Saturday, September 24, 2011


Whoa!! I neglect my blog for a few months and come back to shiny new nifty format change!! Nice! I only hope these changes are somehow related to a merge of Blogger into Google+ (please?? maybe??) That would be SWEET!!  I partially blame Google+ for my absence here...ok well moving, school starting, vacation in sunny Myrtle Be@ch MAY have had SOMEthing to do with it....ah hem.  BUT I have enjoyed the Google+ versatility of totally public to simply private posting- I've used it in the place of Twitter, FB, blogging and even down to personal messages (email in a sense) to individual friends. LOVE IT!!  Finally it's out of invite-only use and into beta so anyone can jump in and join.

A wrap-up of the last few months:
-I'm moved and ecstatically happy with my Knight in Shining Armor...words cannot explain!  
-School is underway. Monster Man is still alive. heh.
- Twentieth HS reunion in the books. 20 years??? Seriously?? Ugh. Lots of fun, but man I feel OLD. 
-Trip to the beach was FREAKING AWESOME- got lots of sun, sand and 1200 pics to go    through.  Sad I am losing my tan already...sniffle. 
-More fun to come!!

I disappear for a few months again, look for me on Google+