Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rite-Aid, Right ON!

Quick post about my Rite-Aid bargains today:

If you shop Rite-Aid, you really should have a Wellness Plus Card and sign up for Video Values (VV) online. You basically watch short commercials (videos) and for each one you complete you can print a coupon for that product which you can STACK with a manufacture's coupon for the same item.  Which is exactly how I got Finish DW detergent which was on sale for 50% off (which is about the Wally World price) then used a $3 manuf. Q +  $1 VV Q.  Dishwasher detergent for a buck- YEAH, I'll take that!!

Ok, here's the skinny, Total price before coupons $54
** using sale prices mind you, savings would be much greater if I gave the store's regular retail price BUT most pharmacy chain's sale prices are close to mega-store chains prices like Wally World. So I consider the sale price in these cases 'Retail'

What I spent- $14  Yes, Fourteen smackers  for all THIS:

Garnier HerbaShine Hair color x3  (yes, THREE of them. Best retail would be @ $18 for just those)
Garnier Wonder Waves spray
Garnier Sleek & Shine leave-in Conditioner
Purex  laundry det
Finish Dishwasher Detergent Power ball Tabs
Finish DW Det large box powder
Quilted Northern Ultra 12-pk double roll
Cottonelle moist wipes
TheraFlu Cold liquid

Total ended up about $1.30 per item.  Not too shabby!!  
It is a bit of work, but when you get into it. It is so worth it. I treat it like a job, and truly, if I save 50-70% off the stuff I'd normally be buying anyway, it makes it worth my time!!

I'll explain Target goodies another time and give some links to an awesome Target $$ saving blog.
Hint- Had  $30 taken off my total with ONLY coupons today. Woohoo!!

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