Monday, December 17, 2012

Hack, choke, gag...

That's what my family is doing currently after I've sprayed enough Lysol over the last two days to create an African-sized ozone escape hatch and used enough bleach to probably turn the Mighty Mississippi clear, but by the good Lord we're gonna be germ-freakin-FREE!!   --at least for a few days. I can thank my son for this war on germs, for two reasons:  For being his difficult self and forcing my hand at sending him to B&M school and secondly for bringing said germs HOME from that B&M school where kids are missing multiple days from a nasty flu bug.  It started with me- horrid, cramping so-tired-you-can't-see-straight aching for days. Of course I start to feel better and it hits the rest of the crew.  Sir Knight went to bed one morning and the next evening was still in bed, he even called off work that night he was so knocked down- and that NEVER happens.  Princess B hasn't moved but 2 inches across the couch in 30 hours...I rolled her to Lysol around her.

I finally have Princess shoved into a shower and Knight is in an exhaustion fog, but sleeping well, so I think we'll recover.  I hope. I have too much to do to be sick!  I haven't even seen a barn in a week- I miss my friends, the critters... I need DIRT & POO, then I'll be fully recovered! :-)

Monster Man...who brought this sickness upon us, had a bit of a cough and complained he wasn't feeling well... He tried that yesterday with church then at 10:05 he was miraculously cured and bounced around the house all day. Not happening twice Mister- I slapped his happy ass with some cough medicine and sent his un-fevered self to school!  Take that shit BACK!

With it understood, Monster Man lives to be difficult at best, I still had to run back up to his room last night, kiss and hug him, letting him know that I love him so very much and my world would be VERY boring without him in it. He'd better know that I love him like crazy even when he spends most days driving crazy off the cliff.

What we don't do for our kids...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2

almost got me!  WHEW!

Local news reported today that 1.5 million people in our state took part in early voting thus far. Nice!  I hope that's a hint as to the way Election Day will go.  I mailed in my ballot. I hope everyone (who hasn't already) does their duty next week- get out there and vote!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

I can't think of a title...

Honestly all I can think is my head is full, my teeth are on fire and my nose is sore from blowing cruds out all day.
Somehow in the midst of this foggy head day, I happened to think of NoBloPoMo and thought...why the hell not?  HA!! I've got exactly a minute to spare.  Any bets I make it a week??  A day??  

I have nothing better to do than clean, fold laundry, watch mindless TV, cut coupons, sort emails...all while I sit up in the recliner trying to breathe since I can't lie down. Joy.

Time's up!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Princess and the Coach

Our rescued kitten, Princess, poor thing riddled with skin problems and scrawny appearance, has become a little spoiled around here.  She's not one for being picked up and loved on, though in the evening she will jump up on a couch or chair with you to snuggle.

 Miss B taught her to 'climb aboard' and be carried around the house like this:

and this:

She likes to be walked around the house that way, on B's back and shoulders. She climbs up then B slowly stands up and Princess acts true to her name, parading around the house.

She also thinks the document feeder of of my printer/fax is a great napping spot.  She lays up there while Sir Knight works on the computer.

She chirps for her canned food in the mornings and doesn't share very well either.
Not spoiled AT ALL, is she?? 

That's what I thought,  so this morning as I was working on my java and morning FB rounds, these messages came up from Miss B:

Why is nothing EVER important until Mom is going to the bathroom??  Seriously!
When she sent the messages they were two minutes apart.  So I hurry in the powder room, grab my camera and head upstairs, figuring kitten was in some sort of goofy spot or funny place...I never imagined THIS:

Brittany had laid her head down on her desk for a second and kitten hopped up on her back...

She said, "Mom, I had to get on my knees because she wasn't moving. Then she stretched out and I was stuck!"  

See how close Miss B's head is to her monitor?  Her keyboard is UNDER that, said she typed the messages to me with a pencil to reach the letters.

I thought I'd die laughing!  While I was taking pics, little Princess repositioned herself a few times. Purring all the way, no intention of moving. She apparently is quite comfy on Miss B's PJs. 

B saying, "Ok, this was funny, but I'm really stuck. Can you get her?!"  Ha!

Wonder what trick she'll teach Princess next??  Hehehe!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Adios, July!!

