Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A nifty find!

On the weekly trip to the library with my munchkins, I had a cool find in the audio/cd section...a collection of TV show theme songs! How flippin' cool is that??

This is a riot! Even if you didn't watch all these shows, hearing the songs again is a scream! I guess if I stayed up all night and watched TV Land there wouldn't be such novelty in this.
Ahem..anyway, this cd is worth checking out just for BatMan, Hawaii Five-O and The Jefferson's Movin' On that DELUXE the skY-I-I!
Alright, maybe a bit cheesy but I like it!

I also found some tunes for Mr. FixIt...
MTV Headbangers' Ball collection. Oh yeah, 2 cds worth of hard metal and screaming lyrics...just sitting at the library to be checked out. Probably some goober sitting in the back stacks just donated that winner and was waiting to witness the first dork to actually check it out...oh wait, the dork bait was the TV Land cd...oh yea, that be me!!

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