Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's and other stuff...

Copying this from my Myspace blog. Sorry if you are on myspace also and have to suffer through this twice...I still can't decide which I want to use regularly. If you aren't connected to me on myspace and want to read my other blogs (only a few of them) email or comment and I'll send you the link.
Well Christmas is over and New Year's eve us upon us....HOLY SHEET MAN! That was fast-jeesh! Though I've made two trips to Z-ville in the past 7 days (including a very short pit stop in C-ville for Mass with Grandma H that was about it-I need to make a "friend trip" since I haven't seen any friends in EONS!) so the traveling just made the week fly by even faster! So holidays have come and are nearly gone and kind of depressing. I love Christmas, but why does Christmas day make me feel so sad?? Why do I end up crying in Mass every year?? My aunt D was just talking to me after Mass yesterday and I turned into a blubbering idiot...jeesh!! It makes NO sense...well I have to fight crying nearly every time I go to mass I guess, so maybe it's not just the holidays...I'll have to think about that...but not today, not losing today!! I hate feeling the after-holiday-slump. Not today! I am going to have a GREAT DAY! No crying! No kicking myself tomorrow! I'm gonna plug my shuffle into the stereo and crank up the tunes. I'm gonna blast Sirius 13 until the neighbors are sick of Elvis, lol! I'm gonna clean and take care of stuff in this house that I've been needing/wanting to do for months...reorganize the school shelves section so it's easier/faster to get things ready for each day...gonna input this mound of receipts into the computer so I can tackle bills next week w/o fuss, do a good dust/wipe down/windex and get the house clean and maybe even a couple loads of Mt. Washmore mixed in there! Mr. FixIt even knew this was coming, a friend of his wanted him to visit today and told him "bring the kids" so he said, "We'll get out of your hair for the day, I know you need it." Woohoo, Amen! As much sometimes I cuss him silently for insignificant things, I love that man! Ok, have to stop there or gonna have Niagra Falls...maybe hormones are out of whack a tad or something...jeesh! Back to topic...yes, cleaning makes me happy in that I won't be mad and kicking myself tomorrow that I didn't do it! I will have a clean slate to start off the new year, get back to my routine little bit of cleaning every day to keep the house in presentable shape (aka back on the FLYlady habit), so kicking into gear today will seriously improve my attitude and mood the rest of the week so when I get bogged down in work later I won't be frustrated/distracted by a disatrous house that needs attention, and I can work much more efficiently. That stuff just feeds the ADHD monster which futher puts me behind and even more upset with myself...evil, vicious cycle of ADHD/PMDD/depression whatever it is that rots my brain and causes me to be no more useful than a 2 year old with a Red Bull and a chocolate bar!

Adios y'all! I'm off to get crackin' around here!! This evening I will be able to a new year and a good start to the coming year!! I hope...cross your fingers and crank some music with me! WOOHOO!!

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