Monday, February 1, 2010


Started the month with a hair cut! Had 5+ inches taken off my mop and thinking I might go back to get it shortened up a bit more. Still a LOT of hair there, so not much different really. Hope this helps with the hair always caught in my coat, and purse strap (when I even carry one), and always pulling it up to put a hat on, since it's so freaking cold. Really had enough with ponytails and clips because it's just EVERYWHERE. I like to really fix it nice, big curls/waves, but lately that's been about once every two or three weeks. So off it goes!  :-D

Mr. FixIt started the day ok, but it ended quite painfully. He was showing B some self-defense, nothing heavy, just basic 'don't get trapped, use your weight and stronger body parts' etc. Then she was talking about being tough and she wouldn't want to mess with him. Monster Man had to chime in that he could 'box him' and be tough.  So Mr. FixIt declares he could whip both of them blindfolded. Hmmm.  B brings on the blindfold. Oh Lord.
Mr. FixIt on his knees in the middle of the living room, taking big wide swings at the kids, knocking them down or taking their feet out from under them- to which I remind him, PLEASE don't break anything! They both have a dance competition this weekend!! JEESH!   So anyway, B trying to get jabs in and Monster Man jumping on his shoulders and head from behind, they gang up on him. Mr. FixIt gets a hold of MM's legs- gets him pinned down so he can't kick anymore. B backs up and squares off facing the blindfolded Mr. FixIt. She takes a giant step back and gears to kick before I choke out a, "NO!" mid-swig of my Pepsi,  she fires a foot full force into his manly parts. Oh. shit.  He groans, falls over. Monster Man wiggles free. Both kids escape to the other room laughing and high-five'in while I'm dripping soda and streaming tears laughing.  Mr. FixIt continues to roll and choke in the fetal position when the dogs decide to tackle him while he's down! So I pull off the jaws and paws heathen combo and try stifle laughter while telling the kids to knock it off. That was not funny! I finally got the kids to settle telling B she wasn't supposed to do that- that kick is only for 'serious-you are in big trouble and need to escape type situations' and still trying not to laugh.  B toned down the celebration realizing what she'd done and ran went crying to the bathroom.
Great. Husband rolling in pain- no chance of any fun time tonight. Daughter sobbing- shuts herself in bathroom and won't come out. My nose is raging fire from the soda's unorthodox exit.   MM- squealing around the house with a hyena laugh taunting the dogs to tackle him. Family time- PRICELESS!!

Mr. FixIt lived. He's still moving around quite gently.
B calmed down and came out of the bathroom finally.  Mr. FixIt made her laugh by saying- "ok, you've seen that kick work. Don't ever do it again unless you fear death."

Needless to say, I don't think Mr. FixIt will be offering to "whoop ass blindfolded" in the near future.  Hehehe.

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