Sunday, April 20, 2008

To the weekend,

Why do you run by so quickly?? I'm always looking forward to your arrival, anxious of the extra time you will give me to catch up on work, the hours I will get to myself while Mr. FixIt deals with kiddos, the things I will clean, sort, make, etc. My view outside the office window is turning dark, and the crickets and frogs are belting out songs. Oh no! You completely passed me by! Wait!! None of my "to do" list has been checked off...or even STARTED for that matter! What did I do to you, my wonderful weekend?? You can't be leaving me already?! Once in a while you are needed to be, well just a weekend: a couple days off to sleep in, be lazy and catch up on snuggling, but mostly I need you to provide time that I can't seem to find through the week. You can't be done, I'm not finished with you yet!! Monday morning is already sneering at me with an evil laugh!
Ok- well if you ~have~ to go.
I promise I'll be more attentive to you next time around, really. I will! I promise!

Until next time,

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