Sunday, April 13, 2008

The letter


O for OMG the embarrassment my son can cause. His maniac behavior completely embarrasses me. Over the years I have calmed and contained the most unruly kids to appropriately-behaving children...but my son?? Choked back tears and hot red face at what he did today. Nothin' left up my sleeve which means I'm closing in on a white flag and defeat. Ideas are getting thin. Is 5 too young for military school?? Can I send him to learn discipline with Trappist monks?? I'm not kidding. Apparently I am a pathetic, slack-ass mother.

O for the opportunity to live closer to family. I do hate the cold and snow, but being able to drive just a couple hours to watch my niece perform in a play was great! I didn't have to pack a bag!!

O for the orneriness of my son....see first entry.

O for the ongoing saga of my sister.

O for the only reason I haven't seen a doctor/shrink/therapist is because on the surface, everything is good. If they can get past that I clam up and shut down. (kind of ironic, eh?)

O is for one day, I will feel I have done something right.

O is for OHVA which has been a wonderful schooling option for B! Lots of hard work but it has literally "saved" me.

O is for Oh Man- I still have tons of work, so need to start O-dark-30 in the morning; therefore, I am off to bed.

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