Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in Bargain Mode!

Look at my CVS haul for today!
Not as great as could have been, had I done this Sunday before my Purex coupons expired and the Off! Reppellant disappeared or I'd had a wayyy bigger pile!   Anywhoo...I spent under $70 on this AND three items-  Sonicare toothbrush heads @ $26 and 2 hair color, $10 & $12 make up most of that.  The cheapest I've found the Sonicare are Wally Hell for $25...that's IF they are on the shelf and I'd waste more than $2 in gas, not to mention 30 levels of aggravation finding out! 
In this trip I had some B1G1 coupons and free coupons (hair color) to go along with some good B1G1 sales.  So I basically ~paid~ for the items on the left and got everything on the right for F-R-double-E  FREE!   Plus 3 Fuze drinks not pictured & the card was $5 (moves,sings).
So not the best CVS trip I've ever done, but I'm happy!  Less than $70 for over $150 worth...I'll take it!
Yesterday, three bags of items at T@rget for $28 including 2 face washes, 3 cereals, coffee, etc...woohoo!

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