Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the thick of it

Winding down to the last few weeks before the move with sorting, cleaning, tossing in full force. A little bit of packing in there for good measure, but HOLY COW my house looks like a bomb went off leaving paper, box, grocery bag, clothes and toy shrapnel as far as the eye can see!!   The kids are with their dad for about 10 days- so time to sort through kid things and ditch/sell what I can (and no dear daughter if you read this, I don't mean YOUR stuff so relax baby girl).  I did get several things from Monster Man's room moved over the weekend- bed, some closet things/clothes, a bookshelf, several bins of toys, etc.  That helped, but now I need to tackle the toy box, another bookshelf, weed through books & toys he's outgrown, etc.   I don't really want to think about it!!

Of course in the midst of all this time when I should be kicking ass and loading boxes, my ADD and procrastination get the better of me so what did I spend the morning doing???  Giving the dogs a twice because she rolled in the dirt, REALLY rolled and made mud...hosed off the porch and front of the house, hosed down/cleaned the cushions on the swing then set them out to dry, hosed down the swing shade cover. Did these things really NEED done right now, no. They were dirty but not desperate, but it was nice outside!  :-)   Last night I compared Crocs clearance sales online with what Croc deals I could find on ebay.  Lost about 90 minutes on that adventure.   Last week when I spent a day cleaning up and re-arranging the motorcycles in the garage- it did give me more space, but did it help with sorting/packing/ moving???  

Sir Knight is heading this way to help and of course all I want to do is straighten the house from this wretched state...hmmm, at least there is a reason for the house being in shambles.  Even so, it makes me insane to have the house a wreck.   SO-- I'm going to crank the tunes (sorry neighbors!) for the next 7 hours and get busy!   Things to dig out of the basement, a boy's room to work on, clothes to sort and at bare minimum I need to vac the house and clean the kitchen.  I'll have to hit a shower somewhere eventually...PHEW- I reek already!  I'll be utterly disgusting by the time I get done diving around the basement crawlspace in the 'kitty' domain. I'm going up there armed with a vacuum and a BIG LIGHT. ;-) I don't mind critters, but I don't want them spookin' me!  My cats have boycotted hunting for years... too much effort.

Speaking of getting distracted, I need to get back to shampooing the small couch..I think the foam spot cleaner has soaked long enough.  BTW- I love, love, LOVE my Hoover carpet shampooer- it kicks serious butt cleaning furniture!!

Have an awesome HUMP day everyone! 

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