Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy! Would you climb a mountain??

Ok, I'm hardly sane by any stretch of the imagination but these fools on TV climbing Mt. Everest are just flippin' nuts! I'm only witness to this bizarre show because I'm taking a break from work, scouring reviews on Amazon and HSN for a new pressure cooker replacement (mom got us a nice one for Christmas- worked one time then crapped out-ugh) and logging B's school hours and I'm not in the "control chair" so I don't have the remote to change to something more interesting like CSI or L&O or Trauma in RL: ER or I'd even take cheesy chick flick about now. Just amazing the seriously dangerous situations these people PAID 50,000+ to get into! Holy Cow! Those are some crazy mofos right there-PASS! Not me....besides they are climbing in subfreezing temps and snow...nope. Any activity below 70 degrees has me ruled out right off the bat, lol! I'm not sure I know anyone who WOULD climb a mountain, let alone Everest-would you?

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