Monday, July 30, 2012

Adios, July!!

 Lesson learned...when the child asks for red icing, say NO!   Don't get caught in the barrage of birthday cake request suggestions and whip out a 'sure' not thinking clearly because you've had a migraine the previous night, running full tilt for days and little sleep. You make red cake, why not red icing??   Um, hold up-  NO is the answer.  You can have any color other than red!  NOT RED.   Because no matter how much red food coloring when you start accidentally with white icing (refer to: no sleep, not thinking- above) you will end up with pink, then hot pink, then a whole tube of red color later, you need to add more powder sugar to thicken it up... and VOILA- you're back to pink.  Damn.  ugh.  Oh well, it's deep red velvet cupcakes and too sweet for bees, slightly red, kinda hot pink icing.

Doing that at 3:30 am the morning of probably did not help matters.  So it tasted good at least. The final straw- realizing you forgot to put the #9 candle in one of those cupcakes and sing to the 'Can I have red icing?' child.  Double damn.  Thankfully Ms. B was a helpful big sister and iced them for me after Mass before the party and she applies icing kinda thinly.  Good thing. If I'd have lobbed icing on them in my sleep-deprived state,  kids would have been seriously OFF the walls from the sugar rush. More so than this:

SO that was how July is ending- HA!   Bring it ON, August!!  ~muahahaha~

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