Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog...I have a blog??

Oh yeah, whoops...I guess I do!  A seriously neglected one.  Knock! Knock! Is this thing on?? Does it still work??

Been an extremely busy few months, some highlights:

The pile of dissolution paperwork to end my former marriage is done and been filed...waiting...waiting. 

Been trying to sort through and de-clutter this house. I SOOO need to jump back on the FlyLady wagon.  This house definitely shows my last several years of being 'lost.' 

The kids have been spending the weekends with their dad/Mr. F, having a blast in the snow (more than here) but I think they are getting tired of the packing and the trips. We'll see how long that lasts.

Surprisingly I've been keeping up with my workouts either on the elliptical, tap, walking the dogs or exhuasting myself with Just Dance2 on the Wii. The kids love it, but WHEW- what a work out!  I do feel better... now if I could lose more than 5 pounds in 3 months, I'd be ecstatic!!

Monster Man's front teeth he lost before Halloween are FINALLY coming in.  Yes, we're a slow bunch.

Two snowstorms in one week- over a foot of snow- need I say more??  Blech.

The critters are all still kicking- Momma Rabbit included. Puppy is 110 pounds; she towers over Lucy...and the kids. Big dopey puppy, we just love her! 

B's progressing toward teen years not only with her recent 12th birthday but also accompanying little random tiffs of attitude. Yay. Joy.

Dance is going well- everyone excited working on really fun recital routines, me included. This year is going to rock!! 

Monster Man continues to try my patience. He's become extremely negative lately.  The words lame, dumb, stupid and hate are furthermore BANNED!  Also constantly asking for things, wanting to go buy things/a toy every time we go out...which he does NOT get and never has so WHY now??  Is this an almost 8-yr-old phase thing?? A boy thing?  A this kid needs all possessions taken away to live a 'boring life' for a while thing??  I'm about to wits' end.

School- well, I believe I've slacked enough to barely get Pathetic Parent of the Year award for this year, but we're getting it done nonetheless. Ugh.  Trying to step it up a couple notches to finish the year out with a BANG!

My Knight in Shining Armor has been exactly that- all-around amazing, wonderful with the kids, talks to me and WITH me (let me stress how AWESOME that is!!!), makes my heart do flip flops and is completely spoiling me with attention.  If I'm dreaming, don't wake me!!  I am definitely NOT use to anyone fussing over me, but I'm liking it!!  Wow. Just wow.  The clam-up, shut-down, can't get my thoughts/feelings/opinions out problem I've had for the past two decades apparently doesn't exist in this relationship. Perhaps being with the right person does the trick!  I'm comfortable enough to let about anything in my head fly whether I think he'll agree or not...I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out a way to get me to shut up! ;-)  I've known him nearly as long as I've known the soon-to-be ex, but there's always been the whole other level of connection and understanding, even years ago working together....and it never CLICKED in my head why or that it meant anything. To me an amazing friend, a big brother I never had-  I chalked the connection & understanding up to that. I never thought he'd even THINK of the possibility of 'us' and he'd never mentioned it out of respect for the relationship I was in.  If he even hinted I was totally blind/naive to catch it. And heck no, I'd never mentioned he was the absolute perfect guy, an awesome catch for some girl who really deserved him - why? because he might think I was crazy for thinking of him that way!!  So keeping in touch as friends over the years was the best I could do, and that's what we'd done.  Now 16, 17 or so years later, all those little things from the past start to click into place and make sense...whoa, seriously?!  We are just deliriously happy!!  Even if it did take years to get together, everything happens for a reason so I don't see those years as time wasted at all- I have to believe that God wanted us to live through other situations first, see if we still had that connection, maybe to be sure?? who knows??  I wouldn't have my B and Monster Man; he wouldn't have done the traveling he wanted to.  That time certainly not 'lost' by any means, just time to get to where we are now.    Have I mentioned the man has patience beyond Job??  Without a doubt!   He's more than earned his halo. I know he has a guardian angel up there- I sure hope she's pleased with all this. I'm definitely very thankful for him!   I'm just hoping he doesn't come to his senses and start running for the hills!! ;-)
--yes, the Knight in Shining Armor gets a humongous paragraph- he's certainly worth it!

That catches you up for the most part!  Back to craziness!! 

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  1. Hey! I'm so glad to catch up with what's been going on with you. I always enjoy reading your blog. I've been slacking off my own blog, too, but hoping to get back into some routine of writing now. We'll see. I am happy for you being so happy! Sounds like things are looking up for you.


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