Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July?? WTH happened to June??

No wonder I haven't posted, I haven't had time to THINK for the past month- whew!  I was so ready for summer, but here we nearing the halfway point already!! AACCKK!!    First half of the summer has been filled with camping, vacations, visits, hot days, 4H projects, bad storms and, unfortunately, some sadness.

June started off trekking to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge spending days at Nascar SpeedPark with the kids +1 having a blast on go-carts, taking out our frustrations on the track and each other. My Knight and I took a few rounds on the Mini-Sprint cars which were not quite fast enough but sooo much fun!  Or was for me as I realized the hat blowing across the track and being run over repeatedly was Knight's favorite light-colored Blackhawks hat....WHOOPS!  haha!  Making it more hysterical was the fact that he didn't realize it was his either, "Some poor SOB lost his hat.  Wait....that's MY HAT!"  he said, while I literally rolled laughing with tears falling trying to get out of that tiny little car.  What a hoot!  Needless to say I was very thankful for the loss of 30 pounds from my arse or I'd had a very difficult time getting in those cars...or any of the go-carts!  The slick tracks were fun for all (except T-man who could only watch) and I found myself in maniacal laughter as I raced my family around the track- 'Oh look, there's my child- Dodge! ZOOM!  MUAHAHAHAH!!'   So fun!   

Tyler had a blas on the small roller coaster in the kid section; due to ZERO lines, he rode it about 15 times in a row both days. This was a neat shot as storm clouds were heading over at sunset. Yes, that is my kid with his arms in the air going, 'WOOHOO!"
View from the top of Mt. Harrison near Gatlinburg

Of course we went to Ober Gatlinburg to enjoy the a day of water and alpine slides and of course the chair lift up to the top of Mt. Harrison. The view is simply breathtaking. I could stay all day up there!
View going back down, 3000 ft up!

Another neat place was WonderWorks (aka the upside down house). That place is a hands-on science center- all kinds of things to do!  Move marbles with your mind, lay on a bed of nails, make beach ball-sized bubbles, fun mirrors and a 4-story climbing/rope obstacle course.  SUPER cool! The kids loved it!  Hard to see in a picture, but a huge dark room filled with a neon structures, ropes and black lights to make the obstacles standout.

It's difficult to get a picture to show exactly how HUGE this room is- it's amazing. Adults could climb too, but I stayed on the ground with My Knight to shoot some pics.

All in all, it was a great long weekend!  We had to be tourists and get a picture by the Parkway sign before we left.  Goobers.

After Gatlinburg, the kids went to their dad's for a week....then comes the sadness part.

Stay tuned...

(but don't hold your breath I'll get it posted before August!!)


  1. Oh, a cliffhanger! You're so mean! :)

    Love the pics, especially your kid's arms up on the roller coaster! Awesome! I'm glad you guys had a good trip. I especially love the fact you called yourselves goobers. We say that about our family, too! And, yes, I would also have made us take that picture. :)

  2. Nice. Looks like a lot of fun!


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