Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty much sums it up


I am done.
Smoking gun.
We've lost it all.
The love is gone.

She has won.
Now it's no fun.
We've lost it all.
The love is gone.

And we had magic,
And this is tragic.
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself.

I feel like our world's been infected.
And somehow you left me neglected.
We found our lives been changed.
Babe, you lost me.

And we tried,
oh how we cried.
We lost ourselves.
The love has died.

And though we tried,
you can't deny.
We're left as shells.
We lost the fight.

And we had magic.
And this is tragic.
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself.

I feel like our world's been infected.
And somehow you left me neglected.
We found our lives been changed.
Babe, you lost me.

Now I know you're sorry, and we were sweet.
But you chose lust when you deceived me.
And you'll regret it, but it's too late.
How can I ever trust you again??

I feel like our world's been infected.
And somehow you left me neglected.

We found our lives been changed
Babe, you lost me.

You Lost Me, Christina Aguilera
Songwriters: Aguilera, Christina Maria; Dixon, Samuel Ronald; Furler, Sia Kate Isobelle;

Read more: http://www.metrolyrics.com/you-lost-me-lyrics-christina-aguilera.html#ixzz16k6mvugZ

Monday, November 29, 2010

Heart hurts, but has hope.

The Wedding Singer has always been one of my favorite movies.  If I get into why, I'll may end up crying again-  no crying today!!   I'm been kicking major butt in a thorough kitchen cleaning today with my tunes up, but I've had this song in the back of my head since Saturday night.  Makes me smile.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

I think Whispering Writer over at Airing My Dirty Laundry...  for this idea.

It's OK Tuesday, which means it's OK that:

I am still in comfy yoga pants and my new favorite over-sized dance hoodie at almost 2 pm.

I have not even THOUGHT about dinner yet...until just now. And I probably won't until 5 or so. Queen of the last second, oh yes I am. 

Mr. FixIt is getting ready to set up his apartment, and his 'new place giddiness self' will be out of my hair. He needs to get his cheating ass out of my space if he's that damn happy about leaving.

My dogs still have freaking fleas. Little bastards. The fleas, not the dogs.

I wrote down the code to fix my cell phone myself if I ever have to factory reset it again...at 11 pm when Veriz@n customer service is NOT open, I can fix the dang thing myself.  IF the same problem surfaces, which I hope does not.

I have not had a jewelry show in months. I can't help it if people do not want to spend money right now.  Even to spend a little to get a lot of free stuff. Frustrating but understandable. I don't have extra to spend either- I can't much complain.

My husband is taking the burden of my debts with him and my credit will suck. Thankful for a chance to start over, but I'm not happy about it. I can live with it, but not one of my shining moments.

I talked to a long-time friend today, and it made me feel soooo much better. 

My house looks like a bomb went off in the Wally World Christmas aisles.  The kids drug out the tubs of decorations, working all evening on the tree and around the house.  I might get the scattered remnants back to the crawlspace before we leave for Thanksgiving. I might not.  

My mom is driving me insane, but thankful to have her.  The loss of a friend's mom this weekend makes me sick because I know how much she has to be hurting, and I can't get to her until Friday. Love ya Mon, my other half, the Garth to my Wayne, troll dolls forever.   Toilet- Peephole-120!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's almost HERE!!

Almost as exciting as Christmas....Black Friday!! I cannot WAIT!! I don't have much to spend this year, but I am going to make the most of it!!  If you are working on your shopping strategy, or even if you plan on skipping the OMG EARLY crazy people crowds and will be shopping from home on Cyber Monday, here are some links and great sites to help you plan and budget your holiday shopping:

THE Black Friday Ads Site, broken down by Store links on the left. They have the Black Friday Target circular you can browse through!!

Penny Pinchin' Mom -list of Black Friday posts by store.
She also has menu planning, meal suggestions, and shopping list blanks you can print.

A Full Cup- AWESOME Coupon Message board with blogs, coupons and links to store's ads and sales, not just Black Friday.

Check out the lower sidebar for more coupon blogs/websites ---->>>

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rite-Aid, Right ON!

Quick post about my Rite-Aid bargains today:

If you shop Rite-Aid, you really should have a Wellness Plus Card and sign up for Video Values (VV) online. You basically watch short commercials (videos) and for each one you complete you can print a coupon for that product which you can STACK with a manufacture's coupon for the same item.  Which is exactly how I got Finish DW detergent which was on sale for 50% off (which is about the Wally World price) then used a $3 manuf. Q +  $1 VV Q.  Dishwasher detergent for a buck- YEAH, I'll take that!!

