Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delta Lost and Found,

Your lost and found number for the Atlanta Terminal does not work. Apparently none of your employees have been informed of this little tidbit of information. I'd suggest you get hoppin' and update your ASAP! The 800 number provided, well both of them really, are a never-ending automated loop to nowhere and your 404 number, that was left for us to "call back" in three voice mails by two different employees, does NOT work. Dial that and your glimmer of hope ends with a, "This is an invalid extension." *$&#$^&%^@!!!!Ok, now what?? Mr. FixIt would really like his stuff back and I'd really like to stop hearing about it. If there's anything else we could do to work this out, say short of driving all the freakin' way to Atlanta, we will, but I think our options are out in trying to contact you. So get busy updating those numbers, will ya?

Thanks, much appreciated.

A and Mr. FixIt

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  1. I just lost my waistbag on the plane yesterday. I reported to Delta immediately after 1 hour at the same gate where I landed. The lady said no one report for lost item from the plane. What I think the only access is the clean crew that took my things. I have cell phone, wallet, coin case, cash...And now they said nothing they can do about it. Carry-items cannot be claim and they will not responsible for it. Atlanta airport police said they can't do anything for in-flight lost item. And they cannot search or file the lost for me too. Police said only FBI can deal with the lost on plane. I was so frustrating and don't know what to do at the airport.


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