Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Giant Eagle,

I am writing to inform you of how grateful I am for your wonderful stores! I love our local GE!! I only began shopping your stores when I started playing the Grocery Game about a year and a half ago, and I have been thoroughly impressed. The stores are the cleanest around with a great assortment of products, well-stocked deli department, convenient cafe and pharmacy, and always friendly people working in all departments. Even the poor soul stocking 400 cases of canned beans or frozen foods seems chipper and anxious to say hello. By visiting your lovely stores, enjoying the atmosphere and saving tons of money with your sales and my coupons, I have not visited the crazy, packed-to-the-gills Evil Empire (aka Wally World) or filled their tills with the money for those extra items I really didn't need!! Though more importantly, the main reason I am so thankful for your stores can be said in two words:


I can shop without my kids!! Woohoo and Hallelujah!! I am totally in love with this awesome service!! Recently, for reasons beyond my control, I had to visit a different area store and actually take my kids with me through the store--can you imagine?! Drag the kids- fussing, whining, "Momma I want this...Mom can I get that...I have a booger.....Momma are we done yet?....I need a drink!!!" Don't forget the meltdowns with glaring granny at one end of the aisle and non-parent disgusted thinks-I'm-an-idiot executive type at the other. Ugh, you feel so worthless as a person, let alone a parent. What a nightmare!! I have become seriously spoiled by the Eagle's Nest, and because of this wonderful place for the kids to play for up to two --count 'em...1...2-- hours, my kids literally BEG to go shopping! We arrive, sign in, and the rugrats can play an assortment of games, toy stations, and participate in craft activities to pass the time while I am blissfully shopping like I have half a brain since I can actually follow my list without distractions every three seconds! Simply amazing!

So thank you Giant Eagle of NE Ohio!! I am forever grateful for the creation of the Eagle's Nest play area in your grocery stores. It's an amazing feeling to leave the grocery feeling cheerful and that I've accomplished something other than being utterly exhausted, irritable and ready to cry alongside the kids.

Your most loyal shopper,


  1. Hey, Ang! Just as you've never experienced IKEA (you must!), I have never experienced GE. A happy grocery shopping trip? Unheard of. I just might have to search one of these out.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Found one! Pittsburgh is the closest Ikea to me. Already called my sister we're gonna road trip, mom's day out in a few weeks, in that direction. I also found out she knows where this store is and has NOT shared her find! You believe that?!


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