Monday, September 17, 2012

The Princess and the Coach

Our rescued kitten, Princess, poor thing riddled with skin problems and scrawny appearance, has become a little spoiled around here.  She's not one for being picked up and loved on, though in the evening she will jump up on a couch or chair with you to snuggle.

 Miss B taught her to 'climb aboard' and be carried around the house like this:

and this:

She likes to be walked around the house that way, on B's back and shoulders. She climbs up then B slowly stands up and Princess acts true to her name, parading around the house.

She also thinks the document feeder of of my printer/fax is a great napping spot.  She lays up there while Sir Knight works on the computer.

She chirps for her canned food in the mornings and doesn't share very well either.
Not spoiled AT ALL, is she?? 

That's what I thought,  so this morning as I was working on my java and morning FB rounds, these messages came up from Miss B:

Why is nothing EVER important until Mom is going to the bathroom??  Seriously!
When she sent the messages they were two minutes apart.  So I hurry in the powder room, grab my camera and head upstairs, figuring kitten was in some sort of goofy spot or funny place...I never imagined THIS:

Brittany had laid her head down on her desk for a second and kitten hopped up on her back...

She said, "Mom, I had to get on my knees because she wasn't moving. Then she stretched out and I was stuck!"  

See how close Miss B's head is to her monitor?  Her keyboard is UNDER that, said she typed the messages to me with a pencil to reach the letters.

I thought I'd die laughing!  While I was taking pics, little Princess repositioned herself a few times. Purring all the way, no intention of moving. She apparently is quite comfy on Miss B's PJs. 

B saying, "Ok, this was funny, but I'm really stuck. Can you get her?!"  Ha!

Wonder what trick she'll teach Princess next??  Hehehe!

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