Saturday, January 12, 2008

Think I'm in love

Maybe love isn't strong enough a word...deep desire, a lusting hunger, something that I cannot drag myself away from for HOURS at a time...oh yeah, I'm talking about my heated mattress pad--whoa baby!!
I despise cold sheets and I get very grouchy climbing into bed, dog-tired then very wickedly being CHILLED to the bone and suddenly very awake! Knocks the socks right off of being sleep-deprived and desiring my oh-so-comfy bed. I didn't have this chilled-bed problem in SC mind you....and yes, there are activities you can do to heat up the bone-chilling sheets, but it's a bit difficult to enjoy those activities or even get started when it takes 20 minutes of the fetal warming position to lose the numbness of all my limbs and not to mention a very cold nose. So in determination to not grumble at frigid sheets or Mr. FixIt (for moving us north) any longer, I researched various heated mattress pad brands, reviews, etc. BTW, I love Amazon for reviews! Right before Christmas I found it....the one I wanted in a Kohl's mega sale at more than 50% dream! I picked up that bad boy to look it over and Mr. FixIt promptly said, "Merry Christmas, I know you'll use THAT!" Woohoo!
....and my tootsies have been ever so toasty all night long, every night since :-D I don't think I can live without it! Well, that is unless we move south again. Otherwise it would take more than a 12-step program, not to mention a crane, to pry it out from under me!


  1. Wow! I didn't even know they MADE heated mattress pads!

    I learn something new every day...

  2. I had never seen one until I moved back up here. Not a big need for them in coastal SC I guess, lol!

  3. Mom loves hers! Even in North Georgia. She also has flannel sheets. I happen to like cold sheets. I think I'd die in a bed with flannel sheets and a heated mattress pad but she says she is getting old and it hurts to be cold.
    Are *you* getting old?? ;)

    BTW- I got really excited the other day when Dearest told me we might go to SC in the fall. Then I remembered you don't live there any more- WAAAH!!! I do have one or two other friends there but I wanted YOU!!

  4. I guess I've been "old" since birth, lol. I'd love flannel sheets AND heated pad...M would be a puddle! I he always preferred cold sheets, but I catch him turning the heat pad on his side..."it helps my back" yeah, ok. :-D Cool (not cold) sheets are fine when it's 110 outside or around 80-85 in the house.
    Hey-when in the fall?? We went to SC in Oct for the fair! Ha-no lie! Let me know when you are thinking of going! By "fall" here I'm freezing already and dying to head south!!

  5. LOL re: "fall" We'll be there August 30-September 1. K and TH will be busy at the Yorktown most of the time so the other kids and I will be looking for stuff to do. We do have a zoo pass that gets all of us and a guest into the zoo there for free so we'll probably do that. My college roomie had a baby in December and I hope to get to see them one day while we're there. Let me know if there's any chance you'll be around- that would ROCK!

    Love ya!


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