades with the same person- even if you love them- you convince yourself that time will help work towards that deeper status/connection, but if it's not there...you can't make a soul mate no matter how hard you try.  I near lost myself trying.
But now??  Well, I must be one of those crazy fools because I know now my Knight is and always has been my soul mate...I just never realized it. I never had any idea he was the Knight for me...or was always there waiting.  I had no doubt he'd rescue someone, he's that kind of person...but me?? Never thought I was even on the same map :-D   Maybe the crazy part is I hadn't realized it sooner!! 

So 2011 has started off on a very bright note for me!! It's only going to get better- I know it!! I hope the same happiness for you!! 

-I'm sure after reading about my gripes and frustrations as of late, y'all are relieved to see something positive for a change!! Thanks for hanging in there with me. 
Love you guys!!