Friday, March 14, 2008


Is it anywhere close?? A week... two weeks...another month? Come on Mother Nature, throw me a bone here! Yes the 40-deg temps this week were better, but there's still snow on the ground after 4 days of those above-freezing numbers...and it rained nonstop all day. Yuk. I don't even want to check the weather for the weekend, more than likely just depressing. Ugh.
Trying to think positively though - Mr. FixIt took Monster Man to my sister/BILs to do some work over the weekend so that leaves me with Miss B, who after her school work tomorrow, will more than likely disappear behind a TV, computer or book for the remainder of her weekend. At least Monster Man won't be under my feet and driving me crazy all day tomorrow. I have enough distraction problem, I get zilch done when being pulled away *incessantly* to look at this, fix this, can I do this, my game is stuck, wow-look I made sandwiches on the floor, only spilled half the milk momma, etc, all day long. I love my child, but that boy could try Mother Theresa's patience! So sans the monster, I can tackle the tons of work I have waiting and my office is in dire need of a good shoveling. My desk has gone from several piles of stuff to one monstrous heap that is threatening to take no prisoners given a good wind or a cat perch dismount gone wrong. Though the whole Pit of Shit (aka- office) is just a disaster zone, I don't think anyone would notice! Hmmm. Guess I'd better go get some sleep so I can attempt some sort of progress in the morning.

Oh btw- Mother Nature, how 'bout a ray of sun here or there?? Just a peek??

Have a great weekend y'all!

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