Ok, here's the skinny, Total price before coupons $54
** using sale prices mind you, savings would be much greater if I gave the store's regular retail price BUT most pharmacy chain's sale prices are close to mega-store chains prices like Wally World. So I consider the sale price in these cases 'Retail'

What I spent- $14  Yes, Fourteen smackers  for all THIS:

Garnier HerbaShine Hair color x3  (yes, THREE of them. Best retail would be @ $18 for just those)
Garnier Wonder Waves spray
Garnier Sleek & Shine leave-in Conditioner
Purex  laundry det
Finish Dishwasher Detergent Power ball Tabs
Finish DW Det large box powder
Quilted Northern Ultra 12-pk double roll
Cottonelle moist wipes
TheraFlu Cold liquid

Total ended up about $1.30 per item.  Not too shabby!!  
It is a bit of work, but when you get into it. It is so worth it. I treat it like a job, and truly, if I save 50-70% off the stuff I'd normally be buying anyway, it makes it worth my time!!

I'll explain Target goodies another time and give some links to an awesome Target $$ saving blog.
Hint- Had  $30 taken off my total with ONLY coupons today. Woohoo!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaBloPoMo down in flames

There goes another attempt- thud. Dropped like a bad egg...and the stench is wafting through my foggy brain and hit me as my java started to kick in.  Nine days. I made it nine days-ha!  Oh well, there's always next month.

Bawahahahaha! Yeah, right!

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Monday, November 8, 2010


I have felt like a dead dog all day long,  like a have a barrel of weights attached to my legs.  ugh. I knew going to bed at 3:48 this morning I'd be kicking my butt today...but I've been too tired to kick my own ass.   I have a million things to do before Mr. FixIt gets back from Europe mid-week. Ugh. DUH!

So, I am going to bed now. I swear.  Nighty nite all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

When girls get bored

They may do this to an unsuspecting animal that sleeps so soundly she doesn't care that she may wake up with bright pink toenails.

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Got it! 11:59 p.m.!!

*edit at 12:04 a.m.
Ok- dangit- that was last minute effort in attempt to not blow NaBloPoMo in the first frickin' week!
I created a post on my phone earlier in the evening and just realized it had failed to upload. After watching it attempt to upload for the last 8 minutes of the day, I jumped on here in a last ditch effort to get something on this page at 11:59, hit post and it went to midnight.  Well crap. If my phone loads the dang post through Blogaway, it better have the Saturday time on it!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins Wheeeeee!!

 Thanks again to Janet for Friday Fill-Ins this week!

1. Sometimes, _it's good to think of happier times and better days. If nothing else it gives me hope that one day in the future, I'll find those times again.

2. ___Some days I want to just throw my hands up and cry__ about the whole thing.

3. Small _gestures means so much__.

4. __Information from Monster Man's point of view can be__ very enlightening.

5. I keep meaning to _do a million things- I need to narrow my list!!

6.  As far as I've come out of that nasty dark barrel, I'm not quite near the top ...yet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _kicking my feet up and watching some movies___, tomorrow my plans include _hopefully talking to my youngest sister__ and Sunday, I want to _ relax and READ_!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You want to what??

"Mom, I want to clean the basement."

"Mom... MOM??  You ok?"

Yeah. Sure.  I'll be fine once I check my hearing and put an ice pack on my head. Maybe I'll keep dreaming long enough for the basement LOOK clean!   Obviously that statement came from B, not Monster Man, but he's grudgingly down there making a slight effort to help. His effort seemed to improve after I heard B remind him, "This is your stuff too! You need to help! Do you want your stuff to go in the trash? Hmmm?? You'd better get these train tracks picked up!!" 
"FINE!'  he grumbled and growled as I heard wooden Thomas tracks being thrown angrily into the track box.   He must have moved on from tracks to cooking as I heard, "Where did the kitchen set go?"
B asks, 'The one we sold at the yard sale?"
"What yard sale?"
"The yard sale in summer..."
"I do NOT remember that- where is the kitchen set?! I NEED an oven!!"
So Monster Man tromps up the stairs to ask me. I told him yes, we got rid of it this past summer.
"But I still played with that!"
"Dude, it's been gone over 4 months and you JUST now noticed??"
He tromps down the stairs, "FINE. I won't bake anything today...or ever AGAIN!" 
How quickly he forgets that just yesterday under the couch was a perfect Play-Doh cookie oven... :-D

Both of them are still working, an hour later, intermittently arguing and yelling at each other.  I'm not too concerned with light arguing.  I do fuss at them about getting along, but nothing they've done is even in the ballpark to the extreme fighting my sisters and I did.  I have too many battle scars to count.  The items broken around our house growing up was of epic proportion- including each other.  I'm sure there isn't a school friend or boyfriend that doesn't remember one sister in particular hurling a drinking glass/shoe/hairspray can/ book/etc at our heads...or being chased around our house with a knife, broom or tennis racket.  Ironically, not matter how big the fight, one hint that mom was on the way home or a relative was pulling up, we all jumped high-gear into clean-up mode like nothing ever happened...the battle would continue another day.

Anyway, I believe I still hear progress in the basement. I'll take whatever I can get-- I'm not going down there unless I hear a skull smash or see blood splatter coming up the stairs. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YAY Election Day!!

