Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow?? Blizzard...yuk

This is LOVELY weather we're having. I seriously do not like winter. In the last 24 hours we've had heavy snow of about an inch an hour -and I was out in Mark's car on crappy roads, soaked because for once I didn't have my boots and my head was soaked just putting groceries in the trunk- then rain, freezing rain, high winds then more snow and blowing snow. YUK! Of course the kids are excited and hubby outside playing with his tractor plowing the driveway (and the neighbor's 8 pm). So I will enjoy winter MY WAY-- sitting in the COD (chair of death) with my feet up, toasty warm by the fire, sipping a mocha coffee and bloggin' on my little ibook. Aaaahhhhhh. Better than the alternative....this:
Which doesn't look like much but you see the dark spots on the ground and the seemingly small amount on the swing set tower?? Well that is because the 4 inches we had yesterday somewhat melted and became slush with the rain and freezing rain early this morning. Also the pic looks dark but that was taken about noon. It has snowed another 3 inches on top of this today.

This was the view last week of heavy, fast snowfall:

Pretty...for a greeting card or calendar page...not for my back yard! Those are my neighbors' pines btw, but very photogenic aren't they? :-D

Probably about 78 degrees in the den right now, and I have two layers of clothes with heavy slippers! I seriously hate winter. Though I may brave the nasty elements later to trudge down to the building and help Mark butcher the neighbor's deer he hung last night, but that is more of a "thought" than a possibility, lol. I do have to finish up some work tonight I started yesterday anyway, so I will eventually have to leave the warmth of the den. Hmmm...maybe for winter I should make my desk is a thought! He makes a fire nearly every night all winter. I could trade my desk and the keyboard that is in the den. I might get more work done in the evenings that way. :-D

I know this doesn't seem "bad" really by people farther north than us...but this is WAY different than a coastal South Carolina winter-BY FAR! I'm trying to adjust. I hope those of you who are having worse weather than us are all ok and still have power! I need to figure out how many days until June!


  1. Your neighbor's pines are very handsome! And all the snow makes me feel a bit guilty for complaining about being cold :) About the worst we get are month-long stints of tulle fog, which is oppressive, but nothing like blizzards!

  2. I wouldn't survive there. I'm too CA for that weather. BRRRR!!!


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