Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's and other stuff...

Copying this from my Myspace blog. Sorry if you are on myspace also and have to suffer through this twice...I still can't decide which I want to use regularly. If you aren't connected to me on myspace and want to read my other blogs (only a few of them) email or comment and I'll send you the link.
Well Christmas is over and New Year's eve us upon us....HOLY SHEET MAN! That was fast-jeesh! Though I've made two trips to Z-ville in the past 7 days (including a very short pit stop in C-ville for Mass with Grandma H that was about it-I need to make a "friend trip" since I haven't seen any friends in EONS!) so the traveling just made the week fly by even faster! So holidays have come and are nearly gone and kind of depressing. I love Christmas, but why does Christmas day make me feel so sad?? Why do I end up crying in Mass every year?? My aunt D was just talking to me after Mass yesterday and I turned into a blubbering idiot...jeesh!! It makes NO sense...well I have to fight crying nearly every time I go to mass I guess, so maybe it's not just the holidays...I'll have to think about that...but not today, not losing today!! I hate feeling the after-holiday-slump. Not today! I am going to have a GREAT DAY! No crying! No kicking myself tomorrow! I'm gonna plug my shuffle into the stereo and crank up the tunes. I'm gonna blast Sirius 13 until the neighbors are sick of Elvis, lol! I'm gonna clean and take care of stuff in this house that I've been needing/wanting to do for months...reorganize the school shelves section so it's easier/faster to get things ready for each day...gonna input this mound of receipts into the computer so I can tackle bills next week w/o fuss, do a good dust/wipe down/windex and get the house clean and maybe even a couple loads of Mt. Washmore mixed in there! Mr. FixIt even knew this was coming, a friend of his wanted him to visit today and told him "bring the kids" so he said, "We'll get out of your hair for the day, I know you need it." Woohoo, Amen! As much sometimes I cuss him silently for insignificant things, I love that man! Ok, have to stop there or gonna have Niagra Falls...maybe hormones are out of whack a tad or something...jeesh! Back to topic...yes, cleaning makes me happy in that I won't be mad and kicking myself tomorrow that I didn't do it! I will have a clean slate to start off the new year, get back to my routine little bit of cleaning every day to keep the house in presentable shape (aka back on the FLYlady habit), so kicking into gear today will seriously improve my attitude and mood the rest of the week so when I get bogged down in work later I won't be frustrated/distracted by a disatrous house that needs attention, and I can work much more efficiently. That stuff just feeds the ADHD monster which futher puts me behind and even more upset with myself...evil, vicious cycle of ADHD/PMDD/depression whatever it is that rots my brain and causes me to be no more useful than a 2 year old with a Red Bull and a chocolate bar!

Adios y'all! I'm off to get crackin' around here!! This evening I will be able to a new year and a good start to the coming year!! I hope...cross your fingers and crank some music with me! WOOHOO!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

WHEW! I'm back home now, for those who knew I was gone. I'd traveled yesterday to see my grandma who had heart catheterization today which resulted in two blockages being opened and she did really well. Thank God! She should feel much better after this and hopefully give her a bit more energy--be back to her positive, happy self very soon! I hope so for Pappa too, that is so hard on him when she is sick or in the hospital. Grandma on the road to recovery is a great reason for our family to celebrate the holiday!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a joyful and safe holiday!
Let the eggnog spiking commence! :-D

Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the countdown begin...

Three days left until Christmas, since today is pretty much toast, but I'm not in complete panic mode...not yet. The last two gifts I needed were flower arrangements for grand/great-grandparents that I ordered today, being delivered tomorrow so I am DONE! Since I'm not normally a last-minute Christmas shopper I've had the majority of shopping done and actually most of my gifts have either been delivered or mailed already, but my source of terror will be the kids' gifts. I try to spread my purchasing out over the year, at least for about 6 months, and in doing so my only difficulty for the big day is FINDING everything! That is usually my panic on Christmas eve. "I know I bought ____ where the $)(*(&% did I put it???" In our old house we had an easy-access attic where I could stash most of every time I added to the pile, I could assess the total damage so to speak. Then on the big eve everything could easily be pulled down in about 5 or 10 minutes. Well in this house, I didn't luck out with such a cool hiding place and the only possible stash zone is the crawl space storage in the basement....and the wall to get into it is chest high to me. Unless Mr. FixIt gets up there when I need something I will grab a kid, toss them up in there and say, "Hey, fetch me that box over there please" so having my gophers up there regularly knocks out that option. That leaves my office. The Pit of Shit. The office, school book shelf central, sewing room, odds-n-ends junk, out of season clothes storage and Ratty's home (our by accidental pet rat, yes she's in a cage)-UGH. So I have to dig through this 9x9 deathtrap and look for hidden treasure. I have already found 2 presents that I had for last year-Oopps! I may need to tie myself off from the bedpost in the other room before I make another attempt to dive in... if I can't pull myself out at least Mr. FixIt will have a direction to look for the body. :-D

