Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A nice natural look.

I knew I should have just gone to bed after a bad day.  Why attempt a task I've done 200 times over?  Because it gives God a chance to prove his sense of humor in that, oh YES, it could be worse!
You may end up with this:

Yes, friends, I Strawberry Shortcaked myself. 
@$&;_":)#/+#&;@  Nice earthy glow eh?  Maybe earth on FIRE! ugh. I could cry, but I'm too tired.

I'm going to bed and maybe I'll wake up with medium auburn brown instead of cherry blow pop red...


  1. If I could have put it on someone elses head to look at it, I would! Gorgeous color....just waaaayyy too bright, too red, too something! Lol


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