Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear me,

You need to get some sleep. Seriously. Have you checked out that luggage under your eyes?? It's bad...I wouldn't lie to you. A few hours of decent sleep would go a long way.

How about after all that sleep, you jump an extra session on the elliptical tomorrow?? That certainly couldn't hurt, right? So then you will feel energized, get a butt load of work done and then feel accomplished for the day! You can do it!
Oh, and skip the third and fourth mega cups of java in the morning. The creamer is killing you.

And toss the bag of M&Ms you have stashed...those have to go. I know Aunt Flo talked you into buying them, but she's gone now. You don't need those. No, you don't.



  1. This sounds like the same exact letter I should be writing to my "self". LOL

  2. If only I could make myself DO it. I know what, when and how...I just don't DO very well. So for the day:
    Sleep- about 7 hours, more than normal
    Java -3 HUGE cups after getting up late
    Work--slow to nil, crazy day of phones, school/kids, but I did get a few bills paid, lol
    Workout- at 10 pm, I know should be early day
    So now I'm here with my body ready for war and my brain is toast.
    Oh well, try again tomorrow! :-D


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