Thursday, April 3, 2008

To: B

To my B,

To my oldest. The beautiful girl who has my green eyes and daddy's long lashes, my distractability and daddy's sense of adventure. My always glowing, joyful and thoughtful child who never ceases to amaze me with your generosity to others and curiosity of the world. You have such a spark for life and take in every minute as an opportunity to learn something interesting. Never ceasing your exploration of the yard or a barn or the sky, comparing the trees and flowers surrounding you, not to mention getting up close and personal with every living critter whether that be a strange looking insect or the horses at Mr. E's barn. You love all beings equally as God intended. I am so proud of the knowledge you have acquired over the recent few years through your search for information by reading about your many discoveries. Also makes me beam when you go out of your way to think of others or to help someone. Amazing a child that will make cards for people "just because" or will pick up the neighbors' blown over trash without being asked or quickly grabbing what someone unknowingly dropped and giving it back to them. Several times you surprised me by fixing a nice lunch for us all because you knew I was swamped with work and just needed to finish 'one last thing.' You even have patience and show love to your brother, who I know must drive you to the point of pure hatred at times. You can get him to change his tune and turn him around in an instant! You are a natural teacher, and I hope you will use those abilities when you are blessed with your own children one day (hold that thought for 10 or 15 years please) or in whatever future road of life you travel. You aren't afraid of new things or adventures. You could just as easily be found helping daddy butcher a deer, willingly no less, or going to a drag race even though you don't like loud noises and were thankful for heavy hearing protection!

I want you to know you are a treasure to have around with the never-ending stories and a giggle close at hand. A thespian at heart with endless imagination shown early by galloping around from the time you could walk and always making up jokes or dances and songs. Did I mention the your singing?? Always the entertainer!

Most of all my dear B, I don't tell you often enough that I love you. A hundred times each day would not even be a start. I hope that over the years you can fully appreciate how special you are to me and how truly blessed I am to have you as a daughter. I never imagined such an intelligent, beautiful and caring young lady could be called mine. I love you Smidgedoodle....

now pass me a Kleenex before your momma drowns.

Love ya,

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