Monday, December 17, 2012

Hack, choke, gag...

That's what my family is doing currently after I've sprayed enough Lysol over the last two days to create an African-sized ozone escape hatch and used enough bleach to probably turn the Mighty Mississippi clear, but by the good Lord we're gonna be germ-freakin-FREE!!   --at least for a few days. I can thank my son for this war on germs, for two reasons:  For being his difficult self and forcing my hand at sending him to B&M school and secondly for bringing said germs HOME from that B&M school where kids are missing multiple days from a nasty flu bug.  It started with me- horrid, cramping so-tired-you-can't-see-straight aching for days. Of course I start to feel better and it hits the rest of the crew.  Sir Knight went to bed one morning and the next evening was still in bed, he even called off work that night he was so knocked down- and that NEVER happens.  Princess B hasn't moved but 2 inches across the couch in 30 hours...I rolled her to Lysol around her.

I finally have Princess shoved into a shower and Knight is in an exhaustion fog, but sleeping well, so I think we'll recover.  I hope. I have too much to do to be sick!  I haven't even seen a barn in a week- I miss my friends, the critters... I need DIRT & POO, then I'll be fully recovered! :-)

Monster Man...who brought this sickness upon us, had a bit of a cough and complained he wasn't feeling well... He tried that yesterday with church then at 10:05 he was miraculously cured and bounced around the house all day. Not happening twice Mister- I slapped his happy ass with some cough medicine and sent his un-fevered self to school!  Take that shit BACK!

With it understood, Monster Man lives to be difficult at best, I still had to run back up to his room last night, kiss and hug him, letting him know that I love him so very much and my world would be VERY boring without him in it. He'd better know that I love him like crazy even when he spends most days driving crazy off the cliff.

What we don't do for our kids...