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow?? Blizzard...yuk

This is LOVELY weather we're having. I seriously do not like winter. In the last 24 hours we've had heavy snow of about an inch an hour -and I was out in Mark's car on crappy roads, soaked because for once I didn't have my boots and my head was soaked just putting groceries in the trunk- then rain, freezing rain, high winds then more snow and blowing snow. YUK! Of course the kids are excited and hubby outside playing with his tractor plowing the driveway (and the neighbor's 8 pm). So I will enjoy winter MY WAY-- sitting in the COD (chair of death) with my feet up, toasty warm by the fire, sipping a mocha coffee and bloggin' on my little ibook. Aaaahhhhhh. Better than the alternative....this:
Which doesn't look like much but you see the dark spots on the ground and the seemingly small amount on the swing set tower?? Well that is because the 4 inches we had yesterday somewhat melted and became slush with the rain and freezing rain early this morning. Also the pic looks dark but that was taken about noon. It has snowed another 3 inches on top of this today.

This was the view last week of heavy, fast snowfall:

Pretty...for a greeting card or calendar page...not for my back yard! Those are my neighbors' pines btw, but very photogenic aren't they? :-D

Probably about 78 degrees in the den right now, and I have two layers of clothes with heavy slippers! I seriously hate winter. Though I may brave the nasty elements later to trudge down to the building and help Mark butcher the neighbor's deer he hung last night, but that is more of a "thought" than a possibility, lol. I do have to finish up some work tonight I started yesterday anyway, so I will eventually have to leave the warmth of the den. Hmmm...maybe for winter I should make my desk is a thought! He makes a fire nearly every night all winter. I could trade my desk and the keyboard that is in the den. I might get more work done in the evenings that way. :-D

I know this doesn't seem "bad" really by people farther north than us...but this is WAY different than a coastal South Carolina winter-BY FAR! I'm trying to adjust. I hope those of you who are having worse weather than us are all ok and still have power! I need to figure out how many days until June!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy! Would you climb a mountain??

Ok, I'm hardly sane by any stretch of the imagination but these fools on TV climbing Mt. Everest are just flippin' nuts! I'm only witness to this bizarre show because I'm taking a break from work, scouring reviews on Amazon and HSN for a new pressure cooker replacement (mom got us a nice one for Christmas- worked one time then crapped out-ugh) and logging B's school hours and I'm not in the "control chair" so I don't have the remote to change to something more interesting like CSI or L&O or Trauma in RL: ER or I'd even take cheesy chick flick about now. Just amazing the seriously dangerous situations these people PAID 50,000+ to get into! Holy Cow! Those are some crazy mofos right there-PASS! Not me....besides they are climbing in subfreezing temps and snow...nope. Any activity below 70 degrees has me ruled out right off the bat, lol! I'm not sure I know anyone who WOULD climb a mountain, let alone Everest-would you?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I THINK I can, I THINK I can...

The day has completely started off on the wrong foot, but even with caffeine headache since I didn't get up until 8 (= 2 hours of work and about 2 cups of coffee behind) and my sinuses KILLING me... I AM going to get a good bit of work done today. I AM! I will!! On the positive side, the family phone calls are out of the way and Brittany has already started on her lessons. Though Tyler is destroying the den and running around in his underwear, but hey...can't have everything! At least he's not outside eating snow in his PJs and boots with no socks like he was the other morning. The kids played out there for 2 hours yesterday, Tyler appropriately dressed this time, lol. The weather is just frigid out there, 12 deg right now, but sun is shining and really bright reflecting on the snow. Have I mentioned I hate winter?? Or winter weather and it's not even "winter" yet?? Yes, it's pretty, but not as gorgeous as a sandy beach and crashing waves....ahhh...I miss SC. Not gonna get myself in a funk about it :-D I need to get busy!!