Thursday, December 6, 2007

I THINK I can, I THINK I can...

The day has completely started off on the wrong foot, but even with caffeine headache since I didn't get up until 8 (= 2 hours of work and about 2 cups of coffee behind) and my sinuses KILLING me... I AM going to get a good bit of work done today. I AM! I will!! On the positive side, the family phone calls are out of the way and Brittany has already started on her lessons. Though Tyler is destroying the den and running around in his underwear, but hey...can't have everything! At least he's not outside eating snow in his PJs and boots with no socks like he was the other morning. The kids played out there for 2 hours yesterday, Tyler appropriately dressed this time, lol. The weather is just frigid out there, 12 deg right now, but sun is shining and really bright reflecting on the snow. Have I mentioned I hate winter?? Or winter weather and it's not even "winter" yet?? Yes, it's pretty, but not as gorgeous as a sandy beach and crashing waves....ahhh...I miss SC. Not gonna get myself in a funk about it :-D I need to get busy!!

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