Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YAY Election Day!!

THANK the Lord!!  I've had it with political junk in my mail, phone calls all day long with recorded messages, and mud-slinging commercials all day long....aaaarrrgghhhhh!!!! 

And today it's over!! Over!! Over!! WOOO-frickin'-HOOOO!!  YAY!!

Other than being seriously aggravated with all that fuss, it bothers me the amount of  money and time put into all that advertising. Why not put all that to good use- do SOMEthing with it instead of bombarding our lives with negativity? Wouldn't that make sense. I'd vote for the person who did the most long-lasting good with their campaign funds...

Anywho--Make sure you go vote!  If you don't and aren't happy with the results...don't WHINE and complain about it!!
Ok, that ends my election rant.  

...at least until next election. ;-)

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