Monday, May 7, 2012

Aahhhhh Sunshine!

Sitting on the porch, Peppermint Patty-flavored java in hand, sunshine warming my legs, slight breeze wafting the smell of freshly mowed grass all around, a wonderful man making me feel loved and appreciated... glorious morning!!   Various kitty cats lounging around me on the porch agree- YES, life is awesome!!  

Started Sunday at Mass with my dad's family, from then on was a crazy run-like-mad day!! Whew!!  The kids had a great day with their dad's family for a cousin's birthday party,  while I spent the day playing beautician, errand runner, grocery getter, laundry service and dinner delivery. In the middle of all that, I managed to get my sadly neglected nail filled, my truck washed and did a little shopping for Mother's Day.  Last task of the day was to help MKiSA (my Knight in Shining Armor....he needed an acronym, hehe, I'm lazy) reinstall the upstairs toilet.  Man, I was ready to SIT DOWN for a few when I finally got the chance about 10 pm!

So as usual,  I suck at getting back to blogging.  I think I stated that a month ago. It's May....FREAKING MAY!!  Time has flown by!  MKiSA and I are doing well- I had a rough patch while changing SNRI's a few months ago, NOT FUN. I was seriously losing my mind- it was not pretty.  Thankfully we survived that and I think are stronger from it.  He mentioned last night that he was sorry I had to help with the toilet, but I'd much rather come home to him and help out with something than come home being in a constant state of wonder about who he was with and who he is planning for next-  THANK God I don't have any of those gut feelings, I know him better than that. He is such a good-hearted person, he can be blunt and direct at times which occasionally throws me off (as harsh), but his sincerity and intentions are always in the right place, usually thinking of others. I never doubt him for a second, never have. Not even 15-18 years ago as a true friend.  Still planning on getting married in September on the beach.  Though I'd marry him today if he'd say, 'Let's go!' :-)

I still have to finish my ACE journey post. I want to give the story about my weight loss, though I don't feel it's THAT interesting, so  why bother boring you?  I keep putting off getting it out here.  I've plateaued but kept the same amount off since February- so good I'm not gaining, but I still have more to go.  The last time I lost any weight I got pregnant for T-Man when I hit the 15-lb mark- so much for that!

What a hodgepodge post- that mess probably left y'all dizzy! Now that I have warm mornings to get me motivated maybe I'll post more often. I love sitting on the porch morning and late evenings-aaahhhh.

Have a wonderful week!!

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