Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Letter

I am seriously lame and only sent a few cards, to those who don't have email or FB.  The 'online' category of people, ya'll got an email!  I'll put Christmas cards on my list to do earlier next year.  Don't feel too slighted, I don't have our Shutterfly book done from the Rome Trip in September yet either!  So here you go- a quick sum up our our year.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday!  
Ang & gang!

Merry Christmas 2011

Family & Friends,

What an extremely busy and fulfilling year we've had! After a difficult 2010 for me, early 2011 was full of new hope with an opportunity for Jay and I to get together and build on 20 years of friendship! We have been truly blessed!

Our whirlwind year started off taking Brittany & Tyler on their first plane ride to Chicago in early February. The Windy City sure lived up to its name that week- BBBRRR!! Willis (Sears) Tower was amazing, standing on the glass over Wacker Drive at 100+ floors up!! Tyler of course loved the train.

Early summer, we drove to the middle of severe storms, sideways rain and HAIL! Crazy! We spent the days touring Ripley's attractions, walking through shops, taking ghost walks and had so much fun on slides, rides and sky lifts at Ober Gatlinburg. Can't wait to go back!

June brought the annual dance recitals, bittersweet as it would be the last dance event with our Starmaker family of 5 years. We miss our teachers and friends so much!

We spent the summer moving down to Crooksville from Akron. Whew- that was a chore!! I was afraid Jay would lock the doors and hide if I pulled one more U-Haul in front of the house! Such a good guy helped me load/unload and drive several trips over several weeks on his few days off to get here. I had no luck relocating the furbabies, so they had to come too (anyone want a dog?? or two??) and a place outside was prepared for the dogs. Thanks to Aunt Dorothy for some spare fence!! Jake & Elwood (cats) had no problem taking over the house and showing Jay that he really IS a 'cat person'! Hehehe!!

Early fall took us to Myrtle Beach with Jay's sister's family- 2 cars, 4 adults, 8 LOOOOOONG drive. HA!  We all had a blast in the fun pools, the beach, and I got a daily soak of sun!! We loved the new Pirate Dinner show. We were lucky to visit with a few sorely missed friends down in Goose Creek.

Brittany and Tyler have adjusted to life in a small town...which to them means doing more! Excited to ride their bikes around town, go to the library, or Grandma Harriett's house on their own. Who knew?

In October, Jay took me on an amazing trip to Rome! Too beautiful to describe- both food and art!! You'll have to check out our pictures on Facebook or Flickr! (search for

Hope the Holidays are happy and healthy for you! Take care and keep in touch!

Love and Hugs! Merry Christmas!

The Chaos Gang!

also Lucy, Lyla, Jake & Elwood
Plus all the neighborhood cats who think they live/belong on our porch: Goldie, Momma, Jinx, Sickly, Blackie, Andrew, Tippy & Squirt. (anyone want a cat? Or three??)

-Yes, I am still waiting for Jay to come to his senses and run for the hills screaming!! Ha! Ha!

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  1. Thank You and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your Family also.
    Ron, Brandon and Casey Graham


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