THANK the Lord!!  I've had it with political junk in my mail, phone calls all day long with recorded messages, and mud-slinging commercials all day long....aaaarrrgghhhhh!!!! 

And today it's over!! Over!! Over!! WOOO-frickin'-HOOOO!!  YAY!!

Other than being seriously aggravated with all that fuss, it bothers me the amount of  money and time put into all that advertising. Why not put all that to good use- do SOMEthing with it instead of bombarding our lives with negativity? Wouldn't that make sense. I'd vote for the person who did the most long-lasting good with their campaign funds...

Anywho--Make sure you go vote!  If you don't and aren't happy with the results...don't WHINE and complain about it!!
Ok, that ends my election rant.  

...at least until next election. ;-)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some days

Some days just stink. Yesterday evening was the pretty rank...nasty.  Started off fairly productive- Mr. FixIt put new rotors and brakes on his car- which pretty much ensures I'll fling myself through the windshield next time I drive it.  Then he worked on the mountain of leaves around the yard while I cleaned up the kitchen, and finally washed the downstairs windows...who KNEW sun existed outside!! Holy cow those windows were horrible!! Now hopefully sometime this week I'll wash/swap curtains. I knocked down a few slopes of Mt. WashMore in between chorse. Having been sick the prior week I'd completely neglected laundry...and it showed, ACK!  Mr. FixIt getting ready to head out of town and Monster Man on the hunt for clean underwear had me down to the wire on clean laundry. RED ALERT laundry stage stresses me out, but I was just too sick last week to move, let alone drag myself to the dungeon and lug baskets back up.  Oh, can't forget, I even worked on my coupons yesterday morning, getting all the new ones cut out, nicely stacked according to type, cleaning the old flyers out of my binder with new ones ready to insert.  Cool! Color me a happy camper!

   Since I was caught up a bit on housework and no longer hacking my head off quite so severely, I figured I'd get on the elliptical for a bit. Lord knows I hadn't been on it for a week- sneaking Halloween candy before the sinus/allergies hit didn't do me much good either.  One thing that helps me stick to working out is my tunes!  On my phone I use Pandora radio with stations for Pink, Christina, and misc dance music that keep me moving.  Once in a while I have to 'thumbs down' a slow song, but not often-  the majority of songs are great for pacing a workout.  Except yesterday.  No idea WTH was going on with Pandora but every flippin' song was heart break or lost love or cheating...  Hey Pandora,  sobbing like an idiot doesn't do much for my workout, so spare me the deep emotional mushy stuff!!!  Thirty minutes and 40 kleenex later,  I'm back to hacking up layers of my esophagus, plus my head is pounding. Great.  So I get cleaned up to get ready for dinner. Mr. FixIt tries to make me feel better... for a bit. Then I'm back to sobbing again, recent events and the end of this marriage as I always thought it was supposed to be filling my head.  Told him I didn't know if I want this to be over. As much as I still don't understand how/why regarding the cheating... He puts up a strong face to not seem bothered- no emotion. Hugs me and blames himself out loud, but nothing more. Seemed almost chipper. And I'm a total blob on the floor?? What gives?? Maybe all these years of hanging in there, giving him the benefit of the doubt and second/third/ fourth chances...he REALLY didn't deserve those. Maybe he always has wanted 'out' -who knows?   I guess loving someone so much it physically hurts doesn't mean much if they DON'T love you back in the same way.   Now my head was REALLY throbbing.  Life sucks.  

I made it through dinner that Mr. FixIt made (yummy ribs were AWESOME) but shortly after...that horrid pain behind the eyes started to settle in and light made me cringe.  Just what I need- a migraine! Oh joy!!  Tried to keep up on a bit of the football games was painful.  Then Dad called- if you know my dad, he's horribly L O U D on the phone, worse than in person.  It was true torture to talk to him for 8 minutes. Mr. F could tell I was in serious pain, he brought me a pain pill and muscle relaxer while I was on the phone.  Then I realized I hadn't taken my depression medicine- oh crap! I don't think I took it Saturday either. No wonder I'm like a pathetic basket case!  Ugh. What a LOVELY evening!

Today has been a slight better- no crying thank goodness, but head still pounding. I went back to bed for a while this morning which helped a bit. After being up a while and taking some medicine it subsided just to the verge of a dull throb. Second nap seemed to be working until some nitwit decided to bang on my door and ring the bell about 4 times.  Ugh.  Dogs barking, bell ringing. Loud & painful. That really helped.  Since I was 'awake' I drank another round of water just in case dehydration had a part in this throbbing head, then cleaned the kitchen and restarted Monster Man on lessons.  Dinner will have to be something quick and easy tonight...or maybe I can talk B into cooking. :-D  I'll figure something out, always do I guess. Just wish I could figure out life as easily as dinner.  I'll probably never really understand the last couple decades, but if someone could give me a clue about the next few, I'd appreciate it!  It HAS to get better!!