Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the countdown begin...

Three days left until Christmas, since today is pretty much toast, but I'm not in complete panic mode...not yet. The last two gifts I needed were flower arrangements for grand/great-grandparents that I ordered today, being delivered tomorrow so I am DONE! Since I'm not normally a last-minute Christmas shopper I've had the majority of shopping done and actually most of my gifts have either been delivered or mailed already, but my source of terror will be the kids' gifts. I try to spread my purchasing out over the year, at least for about 6 months, and in doing so my only difficulty for the big day is FINDING everything! That is usually my panic on Christmas eve. "I know I bought ____ where the $)(*(&% did I put it???" In our old house we had an easy-access attic where I could stash most of every time I added to the pile, I could assess the total damage so to speak. Then on the big eve everything could easily be pulled down in about 5 or 10 minutes. Well in this house, I didn't luck out with such a cool hiding place and the only possible stash zone is the crawl space storage in the basement....and the wall to get into it is chest high to me. Unless Mr. FixIt gets up there when I need something I will grab a kid, toss them up in there and say, "Hey, fetch me that box over there please" so having my gophers up there regularly knocks out that option. That leaves my office. The Pit of Shit. The office, school book shelf central, sewing room, odds-n-ends junk, out of season clothes storage and Ratty's home (our by accidental pet rat, yes she's in a cage)-UGH. So I have to dig through this 9x9 deathtrap and look for hidden treasure. I have already found 2 presents that I had for last year-Oopps! I may need to tie myself off from the bedpost in the other room before I make another attempt to dive in... if I can't pull myself out at least Mr. FixIt will have a direction to look for the body. :-D

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