Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh no...

Almost got me!! You crazy Friday...snuck up on me and almost ran off with another NaBloPoMo.   HA! I got you!  Yess sir-eee!!  Since I'm racing to beat midnight, here's a snack idea for you:

I really wish I'd taken a better picture of this 5 kg JUG of this glorious stuff.  This stuff was everywhere in Rome. I kept trying to find ways to get this on the plane home. 

One little gelato shop had a WALL of Nutella in these large containers-  
Oh mah gawd...  droool...

Oh look!   To-Go Packs!!   Woohoo!!

Nutella-swirled gelato!! (lower center) Heaven chilled! 

Happy Friday all!!  Have an awesome weekend!  

... swiping the last tiny bit of Nutella out of the jar with my fingers.   

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