Sunday, January 20, 2008


Today I showed the kids how to make monkey bread (which is like mini cinnamon rolls with brown sugar glaze in a bundt pan) realizing I've not made that for several years. Thinking about it, I haven't made yummy homemade rolls for over a year either, or family fave Grandma's sour cream chocolate cake, or velvet cake or apple spice cake or...or....Jeesh, I suck in the mothering baking department over the past year and a half! I use to bake all the stinkin' time! I did make several batches of gingerbread men at Christmas, but before that?? Probably cupcakes for B's old B&M school Valentine's party LAST year--wow. That is seriously pathetic compared to what I "use" to do. I have an awesome stand mixer, wedding gift, with really cool attachments, that when we lived in Duck Ditch (hehe) remained always on my counter in a permanent spot because I used it all the time, at least twice a week, sometimes more. I was always baking cookies or treats to take to school, sharing a goodies with the neighbors, sending something to work with Mark or even just for us..just to have a treat. I suppose I could blame my lack of baking on the new house, less than half the counter space, so don't have a spot for my kick butt mixer...or I guess that's just laziness that I don't drag it out except when desperately necessary. I believe I need to do some rearranging and give my fav appliance a front row seat again. Maybe it would be one more tiny step into finding the old me that really enjoyed baking. Lately when I think about creating I usually hit the negative thoughts of needing to clear a space, drag it out, put it back, etc. That will be a goal tomorrow and I think the first thing I will make is a sour cream chocolate cake. You know something ironic, or maybe just bizarre coincidence, since we moved here I've gained the same amount as pregnancy weight for both kids. And I'm not making a weekly sweet treat?? Ok, seriously depressing that I'm carrying around more weight than at 9 mos pregnant, but how screwed up is that?? Yes, being cold and not wanting to go outside except during the summer here PROBABLY has a lot to do with that weight, but maybe I need to BAKE more!!! It's worth a shot and a lot more fun than putting on 5 layers of clothes to walk the dog! :-D

P.S. I guess it would be a good idea to drag out and dust off the ole gazelle just in case my baking/weight theory doesn't rise, lol.

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