Saturday, April 5, 2008

Letter to Spring

Dearest Spring,

You are here! I'm so happy you finally arrived! I've been waiting for MONTHS...literally, months. The lovely sunshine you shared with us today was amazing, though you could still increase your temperatures just a bit, but I'm not complaining! I don't want to upset you. No, don't go yet! Please hang around for a couple months until your friend Summer can join us. Then we can have a nice little party with the windows open and some cool drinks while we visit with the neighbors. YAY! The rugrats are happy to see you as well. Sure they love your cousin Winter, but they quickly tire of lugging all the layers of clothes and boots, pile them on to go explore the yard then have to peel them all back off afterwards. They were so excited to go meet you in the yard this week with only light jackets! They were wondering if you brought along your little one, April Showers, because they love to wear their yard boots and play with her, sloshing through the puddles creating mud stews in empty buckets. If not, that's ok, I'm sure your tall, dark handsome other half will bring her along any day now. He is a bit loud though, but that's not a problem! We like loud around here!
Anyway, I do hope you will find the accommodations acceptable and please stay as long as you like! You are always a welcome!

Much love,
Ang and clan

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