Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Picnic

 OHVA Back-to-School picnics took place in various locations all over the state today. We only had to travel to the Falls to meet up with other OHVA families, friends and teachers. Games were set up around the picnic area and students played a 'Get to Know Each Other' scavenger hunt. Teachers divided the kids into groups by grade for activities while parents chatted and swapped stories. After eating lunch, the kids raced off to the playground to burn some energy letting parents and teachers continue conversations and pass advice for the new school year.  Was a great turnout for our location and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The kids played with old friends, made some new friends, swapping Webkinz IDs or email addresses.  Great day!!

Afterwards, I had to run for dog food, cat litter and coffee creamer- MUST have creamer!! Was totally out.  I didn't even have any of my back-up, last resort powder reserve left!  The situation was dire, let me tell you! ;-D  Dog food situation was not quite as bleak...they had a few days left.

Home now- kids are out and about playing with friends and I'm on the swing enjoying the sudden appearance of sunshine! Yay! Bonus!!  Thinking about holding dinner off another 30 minutes if the sun continues, Mr. FixIt hasn't even left the office yet and kids are distracted so I think I can stretch a little more sun time in this day. 
 Scratch that thought- he just pulled in. Crap. Oh well, was a good idea! :-D 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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