 Lesson learned...when the child asks for red icing, say NO!   Don't get caught in the barrage of birthday cake request suggestions and whip out a 'sure' not thinking clearly because you've had a migraine the previous night, running full tilt for days and little sleep. You make red cake, why not red icing??   Um, hold up-  NO is the answer.  You can have any color other than red!  NOT RED.   Because no matter how much red food coloring when you start accidentally with white icing (refer to: no sleep, not thinking- above) you will end up with pink, then hot pink, then a whole tube of red color later, you need to add more powder sugar to thicken it up... and VOILA- you're back to pink.  Damn.  ugh.  Oh well, it's deep red velvet cupcakes and too sweet for bees, slightly red, kinda hot pink icing.

Doing that at 3:30 am the morning of probably did not help matters.  So it tasted good at least. The final straw- realizing you forgot to put the #9 candle in one of those cupcakes and sing to the 'Can I have red icing?' child.  Double damn.  Thankfully Ms. B was a helpful big sister and iced them for me after Mass before the party and she applies icing kinda thinly.  Good thing. If I'd have lobbed icing on them in my sleep-deprived state,  kids would have been seriously OFF the walls from the sugar rush. More so than this:

SO that was how July is ending- HA!   Bring it ON, August!!  ~muahahaha~

Saturday, July 7, 2012

If the dress fits...

By garsh I'm gonna wear it!  Three sizes smaller than this time last year...hoo frickin rah! 
Bonus it was $5.  Man I love bargins!  ...and not squeezing my arse into a bigger size than last try. 
My excitement makes up for the crappy fitting room pic!

Love my ACE!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July?? WTH happened to June??

No wonder I haven't posted, I haven't had time to THINK for the past month- whew!  I was so ready for summer, but here we nearing the halfway point already!! AACCKK!!    First half of the summer has been filled with camping, vacations, visits, hot days, 4H projects, bad storms and, unfortunately, some sadness.

June started off trekking to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge spending days at Nascar SpeedPark with the kids +1 having a blast on go-carts, taking out our frustrations on the track and each other. My Knight and I took a few rounds on the Mini-Sprint cars which were not quite fast enough but sooo much fun!  Or was for me as I realized the hat blowing across the track and being run over repeatedly was Knight's favorite light-colored Blackhawks hat....WHOOPS!  haha!  Making it more hysterical was the fact that he didn't realize it was his either, "Some poor SOB lost his hat.  Wait....that's MY HAT!"  he said, while I literally rolled laughing with tears falling trying to get out of that tiny little car.  What a hoot!  Needless to say I was very thankful for the loss of 30 pounds from my arse or I'd had a very difficult time getting in those cars...or any of the go-carts!  The slick tracks were fun for all (except T-man who could only watch) and I found myself in maniacal laughter as I raced my family around the track- 'Oh look, there's my child- Dodge! ZOOM!  MUAHAHAHAH!!'   So fun!   

Tyler had a blas on the small roller coaster in the kid section; due to ZERO lines, he rode it about 15 times in a row both days. This was a neat shot as storm clouds were heading over at sunset. Yes, that is my kid with his arms in the air going, 'WOOHOO!"
View from the top of Mt. Harrison near Gatlinburg

Of course we went to Ober Gatlinburg to enjoy the a day of water and alpine slides and of course the chair lift up to the top of Mt. Harrison. The view is simply breathtaking. I could stay all day up there!
View going back down, 3000 ft up!

Another neat place was WonderWorks (aka the upside down house). That place is a hands-on science center- all kinds of things to do!  Move marbles with your mind, lay on a bed of nails, make beach ball-sized bubbles, fun mirrors and a 4-story climbing/rope obstacle course.  SUPER cool! The kids loved it!  Hard to see in a picture, but a huge dark room filled with a neon structures, ropes and black lights to make the obstacles standout.

It's difficult to get a picture to show exactly how HUGE this room is- it's amazing. Adults could climb too, but I stayed on the ground with My Knight to shoot some pics.

All in all, it was a great long weekend!  We had to be tourists and get a picture by the Parkway sign before we left.  Goobers.

After Gatlinburg, the kids went to their dad's for a week....then comes the sadness part.

