Friday, April 11, 2008

What do you need, Elwood?

You are such a sweet boy, but you have thrown Mama a curve ball! Why have you started the crying and begging lately? This dramatic act of jumping to the bathroom counter or a bookshelf, chair and crying that long, deep REEOoooowwwwlll while slowly reaching your paw to me, claws out no less, is really pathetic. Do you need attention that badly? Are you having a problem? I check that you have fresh food, clean water and a non-poopy litter box...and still you follow me and cry. I don't get it. You're starting to worry me. Did Monster Man hurt you or trip over you going down the stairs? Though we do need to curtail the 4th-from-the-bottom stair naps...the end result won't be pretty if you get stepped on. Your brother doesn't seem to have this attention problem. He only shows himself for food or when bed is warm, and he wants to snuggle. Did you enjoy too many swigs of the Tidy Bowl?? Has Monster Man fed you something weird?? Not that I'd really believe this energetic spawn of my being would do ANYTHING bad, why would I?
Did you have a conflict with Benny Boy that I was not aware? Unless I can find a Rosetta Stone program for cat speak, you're gonna have to throw me a bigger bone, ok? The regal glares aren't helping much either.

Maybe you are just longing for spring and outdoor too buddy, me too.

Much love,

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