Saturday, March 29, 2008

Take that IRS!

Taxes are DONE!!
I'd dance a jig but I'm too tired...
happily exhausted that chore is
done, done, DONE!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random ponderings...

  • My middle sister loves birthdays, and today is hers. Monster man refuses to tell her "happy birthday." REfuses. Says he just can't because his "scream ran off into the wild." Yeah, ok I'll remember that later.
  • Snow is almost completely gone. WOOOfreakin'HOOO!!
  • Embarrassment: In the middle of the Easter Sunday homily of a very soft-spoken priest you hear, "That guy doesn't know it's EASTER!" ~jab~ "No he doesn't!" Sigh...Please God let my child become mute, just for an hour. Lord, hear our prayer!
  • Wishing Mon and her clan a safe trip back to Texas. We had a great visit this week!
  • Working out: Afraid to jinx myself by giving details but will say that I have kept up with it for 3 weeks and I am feeling pretty decent about it.
  • Taxes: Still suck, still not done.
  • Broccoli slaw: Tried it for dinner. Pretty good with Marzetti's slaw dressing. Very crunchy.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Is it anywhere close?? A week... two weeks...another month? Come on Mother Nature, throw me a bone here! Yes the 40-deg temps this week were better, but there's still snow on the ground after 4 days of those above-freezing numbers...and it rained nonstop all day. Yuk. I don't even want to check the weather for the weekend, more than likely just depressing. Ugh.
Trying to think positively though - Mr. FixIt took Monster Man to my sister/BILs to do some work over the weekend so that leaves me with Miss B, who after her school work tomorrow, will more than likely disappear behind a TV, computer or book for the remainder of her weekend. At least Monster Man won't be under my feet and driving me crazy all day tomorrow. I have enough distraction problem, I get zilch done when being pulled away *incessantly* to look at this, fix this, can I do this, my game is stuck, wow-look I made sandwiches on the floor, only spilled half the milk momma, etc, all day long. I love my child, but that boy could try Mother Theresa's patience! So sans the monster, I can tackle the tons of work I have waiting and my office is in dire need of a good shoveling. My desk has gone from several piles of stuff to one monstrous heap that is threatening to take no prisoners given a good wind or a cat perch dismount gone wrong. Though the whole Pit of Shit (aka- office) is just a disaster zone, I don't think anyone would notice! Hmmm. Guess I'd better go get some sleep so I can attempt some sort of progress in the morning.

Oh btw- Mother Nature, how 'bout a ray of sun here or there?? Just a peek??

Have a great weekend y'all!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The book is sooooo much better

Why do I do this?? Why do I torture myself with printed material?? I have a kid-free weekend thanks to Mr. FixIt taking the kids to my sister's so he and BIL can play with building supplies and power tools, I have work out my ears to be done, taxes that I started 3 weeks ago...still unfinished, and my office looks like a Sears Tower size paper shredder took a dump all over it, but with all that to tackle and no kids or DH in sight to distract me, I wound up in Border's yesterday after running my kid-free errands (thanks Queen B, my sister) and bought "Divine Secrets of Ya Ya Sisterhood" in paperback for $2. Came home, made myself some shrimp and pasta with yummy Alfredo sauce and started reading about 8 oclock. I finished it about 3 am. Yes, I read the whole damn book and boohoo'd my flippin' head off through most of it. Why?? I know the story, I've seen the movie many, many times. I still cry when I see the movie so why torture myself with the actual written version?? I filled two trash cans full of Kleenex in the process and at 3 am realized I have no work to show for the evening, hadn't even TOUCHED my work computer, and now I have a blistering headache and probably throw myself into a sinus infection...oh yeah and it's 3 am. So much for sleep, crap! So I took some Tylenol and Sudafed and crashed in the bed at 3:30 propped up on 3 pillows so I hopefully wouldn't suffocate from or drown in my self-induced clogged head. I woke up at 7:30 with the dog whining downstairs he had to GO, like NOW! So I let him out and scared myself on the way past the bathroom. My head looks like I've been pummeled by Sugar Ray Leonard, eyes so puffy I can hardly see and breathing through my nose is not an option. Nice. So I went back to sleep propped on the couch. Back to the why question, which I guess should be why do I beat myself up for doing something I want? I don't sit down to actually read a book very often, because 1- I love to read and 2 - I know because of #1 once I start I can't stop. The last book I read, a couple months ago, "I Walked the Line" by Vivian Cash I read in about a day and a half. Before that, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series #3 (I think it was early summer) and I read that in about 4 or 5 hours. Like I know I need to read "just a little more..ok, another 30 minutes... oh another hour and I'll put it down...hmm, not much more now, I'll just finish it. I guess it's the back of my brain telling me if I stop, I know I'll never get back to it. Mr. FixIt has often said, "you are entitled to a night off you know. You are allowed to have some time for yourself." Yeah, yeah, but when I do, I only get mad at myself for wasting time that I could have been doing other things that need done. How screwed up is that?? Is this a mom thing that you have to lash the whip at yourself and get 100 things done a day to feel "worth it" and accomplished? Or is this a unique foul up in my thinking? I probably will never know but I really wish I could take a night/day off without feeling utter guilt and worthlessness.
So now that I have beat myself up about my prior evening and spewed the details out for y'all, I am going to get some work done. Yesterday is over and I can't pity party about it any more. T minus 6 hours before Mr. FixIt and the offspring return so I have to kick some serious a$$ this afternoon.

Oh, for those of you who DO enjoy reading w/o burden of guilt, "Divine Secrets" was awesome! (I'm as late on reading books as I am in watching movies. I know it's been out forever, lol) It was amazing. Of course the book has much more "meat" in it than the movie; so many more adventures of the Ya-Yas, troubles of Vivi and in-depth info on her mother Buggy. The order of events are a little different and several memories from Sidda's point of view. The movie would have been 8 hours long if they'd have stuck to the book, no lie. I was blown away by just the first couple chapters, mostly not mentioned in the movie. Just round up a Kleenex box and some decongestant before you'll need it!