Stay tuned...

(but don't hold your breath I'll get it posted before August!!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hulk Math

At this point, I could care less if he wanted to do school work in long as it's getting done w/o argument. 

It's been an exhausting long year with this boy, but these funny moments are what I'll miss most.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A nice natural look.

I knew I should have just gone to bed after a bad day.  Why attempt a task I've done 200 times over?  Because it gives God a chance to prove his sense of humor in that, oh YES, it could be worse!
You may end up with this:

Yes, friends, I Strawberry Shortcaked myself. 
@$&;_":)#/+#&;@  Nice earthy glow eh?  Maybe earth on FIRE! ugh. I could cry, but I'm too tired.

I'm going to bed and maybe I'll wake up with medium auburn brown instead of cherry blow pop red...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Aahhhhh Sunshine!

Sitting on the porch, Peppermint Patty-flavored java in hand, sunshine warming my legs, slight breeze wafting the smell of freshly mowed grass all around, a wonderful man making me feel loved and appreciated... glorious morning!!   Various kitty cats lounging around me on the porch agree- YES, life is awesome!!  

Started Sunday at Mass with my dad's family, from then on was a crazy run-like-mad day!! Whew!!  The kids had a great day with their dad's family for a cousin's birthday party,  while I spent the day playing beautician, errand runner, grocery getter, laundry service and dinner delivery. In the middle of all that, I managed to get my sadly neglected nail filled, my truck washed and did a little shopping for Mother's Day.  Last task of the day was to help MKiSA (my Knight in Shining Armor....he needed an acronym, hehe, I'm lazy) reinstall the upstairs toilet.  Man, I was ready to SIT DOWN for a few when I finally got the chance about 10 pm!

So as usual,  I suck at getting back to blogging.  I think I stated that a month ago. It's May....FREAKING MAY!!  Time has flown by!  MKiSA and I are doing well- I had a rough patch while changing SNRI's a few months ago, NOT FUN. I was seriously losing my mind- it was not pretty.  Thankfully we survived that and I think are stronger from it.  He mentioned last night that he was sorry I had to help with the toilet, but I'd much rather come home to him and help out with something than come home being in a constant state of wonder about who he was with and who he is planning for next-  THANK God I don't have any of those gut feelings, I know him better than that. He is such a good-hearted person, he can be blunt and direct at times which occasionally throws me off (as harsh), but his sincerity and intentions are always in the right place, usually thinking of others. I never doubt him for a second, never have. Not even 15-18 years ago as a true friend.  Still planning on getting married in September on the beach.  Though I'd marry him today if he'd say, 'Let's go!' :-)

I still have to finish my ACE journey post. I want to give the story about my weight loss, though I don't feel it's THAT interesting, so  why bother boring you?  I keep putting off getting it out here.  I've plateaued but kept the same amount off since February- so good I'm not gaining, but I still have more to go.  The last time I lost any weight I got pregnant for T-Man when I hit the 15-lb mark- so much for that!

What a hodgepodge post- that mess probably left y'all dizzy! Now that I have warm mornings to get me motivated maybe I'll post more often. I love sitting on the porch morning and late evenings-aaahhhh.

Have a wonderful week!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy, Happy, Hoppy...oh man it's Easter in 4 hours...

So 3:30 a.m. - laundry going, not packed for tomorrow, still haven't had my shower.
All of this due to a Brothers & Sisters marathon on SoapNet which are clearly a few seasons beyond where I last watched.   But I'm sucked in nonetheless.  My eyeballs are itchy but my tootsies are freshly painted- woohoo!  It DOES appear EB has been here.  BONUS!!

So why not waste a few more mins on my neglected blog!  HA! Now this pathetic show has me crying again- ugh!   Off to shower, hopefully get a few hours' sleep before Sir Knight gets home from work and time to wake the kids to prior to descending chaos on Mass at 9 a.m. with the family.  


Thursday, March 15, 2012

No idea

I haven't the slightest idea how I'm going to update this blog, but I have to do SOMEthing!  I've said for months I was going to get back on here; post regularly...  and yet near another moon has passed since I last declared that.  Wow, I suck! Lol 
With any luck an update is forthcoming...

    but don't hold your breath!